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BIB Hanger Review – How To Use BIB Hanger & Does It Work? Only Here To Know


BIB Hanger Review – How To Use BIB Hanger & Does It Work? Only Here To Know

I have never been a fan of penis-weights before but this BIB Hanger claims to actually work since it’s available in 3 types of models.

Therefore, the official website does have a forum’s page for users to share their experience or any questions which supposedly, BIB Hanger’s team and other members answers in matter of time.

Yet, you have to use your mind on how to make it work so follow down and check out what it has to offer to us men.BIB-Hanger-review-vs-BIB-Starter-how-to-use-bib-hanger-results-gains-reviews-does-bib-hanger-work-forum-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: BIB Hanger

Official Website: www.BIBHanger.com

Minimum Price: Depends on Which Model

Overall Rank (out of 100): 23 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Is BIB Hanger ?

Over the recent decade, PE researchers designed the BIB Hanger to actually enlarge penis size where it’s a “hanger” model to hold weights from the penis which it should lead to length and girth as they explained.

According to the official website, folks who were to wear this method would have to use their “intelligent” mind for when it’s time to take a break and how much weights to put on.

They do mention that it should “hang” several types of “weights” i.e. (beer bottles, barbels, etc.) but in order for users to become an expert, it will take time, dedication and much practice.

However, the company states to have updated and improved each model in the recent time.

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BIB Hanger Overview

All 3 models of the BIB Hanger accommodates different penis size but the Hardcore one should be only used by more advanced users.

The Starter BIB:

The BIB Starter which apparently is the newest model should accommodates smaller penis size of 3.5″ inches in length and 3.5″ in width but they mention that the maximize it could accommodate would be up to 6.5″ inches in erect state.

Of course, this model starter method is slightly smaller than the Original BIB hanger which they do promote that’s an inch short in height and length.

Yet, this BIB Starter Hanger works for guys who have a tighter penis skin.BIB-Hanger-vs-BIB-Starter-review-how-to-use-bib-hanger-results-gains-reviews-does-bib-hanger-work-forum-becoming-alpha-male

According to the official website, if your member becomes too “large“, you might need to jump ahead and grab the Original BIB model.

The Original BIB:

This Original BIB Hanger is for men who have a bigger tool of 6″ inches in length and at least 5″ inches in girth.

This type of model should handle more weights and actually be more comfortable than others.

However, this item can accommodate any penis size which means 8″ inches in girth and whatever length size.

Since it’s more of an “advanced” model, it’s more expensive than the Starter BIB Hanger.

The Hardcore:BIB-Hanger-Hardcore-vs-BIB-Starter-review-how-to-use-bib-hanger-results-gains-reviews-does-bib-hanger-work-forum-becoming-alpha-male

The Hardcore one comes without a paddling and it’s only for experienced BIB Hangers which basically means, if it’s your first time then it’s not for you.

Yes, it’s cheaper than both the Starter and the Original BIB model.

As they shared, the Hardcore BIB Hanger should be for those penis experienced that are already used to soft tissues being stressed and stretched.


According to the BIB Hanger primary website, all folks would have to use “some form of wrapping material” with the BIB Hanger tool which they do offer users to grab an order of the (Theraband™ latex wrap).

No, it’s not included in none of the BIB Hanger model kit when you first order it.

As the creators of this product explained, it should be safe and completely comfortable to cause “no pain” or any negative side effects.

Of course and with any other PE (penis enlargement) device, they highly suggest to educate yourself on how to use it before beginning the growth treatment.

The makers do say that you’re on your own meaning there is no “specific” routines or regimens for you to do since you will have to know if the amount of weights and time is the right choice for yourself without causing serious injuries.BIB-Hanger-vs-BIB-Starter-review-how-to-use-bib-hanger-results-gains-reviews-does-bib-hanger-work-forums-becoming-alpha-male

It should last for lifetime.

How To Use It?

Warning note : So first let me get this straight out to risk no injuries or to make it work, your penis should not be in erect state.

With any other exercise session, first you’ll have to warm up for at least 5 minutes with a heating pad, cloth, etc.

Then to get started, you must wrap up where they do suggest some “latex rubber” to add on the BIB Hanger then a cloth on top for best comfort.

Now pull the penis in non-erect state outward then pull the skin back and wrap it all around to start.

Should only hang the weights to last for about 5-10 minutes but the first 2 weeks, as they explained, you will learn what’s the most comfortable way for yourself by adjusting the wrapping, paddling and the tightness for maximum comfort and for your safety.

Your goal/mission is to stretch out the ligaments of the penis tissues by adding the weight pressure on the erectile chambers for a larger member.

What Are The Expected Side Effects?

Here are the side effects that can be expect if doing it improperly.BIB-Hanger-review-vs-BIB-Starter-side-effects-how-to-use-bib-hanger-results-gains-reviews-does-bib-hanger-work-forum-becoming-alpha-male

The main one is discoloration in the penis head where it can turn into a “blueish” color if over-tighten which leads to minor discomfort and pain.

After each session and as they explained, the penis may feel numb and it will actually feel sore.

Users would have to avoid twisting or bending the BIB Hanger when weights is added which you should highly be caution and keep the weight in the middle.

Remember, you will need to get some recovery since it can damage the penis tissues and ligaments.

Closing Opinions

Believe it or not, there are many customer reviews on forums to mention their trials and errors.

Some does say that it works where it’s worth it and he gained some “flaccid” gains.

However, we was unable to find a consumer to actually share their “real and permanent” gains on erect state penis. All of the reviews on forums, they only give out advice to each other on what’s best and how to use it.

What are my opinions?

I can’t see how this stuff is an attractive option especially with many negative of harmful side effects that “can” happen and we haven’t found any money back guarantee. Big NO-NO.

Yes, you would have to be extremely careful especially with the amount of weights of pressure you add to your member because I’m sure you don’t want a lifetime impotence tool.


I personally wouldn’t bother with these BIB Hangers. There many other options for penis enlargement and most of them don’t work.Phallosan-forte-review-results-gains-does-phallosan-forte-work-real-results-reviews-penis-enlargement-system-becoming-alpha-male

There is a Phallosan Forte System where it’s a vacuum conjunction with a stretching system and what it does is stretch the penis tissues while pumping maximum blood flow where you can’t expect growth results right after a session.

Yes, it carries a comfortable system to wear it under clothing and with the belt around the hip, shoulder, or leg will lead to extra hold being completely natural and safe.

Maybe it’s something you might want to check out my review before going for this un-safe BIB Hanger for dangerous weights.

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