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AndroVacuum Pump – Is It Worth Trying Out This “Sexual Fitness Treatment”?


AndroVacuum Pump – Is It Worth Trying Out This “Sexual Fitness Treatment”?

Penis pumps have been in the male sexual market for many years.

But in the recent decade, researchers introduced the extender devices to cover up the penis pumping devices for more safety.

The Androvacuum promotes to be a “Medical Penis Pump” claiming to cure the erectile dysfunction issue and gain other benefits when using this device.


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Name of Product: AndroVacuum Device

Website: Company’s Site – www.AndroMedical.com

Minimum Price: AndroVacuum Package – $399 USD

Overall Rank (out of 100): 69 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days For Full Refund 


What Is AndroVacuum Penis Pump?

This AndroVacuum promotes that it’s a “medically proven” device for the safety of all customer users and supposedly is very effective.

They referees to call it the “penis gym” meaning as a “sexual fitness treatment“, YES exactly what this AndroVacuum claims to be.

According to product’s official website, this penis-pump engine adds an amount of pressure on the erectile chambers to increase the blood circulation to reach a hard erection.

AndroVacuum electronic motor also claims to fix overall sexual impotence to function better with enhancing sexual performance.

Does mention to stimulate sexual sensation on penis with creating the hardest erection ever.

Read on!

This device machine is manufactured from the AndroMedical company and since they shared that it’s a “medically proven” device, they do provide to show a professional doctor saying that it’s a safe penis pump.

They mention to have run in a medical research test but when I click on “for more information”, all it talks about is the erectile dysfunction issue and about all “penis pumps“, but no certain clear information about this specific “AndroVacuum” motor.

However, the complete kit should comes with many parts such as the medical grade AndroVacuum-penis-pump-Andro-medical-medically-proven-review-results-safe-Effective-does-it-work-How-to-use-it-is-it-worth-it-kit-becoming-alpha-malecylinder, ring loading cone, constriction rings (small, medium and large), personal sealing gel, etc.

How Does It Work?

AndroVacuum was designed and engineered of a cylinder-shaped device to fit over the penis from the maximum size of 8″ inches in length and no more than 6″inches in girth.

Since it’s an electric motor to create a suction process and induce a vacuum chamber around the penis for blood to travel through the penis chambers to engorged and create a hard erection.

The official website of this item states to work immediately on adding effects and they shared that it’s completely safe with controllable process to cause no dangerous side effects.

Meanwhile, penis pumps are known to cause several harmful effects but not this “easy-to-use” device, as according to AndroVacuum markers.

For Who Is It For?

A high percentage of 30 million men all over the world are suffering from the impotence of erectile dysfunction problem.

So this AndroVacuum was introduced to be the treatment for this sexual condition.

ED (erectile dysfunction) issue is known to fail and produce enough blood flow to the erectile chambers to create stronger and firmer erections.

Men of all ages can suffer from this erectile dysfunction issue, but most commonly known are from men over the age of 45 where their overall performance levels are not the same as when they younger, of course.

Which, they fail lack of self-confidence and overall sexual satisfaction on both themselves plus partner.

The AndroVacuum machine claims to be a “sexual fitness treatment” to adapt extra blood flow to the corpus cavernosa (penis chambers) and over a period of time, should produce maximum blood by itself meaning on its own which cures the ED problem.

Using this device, you can treat the Peyronie’s Disease condition with the amount of pressure on penis.AndroVacuum-penis-pump-Andro-medical-medically-proven-review-results-safe-Effective-does-it-work-How-to-use-it-is-it-worth-it-before-after-becoming-alpha-male

As I mention previously, they promote to gain more ability to perform better in a sexual performance since the penis should react faster and stronger on creating erections.

Should also enhance sexual pleasure when having sexual relate.


All you would have to do is place the AndroVacuum method over the penis and hold the device firmly with one hand and the other hand to click the vacuum action button to stimulate air-pressure of approximately 200-250 mmHg to cause blood rushing straight to the penis erectile tissues and boom, a hard erection should have achieved.

Since the recommendation is to use it regularly, user’s body eventually should be able to create erections after a period of time without the assistance of the penis pump, as the company (AndroMedical) explain.

Thereby, it should help regain sexual function and improve sexual health with building more confidence and overall self-esteem.


The Good:

  • Fixes Erectile Dysfunction IssueAndroVacuum-penis-pump-Andro-medical-medically-proven-review-results-safe-Effective-does-it-work-How-to-use-it-is-it-worth-it-device-becoming-alpha-male
  • Erections should be Harder, Firmer
  • Claims to be Completely Safe
  • Sexual Performance Should Rise
  • States to be “medically Proven
  • Promotes to boost Sexual Pleasure
  • Regain overall Self Confidence
  • Treats the Peyronie’s Disease
  • Provides a Doctor Approval
  • Reacts Fast – Immediately Erections
  • Stimulates Sexual Satisfaction
  • Shared that it’s Easy-to-Use
  • Company Site have a 60 Day Refund

The Bad:

  1. Penis air-pressure pumps are known to cause several dangerous side effects with the excessive amount of pressure on the penis, such as damaging penis tissues, pain, injury, over-stretch penis shaft (skin), etc.
  2. It’s not for all penis sizes since there is a maximum size rate to fit inside the AndroVacuum pump.
  3. Not enough proof to actually be safe because the “Medical research” that they offered to show, only mentions about ED and overall “penis pumps” but nothing about this AndroVacuum motor.
  4. Very expensive method, which in most cases, myself as a customer user or many visitors can not afford it. – Full Kit : $399 USD
  5. Product’s official website is more of a company’s page where they sell other methods as well, such as pills, etc. Not enough information neither about this particular pump.
  6. A warming mentioned : “If on medication pills or suffer with any pre-medical conditions, must consult a professional doctor or physician prior on using this product.”


The AndroVacuum manufacturer (AndroMedical) was introduced in the year of 2000 and they do have a few warehouses located in the USA, Asia, and Europe area.

They sell products all around the world and since this electric penis pump is available worldwide, the company’s official website states to have a fast delivery process to ship all discreet packages as for nobody to know what’s inside the plain box.

Now for the satisfaction of all consumers, they claim to provide a “free shipping” and it’s a secured delivery.

They added to have a 60 day money back guarantee for if it fails to satisfy us as customer users.

AndroVacuum is also available in other retail websites such as in Amazon, eBay, etc.

Final Facts

While reviewing this “exercise” penis-pump product, we were a little skeptical at first because it does not state anything about increasing penis size, since many penis-pump devices promotes to help add growth size.

According to our resources, we have not found any real consumer or anybody to mention anything about their experience with this AndroVacuum motor.

Perhaps, it seems that not too many men are willing to risk themselves on this type of “air-pressure” electric machine.

I mean after reviewing and finding many negative red flags on this particular item, I won’t hesitate to say that I probably won’t give this device a shot at all.

Just my opinion!

I rather stick with my manual exercises being completely “safe” and natural with taking my daily supplementation of vitamins and nutrients to keep adding growth size on my member here without no such thing as pumps, extenders, “get-bigger-pills” and nothing to face no negative side effects.

My penis health and sexual function is more important than ever.

And If you’re suffering from the “Peyronie’s Disease” which is when your penis does not stand straight and curves in the middle section then yes, AndroVacuum should help repair the curvature to make it straight.


Other than that, the erectile dysfunction can be cured by the a safe male enhancement with “real” proof without applying effort.

If you want penis enlargement growth and do like me, then check out my penis enlargement review.

Have any question regards this review, just throw me a comment below.

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