AutoExtender Review – Could This be a Step in The Right Direction? What There Any Proof?

AutoExtender Review – Could This be a Step in The Right Direction? What There Any Proof?

The terms penis enlargement and penis enhancement have been misused severally by vendors, most at times fraudulent, of different penis enlargement/enhancement programs/devices.

We need not doubt this fact and this is why.

A wide number of men out there desire to achieve an enhanced sexual organ/life most of which are desperate about this.

As a result, approaches to achieve this have been made fraud-dependent in that not all the techniques are genuine.

AutoExtender, as I found on the internet, could also be described as “Monkeybar’s Place” and from what I got, it states to be a brand for penis enlargement devices for better sexual life.

Because the company claims many penis enhancement benefits of their devices with some kind of confidence that they will work, I think it will do us good to see a review about the AutoExtender device.

Read below facts clearly to get more!      

Name of Product: AutoExtenderAutoExtender-Review-Could-This-be-a-Step-in-The-Right-Direction-What-There-Any-Proof-Results-Reviews-Scam-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Primary Website:

Overall Rank (out of 100): 61 Points

Recommended Period Usage: At Least 180 Days

Refund Policy: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee     

What Is AutoExtender?

AutoExtender is known to be a company that makes and markets a wide range of penis enlargement and/or sexual enhancement devices.

That was why I called it a brand name for male enhancement devices earlier in my introduction.

In other words, AutoExtender is a collective name for penis enhancement devices such as AutoXleeve, AutoADH, VacExtender 1-2-3, VacADS (the All Day Penis Stretcher), and Vacu-hanger (the vacuum-based stretcher/hanger).

It also covers replacement parts, for folks owning similar devices, like the JES Extender and the Penis Master.

According to the manufacturer, the several AutoExtender devices hang and/or stretch the penis to cause an increase in length or girth.

Hence, they promote to be the most advanced/effective devices today. They claim to be alternatives to invasive, harmful and costly surgical procedures geared towards enhancing the penis.

As advertised on the product’s official website, the devices are comfortable, safe, repeatable, improved and easy to use for the intended purposes.

The manufacturer claims that the Vacu-hanger is the most advanced otherwise comfortable penis hanger compared to its counterparts.

In other third party websites where the AutoExtender devices were described, they mention that the AutoADS can be worn for up to 10 hours under a fairly close fitting cloth.

Amongst the company’s claims as regards AutoExtender device(s) is increased penis length and girth in many users of the products in 2 months.

On the other hand, men have recorded gains in 4 to 9 months as stated by the product owner.

What we should do, according to them is to wear any of the devices we choose underneath our clothing having some break at 20 to 60 minutes interval.AutoExtender-Review-Could-This-be-a-Step-in-The-Right-Direction-What-There-Any-Proof-Results-Reviews-Scam-Website-Jes-Extender-Devices-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Continue reading to get the full details!

How Does it Work?

AutoExtender devices, from the information I got on the manufacturer’s official website and in other third-party website are nothing more than devices that will repeatedly exercise the penis tissues (controlled stretching) to cause an increase in length and girth.

Over time, several studies and subsequent facts have been tendered in a vain that exercising the penis either by stretching or any other device-dependent product will cause a permanent increase in size (length and girth).

Conversely, hanging weights and/or stretching such a sensitive organ (penis) may pose risks.

It is worth knowing that various selves proclaimed products seen on the internet may not have had genuine approval from clinical/scientific studies as the manufacturers usually exaggerate.

Therefore, a detailed explanation of the male enhancement product mechanism of action, proof of safety and efficacy is invaluable to achieving the best results.

Read the remaining details below!

Who Can Use AutoExtender?

As stated in the products’ official website, AutoExtender devices are for men who wish to enlarge their penis (in length and girth) as this is critical to gaining an enhanced sexual life.

In a course to get more details about AutoExtender, I stumbled upon a section in the products’ official website where the manufacturer explains that these devices are novelty products and are for advanced users.

This is to say that users are liable to potential risks.

Therefore, if at all we will conclude they are worth using, only people who are advanced in using the AutoExtender devices should use them.

This is because the products’ safety/efficacy, in line with the makers’ description, is questionable.

Also, men who want to avoid the use of pills and other invasive methods of penis enhancement (surgery and others), as claimed can use the AutoExtender.

The devices are not to be used in individuals whose condition demands the diagnosis, cure, treatment and prevention of ailments.


The Upsides:

  • Increase Penis LengthAutoExtender-Review-Could-This-be-a-Step-in-The-Right-Direction-What-There-Any-Proof-Results-Reviews-Scam-Website-Becoming-Alpha-Male
  • Increase Penis Girth;
  • Claims it’s the Most Advanced & Effective;
  • Achieve Best Results;
  • Alternative to Invasive Methods,
  • Permanent Results;
  • Natural Method,
  • Easy to Use;
  • Comfortable to Use;
  • Redesigned/Improved Devices;
  • Safe and Repeatable;
  • Official Website Exists;
  • Money Back Guarantee;
  • Fast and Discrete Shipping;
  • Company Has Range of Products.

The Downsides:

  1. Nothing was seen about doctor’s endorsement for these devices;
  2. No scientific or clinical evidence was found;
  3. The devices may not be safe for long-term use;
  4. We need to see more users’ testimonials, such as before and after pictures for proof of evidence.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Monkeybar’s Place promotes to offer refunds to unsatisfied users of AutoExtender devices.

According to the information stated on the official website, a refund can be requested within 30 days of purchasing the product if we are not satisfied with the results.

The company states that the AutoExtender devices are advanced and very effective for the intended purposes.

The devices, according to them, undergo modification at intervals for best results.

The company promises to keep customers’ details private and to offer discreet shipping of purchased products.

They also issue tracking number with which we can monitor the shipped products.

There are videos on the products’ official that guides users on the use of any of the devices and we can contact them through emails.

Final Thoughts/My Personal Opinion

AutoExtender, as we have seen, has a wide variety of male enhancement devices which they tag safe and effective for use compared to others in today’s market.

Their statements could be claims and at the same time could be real.

But how do we know if the devices are worth using or not? Let us put the details together.

The manufacturer of AutoExtender devices described them as advanced and most effective for male penis enhancement, yet no evidence shows that any of their devices have been used on patients by doctors and/or recommended.

The devices are said to be novelty products for advanced users yet the company exonerates themselves for any negative effect that may arise using the products.

Yes, they gave well-explained guidelines on the product usage, but the statements written in red in their official website is a sign that they are not confident that AutoExtender devices will achieve results.

The products lack feedbacks from users compared to similar devices in the market.

At this juncture, I have to urge us to trade with caution here as this review has opened our minds.

As for me, I will not hand or use any device that is not proven by medical professionals on my penis besides, there are thousands and one safe and more effective devices out there such as the X4 Labs penis enlargement extender!X4-Labs-Male-enlargement-extender-review-results-how-to-use-x4-labs-extender-method-world-trusted-brand-becoming-alpha-male

Now with X4 Labs system, you’re looking at proof from clinical trials and scientific evidence, plus real doctors approval.

And by clicking here, I would take you directly to my review for you to find everything you need to know!


Feel free to leave your comments below. And if you’re a former user of the AutoExtender devices, please provide me with your results and experience below with such product.


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