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BathMate Before and After – Heres The Results of This Penis Enlarger Pump


BathMate Before and After – Heres The Results of This Penis Enlarger Pump

Instead of using air-pressure penis pumps, BathMate states to use in water where consumers performs it when taking a bath/shower.

The features that this penis enlarger pump claims is to increase size of your member and it seems to be an exercise device.

We actually found BathMate on several male websites at the top row for the best penis pumps available in today’s age and date.

So, here’s the before and after results? Scroll down, and read a few lines.



Name of Product: BathMate

Official Website: www.BathMate.com

Minimum Price: Bathmate Hercules – $118.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 91 Points

Recommended Period Usage: At Least 2 Months

Refund Policy: 60 Money Back Guarantee

What Is BathMate?

Basically, this product is a penis enlargement device that all men can use it to achieve size results in “matter of weeks” as the official website of BathMate states.

They mention that it’s a popular penis pump for almost a decade in the male enlargement industry and according to them, this device has been proven to really work.

The company of BathMate shares that this product have been on television, radios and all over the media since thousands of men have been using it.

As they explained, BathMate is “a product that truly speaks for itself“.

We have done reviews on several standard penis pumps (air pressure) and it wasn’t that great for a penis enlargement method.

Maybe this unique one might just back up its claims.


An U.K.-based manufacturer called (UM Products Limited) introduced BathMate in the year of 2005 at United States with about 4 warehouses all around the world.

The company promotes to be the first water-pump system to actually work for penis enlargement growth but no scientific researches are shown at the official website.

Neither any doctor approval to mention its safety if it’s really completely Bathmate-male-enlargement-penis-water-pump-results-before-and-after-review-how-to-use-bath-mate-pump-World-best-becoming-alpha-malesafe.

By following the instructions carefully, users should not experience any side effects such as pain, discomfortable or any negative reactions.

How Does BathMate Works?

First let’s find out how the penis anatomy works!

When we men get an erection, our brain releases a hormone for our body to send maximum blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa (penis chambers) which fills them up and creates a firmer erection.

BathMate works with the power of filling the pump device with water which this system will lead to a suction process around the penis that draws blood into the penis tissues.

By using it in the daily basis, causes the blood vessels to expand which penis allows more blood to fill in the erectile chambers and it creates harder, and bigger erections as the official website explained.

For Who Is For?

Instead of taking some type of “get-bigger-pills” which can cause negative side effects such as stomach discomfort, headaches, or most common one fails to work, BathMate water-pump only functions the penis.

Extender devices, hanging weights may cause the penis to break the tissues with an amount of traction pressure on the men’s member and have to wear it for an excessive amount of time to add any growth size.

Penis enlargement surgery are extremely expensive and only wealthy men can afford it.

Yet, in the past years, penile surgery have given men serious problems since they have to get under a knife to add “body fat” in the penis or cut the penile ligaments which may cause life time impotence.

Are you willing to risk that? Not me.


BathMate official website does have a comparison of all type of penis enlargement methods and company claims that BathMate is the one who actually works the fastest and most effective.

Penis pumps are known to increase the potential of erections for harder, longer and bigger erect state tool with the amount of blood rushing through the chambers.

BathMate promotes to add not only thickness in girth size butlength as well.

We have found proof of reviews that this pump device really works as what the product labels to increase penis size after.

Myself as a customer user have always feared the “penis pump” method due to the “air pressure” it adds on the erectile chambers but BathMate is a unique water-pump system.

How To Use It?Bathmate-male-enlargement-penis-water-pump-results-before-and-after-review-how-to-use-bath-mate-pump-best-device-becoming-alpha-male

BathMate is a easy-to-use method because all users would have to do is fill the pump with water then place your member inside the cylinder-shape device.

According to them, the next thing is to push the pump several times until its sat firmly against the base of the penis.

Next step is the penis exercise process and by pushing the pump towards the pubic bone (base), the water is ejected from the valve where it puts pressure on the erectile chambers to create an erection.

Sounds very simply, right?

However, they claim that it can be used either with water or just plain air.

By re-pumping again and again causes more blood traveling through the penis chambers.

They also mention to leave it on for 15 minutes since the full package comes with a shower strap and other things.

It should be safe, comfortable and effective as they explained.



  • Add Girth/Thickness Size
  • States to be Comfortable
  • Only Use it For 15 Minutes
  • Helps Increase Penis Length
  • Boosts up Erections Potency
  • Reviews that they Gained Results
  • Self-Confidence Should Rise UpBathmate-male-enlargement-penis-water-pump-results-before-and-after-review-how-to-use-bath-mate-pump-best-results-becoming-alpha-male
  • World Best Selling Device
  • States to Enlarges Penis Head
  • Work with Water or Air Pressure
  • Promotes to be Completely Safe
  • Can help with Erectile Dysfunction
  • Claims it’s the Fastest way to Add Size
  • Discreet Shipping for User’s Privacy
  • Provided a 60 Money Back Guarantee


  1. No form of scientifically studies or trials are shown to back up the effectiveness of the water system.
  2. There is a money back guarantee but is not 100% full refund because a $20 shipping fee is “non-refundable“.
  3. Does not state anything to help with the “Peyronie’s disease“.
  4. Since BathMate is so effective, we found negative reviews in forums that it damage their penis with the amount of water-pressure added onto the penis chambers. For example – Swollen, weird shape, pain, etc.



Yes, all shipping packages should come in discrete but buyer needs to be home or they will have to pick up the delivered package at their local post office.

Moreover, if customer users are not satisfied with their gaining size results, they have a 60 day to return the product but it’s not a 100% return policy since the company (UM Products Limited) won’t refund the shipping fee.

In fact, depending on the country folks are located, they won’t ship a Bathmate-male-enlargement-penis-water-pump-results-before-and-after-review-how-to-use-bath-mate-pump-Shower-Bath-becoming-alpha-maleBathMate penis-pump device to Brazil, China, or others where buyers would have to check with them first.

Several retail websites does have this BathMate system but I would rather go to the official website for the original product.

Final Outcome

According to a few web-based sources, some users experienced fuller and girth results on their flaccid member even though it may vary from customer to customer.

Others stated to increase penis length when using BathMate pump method so instead of using air-pressure pumps, BathMate can be the tool to work on gaining some penis growth size.


However, I wouldn’t expect to add growth size of 3-4″ inches meaning it won’t enlarge your tool size in matter of days.

But, using it frequently as within 2-3 months, real actual consumers explained to gain optimal results and they mention that folks have to be very careful when using it since it’s an effective device.

Maybe you’ll like to visit BathMate official (www.BathMate.com) website to see more about their product.


What are your thoughts to this subject? Do you have any experience with penis pumps whatsoever? I would love to hear your opinions since I rather keep performing manual exercises which is working very well on giving me some gains. Please leave your comment below!


Julio – Alpha Male

Owner, BecomingAlphaMale.com

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