Niacin Max Review – Is This a Real Performance Booster? Does NiacinMax Strips Work? Follow Review!

Niacin Max Review – Is This a Real Performance Booster? Does NiacinMax Strips Work? Follow Review!

An individual’s physical and mental wellness play a crucial role in his or her overall performance.

Consequently, a series of factors come to play and have to be regulated to achieve peak performance.

NiacinMax claims to trigger an unrivaled performance as well as other body enhancement benefits in its users.

It is a brand by Wolfson Berg Limited of which it is marketed in the Niacin Max’s primary website and in other third party websites.

Looking at the several claims as to what the formula will achieve, one can we say that it has substantial evidence cum recommendations?

The primary objective of this review is to discuss this product in comprehensive terms.

Get some refreshments and read down!


Name of ProductNiacinMaxNiacin-Max-Review-Is-This-a-Real-Performance-Booster-Does-NiacinMax-Strips-Work-Follow-Review-Dose-Results-Website-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Official Website:

Best Price: 90 STRIPS + 60 FREE = $119.97

Overall Rank (out of 100): 98 Points

Recommended Period of Usage4-8 Weeks

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day Refund Policy

What is NiacinMax?

Niacin Max reveals to be a brand (in strip form) of performance enhancement formula by Wolfson Berg Limited.

According to the manufacturer, it is a unique formulation which utilizes liposomal encapsulation delivery technology.

It should give power, agility, strength, speed, endurance and make us achieve a peak performance.

In line with the manufacturer’s details, NiacinMax has a bioavailability of 90% and it promotes to be 45 times more effective than other niacin-based supplements in the market.

According to them, the high availability of the formula in the blood is because of its ability to by-pass degradation by the stomach acids and other body fluids.

More so, customers using this Niacin Max strips product should also get support as to approaches to addressing diet, exercise, and other lifestyle-related habits.

So is the supplement’s claims really backed up by any evidence? Read more to find out.

Ingredient Profile

Wolfson Berg Limited company mentions having employed the highest standard ingredients scientifically derived from pharmaceutical grade components made in FDA approved facilities.

They state to offer the best services to us as they work with a team of fitness professionals, health consultants as well as nutrition experts.

As stated in the product’s official website, each strip of a NiacinMax dose is citrus-flavored and delivers 75mg of niacin per application.

As earlier mentioned, it employs liposomal encapsulation technology combined with a unique delivery, which according to them makes it far more effective than an ordinary 100mg pill.

Therefore, two NiacinMax strips daily mean an equivalent of 90 pills in the system.

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How Does Niacinmax Work?

With its liposomal encapsulation technology, Niacinmax is said to deliver its contents directly into the user’s bloodstream for maximum performance enhancement benefits.

Niacinmax is said to employ a targeted delivery system in that it completely avoids the digestive system.

The proper use of the supplement according to Wolfson will cause unrivaled performance by increasing the production of red blood cell.Niacin-Max-Review-Is-This-a-Real-Performance-Booster-Does-NiacinMax-Strips-Work-Follow-Review-Dose-Before-and-After-Results-HGH-Becoming-Alpha-Male

This, in turn, maximizes nutrients and oxygen delivery to muscles; improving energy levels, reducing fatigue while ensuring we attain a peak physical and mental performance.

Similarly, Niacin Max is said to increase the level of HGH by 600%. As a result of this, it boosts recovery, fat burning, and muscle growth.

It states to be fast-dissolving and increases the flow of oxygen in the brain, hence its contribution to improving ones’ focus and concentration.

Who Is It For?

Niacinmax manufacturer promotes it’s for men who want to achieve a peak level of physical and mental performance.

Similarly, it is for athletes, bodybuilders and any person who is in to perform exceptionally.Niacin-Max-Review-Is-This-a-Real-Performance-Booster-Does-NiacinMax-Strips-Work-Follow-Review-Strip-Dose-Before-and-After-Results-HGH-Becoming-Alpha-Male

The manufacturer’s recommendation is that we should place the Niacin Max strip under the tongue where it dissolves in seconds releasing niacin directly into the bloodstream.

It is to be taken in the morning without food. For best results, users can train 3-5 hours after taking the supplement.

Additionally, the manufacturer mentions that if we want to get more advantage from the NiacinMax power HGH release effects, we can take a second dose of the supplement 3-4 hours before going to bed.

Wolfson Berg also mentions that it is a vitamin supplement and those prospective users who are pregnant or breastfeeding should seek the consent of a doctor before using it.

The same instruction is given to folks who suffer from liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, stomach ulcer or any other medical condition.

It should be used by individuals who are up to the age of eighteen (18).


The Good:

  • Increases Physical Performance;Niacin-Max-Review-Is-This-a-Real-Performance-Booster-Does-NiacinMax-Strips-Work-Follow-Review-Dose-Before-and-After-Results-Website-Becoming-Alpha-Male
  • Awakens Mental Ability;
  • Gives Strength and Endurance;
  • Causes of Fast Recovery;
  • Builds the Muscles;
  • More Power, Speed, and Agility;
  • Achieves Lean Muscle Mass;
  • Backed by Science;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • Made in FDA Approved Facility;
  • No Harmful Effects;
  • Manufacturer’s Information Exists;
  • Marketed on the Company’s Website;
  • Reviews Abound;
  • Manufacturer Offers Refunds.

The Bad:

  1. It causes flushing but should subside within a few minutes.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Wolfson Berg Limited seems to market this performance enhancement formula with a 60 days money back guarantee. Yes, they do.

They gave an additional 7 days for shipping. I guess we already know what to do if we are not thrilled by the product’s result.

NiacinMax is said to be fast-acting and highly effective for achieving peak performance. Wolfson mentions keeping its customers’ information secure.

Similarly, they share that the supplement will not cause any side effect other than the flushing which is a sign that it is working.

The manufacturer’s shipping is fast and free. They also offer auto-refill and it is accompanied by free shipping irrespective of the buyer’s location.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Niacin Max, as we have seen states to be a unique performance boosting supplement with an unbeatable standard.

The manufacturer has enlightened us with the necessary information we need to know about this product. The supplement is said to be backed up by scientific researches and studies, which I could find on their primary website.

The strips are available in other third-party websites and I could see complete positive reviews and recommendations for the formula.

This is my final opinion!

I will recommend Niacin Max by Wolfson Limited at its official website for people looking for an effective supplement that will effectively boost their oxygen level, blood flow, and ultimately performance.Niacin-Max-Review-Is-This-a-Real-Performance-Booster-Does-NiacinMax-Strips-Work-Follow-Review-Strip-Dose-Before-and-After-Result-HGH-Becoming-Alpha-Male

The product’s delivery technology is overwhelming and I must say that it is far better than taking some pills to enhance performance.

So, if you are in the above category, visit the manufacturer’s website ( and get some strips.


What do you have to say about such a product? Let me know your thoughts!

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