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AgeForce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster – Complete Review From Results Here


AgeForce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster – Complete Review From Results Here

You know, I have done a review on a similar HGH patch from the same company called (AgeForce).

Yet, I have noticed that most users would go along with purchasing from this company, maybe because they seems to really be behind each product of theirs?!

So today, we’re going to get to know more on all about this AgeFroce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster, where this review will demonstrate on everything we need to know regards this HGH patch formula.

Now the reason why most folks would rather go for HGH products, instead of others because not only they will gain more a youthful appearance in all ways, but a healthy state as well.

In that case, today’s big question would be, is this AgeForce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster effective as like their other HGH patch? Well, I do know that no prescription portion is necessary, since it should be safe.

Who knows? Let’s find out in this review ! Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and follow down to read more !


Name: AgeForce® ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH BoosterAgeForce-ExtraStrenght-Homeopathic-HGH-Booster-Patch-patches-amino-acid-age-force-brand-company-website-discounts-becoming-alpha-male

Website: www.AgeForce.com/ExtraStrength-HGH-Booster

Minimum Price: Monthly Package – $49.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 94 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: At Least 90-180 Days

Refund Policy: The More Supplies, The Longer The Guarantee

What Is ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster?

For those of you who don’t know, HGH is the most important primary hormone for the youthfulness of each one of us.

When we were younger before becoming an adult, we produced lots of HGH all in a completely natural way, and now as we’re getting older, HGH levels will drop by very year.

In that matter, my energy, performance and all body functions decrease, wrinkles, age spots, and every aspect that makes me feel and look older will appear, especially my muscle tone will decrease and body fat will increase.

Why would we want that? Well, that is the reason why scientists and researchers have introduced HGH formulas to the industry, to improve folks’ lifes in everyway.

Read on, so we as users could get to know at all about its company behind the AgeForce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster, which that’s important in my opinion !


Therefore, from what I know, AgeForce is a well-respected company/organization who conducts all of their products in a pharmaceutical grade facility called (Phase4 Pharmaceutical, LLC).

Which means, the quality of a product’s ingredients is one of their most important roles for purity and give more effective results in a safety matter.

Now, when I head over to their official primary website, they have introduced a number of patches to the market and not only HGH formulas !

AgeForce brand and the approved certified FDA laboratory are based in Florida in the United States region, which makes it more trustful and easier to contact them, unlike other companies out there.


As what I know, they actually have been in the industry for more than a decade helping individuals of all ages around the world.

Back to the AgeFroce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster !

This formula is basically an “advanced” Human Growth Hormone patch method to gain several youthful benefits when wearing it as directed.

What To Expect When Using It?

First of all, let me break it up to you that it’s not an injection HGH formula, but a transdermal time-release HGH releaser, as homeopathic based HGH.

And if I were to use this AgeForce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster, I should expect increasement on muscle tone, while decreasing excessive body fat, which turns into muscle mass.

Are you suffering with low/poor energy levels that could affect your daily activity? Well, HGH is known to boost up energy productions and that way, it increases stamina, physical and sexual performance, plus endurance as well.AgeForce-ExtraStrenght-Homeopathic-HGH-Booster-Patch-patches-amino-acid-age-force-brand-company-website-discounts-fda-certified-becoming-alpha-male

It does state to improve more power and strength, increases sexual and libido function.

As according to them, it will improve general health, such as strengthen the immune system, regulate blood pressure, reduce symptoms of menopause, improves hearing, memory, vision and mental function.

Now for anti-aging effects, you can expect to restore skin tone and elasticity, plus underlying collagen, may help increase more hair growth and restore your natural hair color.

Forgetting to mention, sleeping better is one of the main aspect to help release HGH levels, which I would wake up refreshed and have a more productive day.

However, at the product’s main webpage, I clicked on the (Monthly by Monthly Expectations) and it shows what to expect by each month on using this AgeForce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster !

Where, it does show several other benefits as well, which I would check it out to see more because this patch could be for your needs as well. Follow down!

How It Should Work?

Like every other patch formulas on today’s market, this AgeFroce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster is a “transdermal time-release HGH releaser” that has the potential to delivery 24,000ng of solid Somatropin and the necessary bouquet of special amino acids, as they explain.


Well, all I would have to do, is slap to apply a patch to my body’s skin at night before bedtime and sleep for 8 hours to remove it in the morning, according to the product’s company.

And by doing that, It should release and delivery the amount of HGH directly through the skin straight to the bloodstream and that way, it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more Human Growth Hormone in a natural way.

Now as I did mention previously, there is no need to visit a doctor’s office for a prescription medication, unless you feel like you may need to before starting this HGH youthful regimen.

According to the product’s primary website, a single patch carries 4 times more HGH than any other HGH method in the market, where usually are 10,000ng.

Yes, this AgeForce patch contains 24,000ng quality HGH, loaded with several amino acids, known as natural ingredients.


As every other HGH formula in today’s market, they all recommend to use it for at least 3-6 months, or a full year for maximum results, depending on how low your HGH levels are.

In that case, results may vary for each individual, where one may gain faster results than others.

Now AgeForce brand/company seems to really be right behind all of their products, from HGH, testosterone, Vitamins, Energy boosters, and several types of patches that they develop.

And from what I personally know, the money back guarantee that they cover for each item, will depend on how much supplies you get, for the period of time.

And to contact them?

They have a variety of ways to get in touch with them, such as dialing a phone number, mail them or via email. I do know that they got back to me fast when I had sent them an email.

And as they explain, it’s not a “sales person” that will answer any of us, but one of their research and development team.

Yes, they do seem more reliable than other companies/trademarks out there, in my opinion.


The Pros:

  • Reduces Excessive FatAgeForce-ExtraStrenght-Homeopathic-HGH-Booster-Patch-patches-amino-acid-age-force-brand-company-website-discounts-fda-certified-products-websites-becoming-alpha-male
  • Promotes Muscle Growth
  • Increases Strength + Power
  • Enhances Energy, Endurance
  • From a Well-known Company
  • Improves Immune System
  • Regulates Blood Pressure
  • For Both Men + Women
  • Gain General Health Benefits
  • No Prescription Portion Needed
  • 4 Times Stronger HGH Formula
  • Enhances Stamina + Performance
  • Promotes Better Sleeping Quality
  • Developed From Pharmaceutical Lab
  • Wake Up Refresh – No Soreness
  • No Risk of Any Side Effects – Safe
  • Improves Mood, Mental Function
  • Better Eye Sight, Hearing, Hair Growth
  • Increases Body Flexibility – Stronger Joints
  • Stimulates Libido Levels + Sexual Function
  • Improvement on Skin Tone, Texture, Appearance
  • Very Simple and Easy-To-Wear Patch Method
  • Does Have a Reliable Money Back Guarantee

The Cons:

  1. Even though there is no prescription required from a physician, it does not show a doctor endorsement on its primary webpage.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Coming to an end of this review on all about the AgeForce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster, I’ll put everything together and come to a conclusion.

To be honest with you, patches are much safer than any other method in the industry, from pills, liquid spray, etc.

Why? If you take something in a pill that might be too strong for your stomach system, you could face liver and stomach acid issues, yes, you don’t want that neither.

And by applying a single patch each night, where it travels directly to our bloodstream without having to go through the stomach lining, I won’t face any issues at all.AgeForce-ExtraStrenght-Homeopathic-HGH-Booster-Patch-patches-amino-acid-age-force-brand-company-website-discounts-fda-certified-products-websites-somatropin-becoming-alpha-male

Plus, the fact the AgeForce is well-reputable company, who makes all of their formulas in a FDA certified-approved laboratory for purity, quality and safety of all users, I would check out more on their official main website at (www.AgeForce.com/Extra-Strenght-HGH).

And the benefits known as the (cons), there is a number of advantages on why I would go for a HGH patch for longevity and anti-aging benefits, where they do share to have been “clinical studied and tested”, instead of any other HGH formula in today’s market.



I hope you’ve found every information you have been looking for, regards this AgeForce ExtraStrength Homeopathic HGH Booster, because you do know that I gather all information found on the internet and put everything together from my experience and opinion. But if you still find something unclear, feel free to throw me a line at the box below !

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