AndroEnlarge Gel – Homeopathic Formula – Is It Really the Best Choice to Add Size?

AndroEnlarge Gel – Homeopathic Formula – Is It Really the Best Choice to Add Size?

We have done a review on the AndroEnlarge pills where they mention that with the help of the “AndroEnlarge Gel“, the user should really gain up to 1″ full inch per month since they promote to “reproduce the same androgen levels that are present during puberty“.

By 3 months, we men should gain up to 3″ inches by using this penis enlargement program.

Read on to find out more!Androenlarge-program-Gel-Pills-supplement-diagram-product-pills-capsules-review-side-effects-results-penis-size-puberty-herbs-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: AndroEnlarge Gel

Official Website:

Minimum Price: AndroEnlarge Gel: 3 oz. Tube – $99.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 44 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 3 Months

Refund Policy: 3 Month Money Back Guarantee

What Is AndroEnlarge Gel?

This product is a male enhancement gel and by simply applying it to the penis surface in conjunction with the AndroEnlarge pills, they claim to gain significant growth size.

Unlike most male enhancer gels who promote to enhance erections potency, this item states that when the ingredients are absorbed into the penis tissues, will cause the penis to “start re-growing at an accelerated rate“.

AndroEnlarge Gel mentions that it’s the “new homeopathic formula” since it stimulates the body to produce its own androgenic hormones, as they explained on the official website.

According to them, Androgens are the hormones responsible for the growth aspect of the penis tissues.

AndroEnlarge products are manufactured by the (Lansing Laboratories) and they are a US-based company located in Lansing, Michigan.

They mention developing the highest quality of male enhancement products with many years of research, containing qualified ingredients and give the best customer support.

The official website offer to show a graph of results where not only this program increases penis size dramatically, but many Androenlarge-program-supplement-diagram-product-pills-capsules-review-side-effects-results-penis-size-puberty-herbs-becoming-alpha-maleother positive benefits as well.

Yet, there is no doctor recommendation or approval to provide more “trust” on the customer’s user safety.

AndroEnlarge company claims that it’s 100% safe and causes no negative side effects when using both herbal pills plus the gel.

How Does It Work?

This “new homeopathic formula” is created for a deep penetrating topical ointment where they mention that it’s effective and since it’s completely safe, gives permanent size results.

In fact, AndroEnlarge Gel is a unique product since no other topical gel has this technology.

It should work by adding a drop on the penis shaft (skin) to produce its own androgenic hormones, as they explained.

As I mentioned previously how they share that Androgens are the hormones to cause penis growth and according to product’s label when its applied and absorbed, the penis should start to re-grow the same way in puberty stage.


AndroEnlarge Gel has a combination of a number of ingredients to be effective in increasing penis size.

This complex carries PEG100 Stearate, Methylparaben, Isopropyl Palmitate, Olive Oil, Carbomer, Dodder Seed Extract, Triethanolamine, Lecithin, Propylparaben, Octyl Salicylate, Epimedium Extract, Cetearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Carbomer, Glyceryl Stearate, Diazolidinyl Urea, and Purified Water.

The only ones we are familiar with would be the Epimedium Extract recognized as Horny Goat Weed to enhance erections and increase libido levels with improving overall sexual function.

The Dodder Seed Extract known as Cuscuta Seed is used to intensify sperm quality and Lecithin which contains Chlorine helps give firmness on erections.

For Who Is AndroEnlarge Gel?

Since the official website of this product only provided a very few information about AndroEnlarge Gel, we do know it’s mostly used with the combination of the AndroEnlarge Herbal Pills where both of them together should add size dramatically, as the claims.

The graph structure of results shows to increase sexual appetite and duration to last longer in a sexual activity.

Should have the potential to create firmer erections and it also shows orgasms to be intensified.

Perhaps, 1″ full inch per month sounds like some “over-exaggerated” claims in my opinion because they failed to show proof of any evidence that this “miracle growth” can occur that quick.



  • Claims to Add up to 1″ inch per Month
  • States to Increase Erection Firmness
  • Promotes to gain Results completely Safe
  • Should Intensify the Quality of Sexual Orgasms
  • Higher Performance Rate for Sexual Duration
  • AndroEnlarge does have an Official Website
  • Increases Sexual Appetite to want more Sex
  • Claims to carry a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. Failed to provide proof that it really is completely safe as the claims or proof to actually gain this amount of growth size.
  2. The ingredients are “banned” from the FDA requirements list.
  3. There really isn’t enough information about AndroEnlarge Gel that we as customer users would like to see.
  4. No doctor approval or recommendation since it might not be safe and cause serious side effects, according to our sources.
  5. Very expensive product – $99 for a one 3 oz. tube.
  6. The “herbal pills” don’t really have herbal extracts because we reviewed it and the formula contains “chemicals” that can cause side effects similar to steroid rage.
  7. Claims of up to “3 inches in 3 months” is impossible for a supplement to do. – False and misleading claims with no proof.


According to product’s official website, they carry a 90-day money back guarantee because if it fails to meet the expected results of inches from using the program for 3 months, they encourage users to send it back for the full refund.

The only way to get in touch with them is through via email or an 1800 phone-number for customer support.

They do mention that all packages will be shipped discreetly to “nobody to find out about your personal life“.

Yet, it does not state anything about credit card statements if it’s discreet as well from not showing AndroEnlarge label.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Even though there is no prescription required to grab an order of this AndroEnlarge Gel or the complete package with their “herbal pills“, I personally wouldn’t risk myself since they failed to mention anything regarding if it’s “natural” or any form of proof for safety evidence.

The graph results they offer to show does not say anything about size growth but only improvements in sexual experience.vigrx-reviews-does-vigrx-work-what-are-the-results-or-is-there-any-side-effects-only-here-vigrx-oil-becoming-alpha-male

$99 for an AndroEnlarge single tube is too expensive when I can buy 2 monthly supplies of the natural VigRX Oil Lubricant since I use it to boost my manhood and helps me gain faster growth results by doing penile exercises.

We did a review on the VigRX Oil where folks actually claimed to add size by simply supplying this formula and it’s a lot cheaper than this “AndroEnlarge Gel“.

Check out my review here, you won’t regret!


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