PenaTropin Reviews – What Are The Side Effects? MUST SEE !

PenaTropin Reviews – What Are The Side Effects? MUST SEE !

PenaTropin is rated the #1 male enlargement pills at a few websites in Jon Jeremy Sex Guru websites (more than one site), Tommy Gunn Sex Guru page, and a few others.

I have been following these websites for the past years and none of their products have worked to actually give me some growth gains on my member here.

But this PenaTropin is the newest formula who reached a whole another level on the “get-bigger-pills” category.

Let see what this supplement has to offer to us men which they advertised that within 21 days only we as customer users should see maximum growth results.

Stop whatever you’re doing now and take 2 minutes for you to find out the real reviews and side effects from this top formula!



Name of Product: PenaTropin


Minimum Price: One Bottle 30Day Supply – $39.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 21 Days for Maximum Results

Refund Policy: Claims a 90 days Money-Back Guarantee


What Is PenaTropin?

First lets learn a little about what this product really is!

It’s a new male enlargement supplement from the manufacture (Phyto Health USA, LLC) who claims that with their ‘Vasodynamic technology‘ complex will enlarge penis size dramatically and fast.

States that with its revolutionary technology will expand the penis tissues to allow more blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa (erectile chambers) because the more blood enters these penis chambers when it’s expanded, than the thicker and fuller penis will be at a hard erection.


PenaTropin claims with its ingredients will boost more natural testosterone levels to a higher level than any other penis enlargement pills in today’s market.

In fact, there are slightly different from most “get-bigger-pills” out there because the only compounds they carry are the Butea Superba and L-Carnitine with a large amount of 1280 mg which they promote to super-charge massive amounts of blood flow to the penis tissues.

The L-Carnitine should PenaTropin-ingredients-review-side-effects-how-does-it-work-rated-1-scam-product-false-formula-fake-before-after-results-becoming-alpha-maleincrease the production of free testosterone levels where both with (Butea Superba) substance should expand the penis chambers to hold more blood, according to product’s primary website.

For Who PenaTropin Says It’s For?

For all men who’s not happy with their penis size and wants to enlarge their tool for additional growth.

PenaTropin does not share to actually increase penis enlargement size being 100% permanently.

Claims that there mix of high-potency blended of ingredients in its complex will create harder, longer and bigger erections.

If free testosterone levels increases as they promote than taking this item should improve sexual performance and libido function.

PenaTropin “supposedly” will fill the chambers with maximum blood flow to make our manhood wider and fuller.

How To Take PenaTropin?

The manufacturer wants us as customer users to take only 2 capsules in a daily basis but should switch it up to once in the morning and once at night.

It suggest to take it on empty stomach for more effectiveness due to releasing free testosterone levels on duty.

States that within 21 days, users should gain full growth results.

How is that ever possible? Is this some “magical or miracle” pills?

That’s only 3 weeks of using this product and if so, more than 2″ inches should be added.

Believe it or not, if it was that “realistic” in reality than we men wouldn’t be walking with an average or smaller penis size because I’m sure we all want a bigger tool. It’s not that easy at all as they promote, keep reading !


Me and my team have searched up real reviews from this PenaTropin and what we only saw was porn stars such as the famous (Tommy GunnJon Jeremy, Evan Stone, & others) claiming they got huge by using this new enlargement product.

Perhaps, they all have been on the adult industry for decades where it doesn’t make sense how this formula came out a few months ago and now there huge??

The only thing that it increased was their bank account for sure.

Plus not only that, we have found 4 other false claiming websites to actually have these “get-bigger-pills” in first place of top 5 row category where they get some “commissions” as well.

We couldn’t find real results of an actual customer users reviews someone like myself but only at the Ripoff Report recognized as (scam investigators) plus extremely bad statements that this PenaTropin item is a complete scam who wants our hard-worked money.

Yes, fake testimonies on there promoting sales page.


Meanwhile, the other “Get-Bigger-Pills” that these false websites above are promoting is the Vaso Ultra, Naturally Huge, Longinexx and the XanthoX5 in the top row as PenaTropin which are the ones I have used in the past !

Like earlier in the first paragraph, I stated that I have been following these websites using their “top enlargement pills” for a few years, giving a product a shot then saw nothing, tried another promoting item for 3 months and again, kept going but completely zero growth results on trying to get bigger and then still nothing.


When you want something that bad especially how my self-esteem and confidence wasn’t that high at all, I would do everything in this world to reach my goal.

So I never had quit for more than 3 years because size growth was all I wanted.

Read the “Get-Bigger-Pills” reviews the ones that I gave it a shot!

Since they used me for my moneytime over the years on, and effort so now that I have grown my penis with a whole different program of puberty process then I can actually expose the truth to all of these false claiming products that I have tried from my personal experience to help folks like yourself out before you throwing your money out like that.

Side Effects of PenaTropin

We have searched many resources to see what are the side effects of this false promising item but we couldn’t find anything of a “real” consumer to list his results or any side effects but only negative reviews that it doesn’t work at all.

PenaTropin states that its clinical approved by doctors and scientists but they only show statements of the ingredients as the Butea Superba and L-Carnitine compounds but no data or structurer of proof that this formulation will really enlarge my member here within 21 days as the ads claims..

Yet, both components may be effective but there’s no proof of nothing that this combination of the PenaTropin formula actually works?

How do we as customer users know if its 100% safe or that we’ll gain any growth size of permanently gains.

In my personal experience plus opinion, this is one of the biggest scam I have ever saw in my whole penis enlargement journey.PenaTropin-review-side-effects-how-does-it-work-rated-1-scam-product-false-formula-fake-before-after-results-reviews-becoming-alpha-male

Overview of False Product

  1. Failed Lack of many sort of Information.
  2. There’s No proof of evidence that PenaTropin works.
  3. States its “lab tested and approved” but where’s these Results or Studies at?
  4. Testimonies are all from porn-stars that had a large penis size for decades.
  5. Websites that have PenaTropin in #1 have false promising products as well that gave me no size results in the past.
  6. Calls it The Revolutionary New Penis “Super Pill” but with only 2 ingredients?
  7. Hype up and over-exaggerated claims to enlarge penis size by 2-4″ inches within 21 Days – Impossible and Unrealistic.
  8. Even if 21 days was ever possible then why would they claim to give a 3 month guarantee? But try getting your money back..!
  9. If you look at the Vaso Ultra (“get-bigger-pills“) website, has very similar fake video on the homepage as this PenaTropin. – Both completely scam. And I keep going on if you want all from my experience in the male enhancement category.

Closing Thoughts + Conclusion

Just use your mind real quick and think about it!

The 2 main keys of ingredients increases growth in penis size within 21 days as what it claims?

That’s impossible even when all male enhancement supplements out there combined variety of ingredients such as sexual herbs, nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and other sexual aphrodisiacs all together, still doesn’t promise this over-exaggerated ads. If it’s an official real product meaning not a scam item like this one.

I bet you found PenaTropin ads from adult websites (porn) or from these false gurus websites who have seriously took it to a whole another level with their promising products.


If somehow you find some positive “reviews”, make sure you know that it’s from the owners of this fraud item. Don’t fall for it, all it probably has is some energy ingredients such as “sugar” to make you believe it’s working..

If PenaTropin item had introduced a few months ago to the “get-bigger-pills” market than myself as a customer user would have tried it because before I was lazy to ever search up a product’s reviews since I was completely desperate and had faith that something was going to enlarge my size one day.

But thanks God, by today I have several years of experience from using male supplements so recently, I found the only real way to cause permanent growth on penis enlargement.


One day I stumbled across a Penis Enlargement Bible where the official website mention to restart the puberty stage all over again and unlock the main chains that caused penis to grow during puberty where I found it an attractive option so why not go for it?

They said that no air-pumps, exercises alone, male enhancement pills will work unless you’re one of those lucky guys out there that actually saw some results but not 2-4″ inches.

I have been following this program for the past 2 months and a little longer and believe it or not, it actually proved to me that real penis growth can achieve being completely permanent without any side effects or going under a knife for surgery which is very expensive.

What I did was follow the right directions to release the secretion of hormones. So, maybe it’s something you would like to find out a little more about it so take a quick second and head over to my personal review on my results of 2″ 1/8 inches and to help many folks out, I listed how it works for you for free.. I have a good heart !



  1. Ken Angelos says:

    hey alpha,
    If it wasn’t for this article I think i would of bought this scam fake product. You’re the man Julio !
    I’m going for the pe bible, thanks for your outrageous helpful info Ken

    • Fantastic, Ken .. It was my pleasure to share my experience with these types of “supplements”. You’re more than welcome. You know its always great to hear positive feedbacks.
      However, Im actually done with the Pe Enlargement Bible so it’s all you brotha, make sure to get back to me and tell me your results of gains.

      For Your Enlargement Success,

  2. Rose Feliz says:

    Superb, what a webpage it is! This weblog gives valuable information to
    us, keep it up.

  3. Ezaron says:

    This Penotropin stuff does not work. Bought and did not work so they wanted to exchange it for something when I complained about it. They switched for (2) ten pills bottles of Zyrexen. It supposed to be also a sexual enhancer; however these did not work either. There website says 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied. I was advised to send the products back with a reason why and a full refund will be issued. Heres how they try to get you. If you switch out for something, they make you verbally agree that you cannot return anything for refund. Send you faulty products and keep your money hugh!!!Once they received my return, the only issued $19.95. Where’s the rest of my money. They tried to hold me on the agreement previously made. They accepted my return though and gave partial money back. Shouldn’t have at all. They are also very rude to you when you make a complaint especially if its dealing with a refund. Customer service is horrible and rude. Will never purchase from again. Hope this helps with your decision with this company. NOTHING WORKS!!!!!

  4. Lor D says:

    What’s up, yup this article is in fact nice and I have learned lot of things from it about this scammy pills. thanks.

  5. Juny says:

    Wow, awesome blog layout! How long have you been blogging for?
    you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is excellent, as well as the content!

    • Thank you. You know when you have experience with “something”, it easier to provide enough information from the experience and thoughts. All I want is help men stop giving this type of product (PenaTropin) their money, time and for their safety.


  6. decka mazono says:

    i want to enlargement my inches to grow up
    please tell me something about it.


    • I am sorry to let you know that NO enlargement pills will grow your penis because I tried many of them.. Check out my penis enlargement review where I’ll show you how I did it by restarting the puberty stage all over again which caused more than 2″ inches in my penis size.. Yes, the only one the works .. Here is the official website where they explain everything as well !

      Real Growth Naturally,

    • AMin says:

      Dear , I listen about this product , it able to increase the meal penis size,
      I need to information where I can get this product…
      Please send me the information to my mail,

      presently I am in Dubai, areas, , from where, Which pharmacy I can collect this product.
      Please give me the location, to my mail

      • Hey Amin,
        I am assuming you’re not listening to what I’m saying that this product is a complete scam .. Just because false websites from “Ron Jeremy and Tommy Gunn” has it in #1 doesn’t mean anything .. All they are trying to do is get as much people as possible to buy their false scam products and enhance their bank account .. Trust me, you’re not missing nothing but hey if you’re still looking for it, then go to their official website .. I mean I’m just trying to help you out from losing money, time and effort

        Hope this Helps,

  7. Dickerson says:

    Where can I get the penis enlargement bible? Or is it on the internet and what is its name? Thanks.

    • If you would like to read my review where I explain how it works and tell you my results then click here. If you’re already motivated to go straight to the official website and instant download right away which it’s only available on the internet and they send you a email of the username and password to log in and start today. is the official website.

      For Your Enlargement Success,

  8. Dakota D. Viagra says:

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