AchieveRx Extender Device – See Here Why It’s Probably Not The Best !

AchieveRx Extender Device – See Here Why It’s Probably Not The Best!

The AchieveRx traction device looks like they have been on male enlargement market for several years.

Where they claim to be the most affordable penis extender on today’s market.

Is it really?

Matter of fact, this device tool states that it’s the only way to enlarge penis size permanently without going under a knife for surgery.

Let’s find out right here at this review!AchieveRx-extender-review-results-scam-does-extender-traction-device-works-how-to-use-achieveRx-reviews-pills-patch-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: AchieveRx™

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Extender Device – $99.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 2 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 10+ Weeks

Refund Policy: 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

What Is AchieveRx™?

AchieveRx is a brand of some male enlargement products where they sell the male enhancement pills, patch system, and this extender device.

The official website states that all of their products are made in the USA and its the “products you can trust“.

This traction method should increase penis size in length and girth when wearing it for a period of time throughout the regular basis.

However, the claims of growth results are within a few weeks instead of months where other penis enlargement extenders promote to take up to 6 months to actually see some incredible gains.

Being on the market for over a decade, they introduced AchieveRX Extender back in the year of 2000 where AchieveRX offices are based in the United States and Canada area.

According to the official website, they mention providing only quality products to all men to use.

Perhaps, AchieveRX claims that “the low prices makes it the most affordable penis extender on the AchieveRx-extender-review-results-scam-does-extender-traction-device-works-how-to-use-achieveRx-reviews-pills-patch-as-seen-on-tv-becoming-alpha-malemarket“.

How can that be true? Keep reading!

There is no scientific data or clinical structure from any expert shown at their primary webpage, but they do mention to have advertised in several TV ads and men’s magazine.

No prescription is required for none of their products.

How Does This Extender Device Works?

Like every other “basic” penis enlargement extenders!

By applying the device onto to the penis, AchieveRx claims to safely stretch the anatomical parts of the penis and both length plus girth should increase for growth results.

This penis enlargement method carries a positive traction force ranging from 600 to 1500 grams which causes the penis tissues to expand and growth should occur.

By doing that, the tissues of cells multiply and create new growth cells.

Yet, they promote to be completely safe and effective.

What Are The Expected Results?

As according to the AchieveRX Extender official website, by the second week to a month or so, users who are willing to wear this device should notice a bigger appearance on his member size.

By week 6-9, they mention that by now, the penis should have already heightened up “visual” growth size in length and width.

It strengthens the erectile chambers for harder, stronger, and bigger erections.

However, before the 3 months end, AchieveRx company states that by this time, you will have reached an incredible new size where the body will function with a larger and thicker penis.

But that’s not all, it should improve penis health as well.

What about the curvature problem?

As they explained, men with the Peyronie’s Disease can benefit from using this traction method where it reduces the curvature of the penile for a straighter penis.

This extender device should fit men of all size to achieve growth gains.

Erections should be on point for more pleasure and self-esteem rises.

No pain should occur and as we all know, the longer you wear an extender device, the faster the results will come.

They failed to mention anything about the recommendation time frame for wearing it in the daily basis.

Maybe 10-12 hours a day? Who knows!


The Good:

  • Heightens up Length SizeAchieveRx-extender-review-results-scam-does-extender-traction-device-works-how-to-use-achieveRx-reviews-pills-patch-method-becoming-alpha-male
  • Achieves Girth for Thickness
  • Erections become Bigger
  • Claims it’s Completely Safe
  • Affordable Extender – Fair Price
  • Should be Painless: Comfortable
  • Less than 3 Months for Gains
  • Over a Decade in the Market
  • Stronger, Harder Erections
  • Boosts Pleasure – Satisfaction
  • Reduces the Curvature on Penis
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  1. The money back guarantee is only for 60 days ONLY.
  2. No scientific test or clinical studies provided for proof of effectiveness.
  3. Failed to have any doctor recommendation or approval for all user’s safety.
  4. There is a shipping/handling fee of $19.95 which is an expensive price for only to delivery the device.
  5. Seems to me like some “basic” penis extender. – “Low-quality”
  6. No consumers reviews/forums were found which makes it seem that it’s not folks best choice.
  7. Failed to show any proof of evidence, which not even testimonies are public at their official website.
  8. Very few information of all AchieveRx products. – Needs to improve and update everything in my opinion.
  9. Does not show the manufacturer name/address or any phone number to contact the customer service.


Okay, let’s talk about the money back guarantee!

At first, we noticed that the website of AchieveRX mentions to really have a 60-day return policy, but then we have come across a picture with a short brief info claiming only 30 days which now we don’t know the exact “days” for the money back guarantee!?

Even though the claims of results in size gains are within 3 months, most of the other extender devices in today’s market carries a 180-day money back guarantee.

Yes, all packages should come in a discreet plain box with nothing written.

As I shared previously, the shipping/handling fee is $19.95 where it takes up to 5-10 business days for delivery.

Meanwhile, we tried to find a phone number to contact them but they failed to provide and show any dialing number.

So the only way to get in touch with them is through via email.

We also don’t know who’s the company/manufacturer of this AchieveRx brand.

Seems like a complete scam, right?

Bottom Line Conclusion

Believe it not, AchieveRX extender device is no different from any other “basic” traction methods in today’s male enlargement industry.

Matter of fact, we found a promoting review where the editor actually explained that the materials are all “plastic and screws“.

Yes, poor quality product!

Furthermore, the official webpage wants folks to grab an order of the male enhancement pills as well to gain growth gains within 3 months.

Where now it’s not the “most affordable price” in today’s market!

In my opinion, it’s really not worth it and I give it a big zero ranking points due to so many red flags.


Have you checked out the X4 Labs (most advanced penis extender)?

Well, if you’re really looking for an effective penis enlargement traction method then you should stop by my review.

However, It’s not the cheapest but I always remember, we get for what we pay.

X4 Labs device is a 24K Gold Extender with a 58 ways comfort-system and its a 4-in-1 support method.

What does that mean?

You can use it with 4 straps in one support system for extra grip-hold meaning when the device is holding the penis, there shouldn’t be a problem of causing any slippage.

X4 Labs actually gained more points than the SizeGenetics which is also a top male enlargement extender for the best comfort.


Please share your opinions about this review. Maybe we don’t have same personal opinions. I would love to hear from you! Do have any experience with this method? Let me know down below. Thanks!


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