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Hey, here’s something about me!

I Rulio originally started this website BecomingAlphaMale.com) back in 2013 because there are too many websites and male products out there claiming several benefits, but doesn’t do much. Right!?

Yes, unfortunately there are too many of them out there !

Now after almost 5 years, we are known to be ‘The ONLY Honest Website that Shows You How to Become the REAL Alpha Male‘.

You know, every men out there wants to be or become an Alpha Male, such as be more masculine and have more muscle tone, a larger penis size than average and of course, improve overall sexual and physical performance. Well, I do !

But sorry to tell you, there are only a very few of these true Alphas out there, and we actually stand out from the crowd.

Back then when I was out there looking for the right products, searching up everywhere for value and solid information, nobody had pointed me to the right direction to really help me out..! Where I actually ended up choosing those false, hyped “get-bigger-pills” out there for over 3 years trying to enlarge my member size here…

So now, as I personally have plenty of experience of not only with using several male supplements, but overall experience of knowledge on how to review a product completely before choosing it.

I then figured, why not share some honest information with everyone and express my personal opinions/thoughts with a final conclusion after many ways of analyzing a product to see if it’s worth our time using it or not, without choosing the wrong product like I did before.

Yes, we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH so I basically can call out the truth and say whatever I need to about anything !

And for those of you who don’t know, we are also known to be “where male enhancements & products become exposed” that shows everyone the ones that don’t or might not work, and the ones that should give results and improvements.

What We Do At BecomingAlphaMale.com

Myself as a customer user, I write down honest reviews based on my personal usage and on all types of male products out there, especially the popular ones that have been around everywhere catching people’s eyes.

Before we (as a customer user) choose an online product, we all should carefully research our options.

In fact, my mission here is to have everything done for us and be able to make an informed decision. Which I actually show you the top, proven supplement that should be best for us (users).

Believe it or not, our safety do matters to all of us because I literally hated when I fell for a scam item online from the false ads out there… or even sometimes faced negative side effects from using the wrong product!! Sound familiar right!?

YES, I will make sure to show you ONLY the real ORIGINAL, trusted products that are truly effective, and much safer than others from somewhere else.

Why Do We Want To Help You?

As you read my reviews, you do know that some products that is on my “Get-Bigger-Pills” category did not work for me to get my manhood bigger at the time. Which I ended up using some of these pills for several months, changing one complete supply to another and wasting so much money.. ugh, sucks right!

Now after finding real solutions for every sexual or physical male issue (See top Menu) to become a real alpha male too, I figured that making the wrong choice can actually mean ‘delaying the positive results while engage in trial and error, ain’t I right?GenF20-plus-hgh-releaser-my-supplies-package-natural-supplement-pills-oral-spray-review-results-rated-1-younger-becoming-alpha-male

Well, here’s my my own 6 month penis enlargement progress with the PE Enlargement Bible on how I went from 5″ 1/8 average size to 8″ 1/2  large musclular penis size, and became to true Alpha that I am today along with GenF20 Plus HGH who helped me tremendously as well with muscle and body development to become the real alpha of my world here!

So basically, my goal here is for us to actually know which one should be effective for its own purposes and that will truly work for us. Plus we need to know the ones that don’t do anything, or very little improvements.

Yes, especially the ones that promise to do this, this and that, but in real life, doesn’t do much!

Which sadly, there are way too many of them out there..!

Oh, maybe you’re one of the company’s members who does not like what I personally have to say due to exposing the truth about your product, then I invite you to contact us to discuss the matter.

However, I’m not trying to ruin nobody’s reputation… but step out of the crowd and only share the reality truth!

How We Provide The Information

First of all, we all know that there are tons of information and confusion all around everywhere.

Looking up can cause us (as users) to be completely overwhelming with several different options or even stress out and just give up because I’ve been there before. I bet you have too!!

So we basically search up plenty of valuable information from product’s home websites, consumer reviews from forums or third-party retailers such as Amazon reviews, product’s manufacturer details and proof of evidence to back it up, then I put everything together in one single review and come up with a honest, reliable conclusion.

YES, all to help us stop losing money and get the right product that best fits our needs and that actually work.

Mostly, without having to search it up and reading through so much promoting information that may not even be true, which happens in most cases..

I personally want to save you all the time / hours of research and headaches because of false claiming products.

(p.s. I wish there was a website like mines back in the day, who exposed the reality truth when I first started with male enlargement. Even though in today’s date, I’ve found new, better options for all for all types of male issues in order to be that Alpha male everyone admires. Check out the top Menu! 😉

Therefore, myself as a customer just like you) is working hard for us to get a better perspective of the supplements for ourselves.

Thank You

I want to give a big pat on your back for being so lucky by visiting my website and I am glad to be able to help you and all men out there with value and reliable information for each male product’s review.

You know, I actually feel thankful and blessed to throw you a firm hand (alpha characteristics), with honest information from the years of experience I have of knowledge, all from reviewing hundreds of products, programs, devices, etc, plus the ones I personally tested myself.

Make a deal with me and make sure to visit here more regularly, due to the new and recent information. Don’t forget to follow us on social media (Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest)

Remember, you should feel completely free to simply leave me any feedback or comments underneath each product’s review, which will help us continue to offer the best quality, trusted, and honest information that we as all men would want and of course, need more than anything.

Oh, maybe you have used a certain product before or need me to review it? It would be best if you can submit your experience or anything in the comment box below at any page’s review.

If not, look around my website for the best top male products that would best fit you. I’m sure there is something you may need to fix your issue there.

You should also subscribe to my exclusive BecomingAlphaMale weekly newsletter here to the side. Trust me, I’ll teach you and show you so many things I’ve learned that I do on the daily basis that I’ve become and now living the ultimate “stallion” alpha male of my world.

Show me you’re alive and here with me… I should get back to you as soon as possible ! 😉Leave-Comment-Below-Show-Me-Youre-Alive-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Rulio – Alpha Male

Founder, BecomingAlphaMale.com


  1. Akaf says:

    Hello Julio
    First of all, I would like to express my sincere THANKS, due to a very great work you are doing for men around the world. May God bless you. I am writing my true story here:
    I am 43 year old man, from Pakistan. From last 2 to 3 years, i am facing problems during lovemaking session, low sex drive, less erection & stamina and quicker ejaculation. I was not using any vitamins or supplements. My penis length is 4.5″ and 4″ girth. I want to enlarge my penis in length & girth wise with strong erection & libido.
    But from one week, I am using Erectzan capsules, one in morning & one in night daily. Also using two capsule of Ginseng Complex and Horny Goat Weed with Maca of “Natures Bounty, USA” in morning & night daily. And also taking one vitamin tablet daily of Centrum Energy Specialist in the morning. Just after one week, my morning wood erection is better, as I have not morning wood in last few years. I will try Erectzan pills for 4 weeks total and if it will give good result, then I will continue, otherwise, I will take VigRX plus pills, as you advised and various other websites.

    Warm Regards.

    • Hey Akaf,

      Wow, thanks for taking your time and sharing your own experience. However, that is great you are getting incredible results with your own procedure.

      Yet, I would stick to just the male enhancement pills (all-in-one) and leave the other compounds (Ginseng complex, Honey Goat Weed, Maca) to the side and focus only on the male enhancement pills, because it might be “too much” quantity of sexual compounds to your body, where when you stop taking all of these compounds together, your body might not function the same sexual way you have when taking such ingredients. Too much is not always the best.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  2. Dalton says:

    Are there really products, be it pills, exercises, pumps, ect. out there that can increase my size. I would like to add 1-1.5″ if truly possible in 4-6 months. If so what would you recommend?

    • Hey Dalton,

      Yes, exercises such as the PeEnlargementBible worked great for me to increase my size here. Now there are other options as well, such as the Penomet pump device for pumping process and there is the penis extender tool, such as the X4 Labs who also works incredible as well, for stretching process. Now regards to male pills, they will only work along with one of these options I just listed, to increase the growth process.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  3. pradipta vanu baral says:

    i want phallosan dievise for enlargement this my phone no-9145476979 from india ,goa

  4. Francisco Vetter says:

    Greetings from Colorado! I’m bored at work so I decided to browse your website on
    my iphone during lunch break. I really like the knowledge you provide here and can’t wait
    to take a look when I get home. I’m surprised at how fast your blog loaded on my mobile
    .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, fantastic site!

    • Fantastic, Francisco .. That’s really amazing to hear ! You know we have been putting lots of work to help out as folks with adding value content and better visual ..

      I Believe You,

  5. StevveR says:

    Your site is hot!

  6. Jay says:

    Where is your contact information? Everyday I read your new post man .. Love your mindset

  7. vic says:

    I love to come back to becomingalphamale.com everyday

  8. Sel says:

    I love to read becomingalphamale.com dude!

    • Awesome ! We are happy to hear that you’re one many folks who follow our new and recently product’s reviews.. We are providing better quality for readers to see by improving and updating new and “older” posts every day. Be sociable, share our value content information by helping us grow day by day and therefore, more guys will exclude all the scammy products in todays market. Appreciate your feedback!

      Thank You,

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