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Absonutrix Male Enhancement Xtreme Patch – Find Results Here!


Absonutrix Male Enhancement Xtreme Patch – Find Results Here!

Absonutrix Male Enhancement Xtreme Patch claims that it’s the answer to maximize sexual performance for all men by simply wearing this sexual enhancement patch.

Even though patches are known to have a higher effect than pills or tablets, since it goes straight to the bloodstream, without running through the digestive system.

Thereby, it’s not what the product labels, but what consumers are saying about it.

So enjoy reading this review to see what the results are from real actual users.

Read on !Absonutrix-male-enhancement-xtreme-patch-method-results-patches-Brand-company-supplement-product-amazon-ebay-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Absonutrix Xtreme Patch

Website: Company Page – www.Absonutrix.com


Minimum Price: 30 Day Supply – $11.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 31 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money-Back Guarantee: Must Check With Retails

What Are Absonutrix Xtreme Patches ?

As I explain before, Absonutrix Xtreme Patch is a male enhancement formula to boost up the ability to perform better at any sexual activity.

The brand of this product promotes to be completely natural and effective without the use of any other sexual method in the market.

Yes, they state that it’s safe and should cause no negative side effects when wearing this patch formula.

Absonutrix Male Enhancement Xtreme patches are available in many third-party websites, such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

Now the manufacturer as the product’s brand name (Absonutrix), they’re a US-based company with selling many other health and nutritional products for both men, plus women.

The headquarter department is based out of Greensboro, North Carolina and they claim to have the “highest quality” to all of their supplements.

However, they do mention to have improved and optimized all of them with the “finest ingredients“, as they explain.

However, they don’t only support this male enhancement patch, but others as well, such as a diet weight-loss, nicotine patches, and a few different ones.

How Does Absonutrix Xtreme Patch Works?

Like every other patch format in the industry, Absonutrix Male Enhancement Xtreme patches are no different from others.

It works by simply applying a patch onto the body’s skin-surface, it should immediately release the formulate of active-compounds directly to the bloodstream for faster and effective improvements.

The company of this product carries big claims to not only improve sexual functioning to get users back on track for good sex, but many other benefits as well.

This product of patches does promote to have a potential effect because there is no need to use it for a full 3 days, like other male enhancement patch formulas out there.


Absonutrix Male Enhancement Xtreme Patch contains a list of ingredients for blending them in the right proportions to give incredible improvements.

These natural substances are Tribulus Terrestris, Saw Palmetto, Zinc Gluconate, L-Arginine, Panax Ginseng, Niacin, Maca Root, and Zinc Citrate.

Which, they are recognized as some sexual aphrodisiac, amino acids and nutrients.

Meanwhile, we have found other promoting retail websites to have extra compounds as well, such as the Horny Goat Weed to help increase libido levels and overall sexual function.

Now the other one we found is the Flower Pollen Extract.

For Who Is It For?

Rather than having to swallow pills/capsules or tablets, Absonutrix Male Enhancement Xtreme patches should work faster on giving results and it’s safer.

According to product’s label and the benefits that they promote, we as customer users should be able to notice sex drive increasing, endurance and that way I should have a potency performance in a sexual intercourse.

They claim to boost up energy levels and stimulate sex hormones, such as the production of testosterone.

Should support a “healthy libido” for better a sexual relate.

The last thing they mention that this male enhancement patch formula would do, is increase sexual and physical power for muscle strength.

When To Use It?

The manufacturer designed these patches to only last for about 8-10 hours to give improvements.

They want we as customer users to simply apply a patch about 30-60 minutes before bedtime and of course, after taking a shower to have the skin surface clean.

As I mention previously and unlike other enhancement patches, they want consumers to leave it on for 3 full days for maximum effectiveness from a single patch.

AbsonutrixXtreme Patch only recommends wearing it during a sleeping cycle, where I would have to peel it off the next morning.

Each 30 day supply comes with 30 patches, meaning I would have to wear it every night in a daily basis until the next morning.


The Benefits:

  • Enhances Sexual StaminaAbsonutrix-male-enhancement-xtreme-patch-review-method-results-patches-Brand-company-supplement-product-amazon-ebay-becoming-alpha-male
  • Promotes Libido Levels
  • All Natural Compounds
  • Increases Endurance
  • States It’s 100% Safe
  • Available in Retail Sites
  • Produces Sex Hormones
  • Easy-To-Use Patch Method
  • Enhances Sex Drive
  • Very Cheap – Affordable
  • Physical + Sexual Strength
  • Improves Overall Performance
  • Should Enjoy & have Better Sex
  • Claims to Increase Muscle Strength
  • Use it only at Night – Makes it more Discreet

The Downfalls:

  1. The company (Absonutrix) does not sale this product any longer at the official sales page.
  2. Since there is no official website and only available at retail third-party websites, buyers would have to check with them if they carry a return policy.
  3. No proof of nothing that this patch formula actually works as they claim or it’s really safe.
  4. Failed to contain the “Menthol” compound for a higher effect in absorbing the active-ingredients into the bloodstream, like other patch method has.
  5. All promoting websites have misleading information, such as the ingredients list, and the amount of patches included in a box supply. – One said 24 patches only!?
  6. According to Amazon Reviews of actual customer users, no positive feedback was found, but only negative statements. For example: “I hate it. The product did not meet my expectation. It is a hoax.”
  7. Side effects occurred in someone as they mention ; “The Male X-Treme Patch speed up my heart to unsafe level.

Customer Support

The only support details I can give out, would be that it’s only available in Amazon, eBay, etc.

Which, folks would have to check with them to see more information, as if they carry a money back guarantee, discreet shipping packages, and others.

Yes, It’s a lot cheaper than many other male enhancement patches in today’s market, but now it makes sense that it gave out no expectation results to a number of users, since we usually get for what we pay for.

Review Summary + Final Facts

In my opinion, the manufacturer of this male item no longer carries it in-stock because somehow it’s unavailable, and that’s usually not a good sign.

I’m assuming probably because it failed to give out sexual improvements on consumers and actually caused side effects, as one of user’s reviews mentions.

From my personal experience, I have never been a fan of Amazon and eBay retailers because they seem to sell several non-original items that doesn’t work at all and fake stuff..

But, I’m not done !

Since I’m here to help you, I always make sure to throw folks the “professional” right product’s review at their hands to see if it’s the best choice for them.

ProEnhance does have proof of evidence at their official website, that these patches really works and according to our sources, no red flags was found till this day so far.

Yes, the ProEnhance company carries a 60 day money back guarantee for all users.


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