BioAntler Review – How Safe is This? Here’s the Before and After Pictures on this Review!

BioAntler Review – How Safe is This? Here’s the Before and After Pictures on this Review!

We have severally reviewed other formulations of the Deer Antler Velvet extracts in the past.

This could be a sign that the formulas containing this extract are really effective. 

Here is another Deer Antler-based formulation called BioAntler.

BioAntler states to be a supplement for bodybuilding and it’s formulated, in line with the manufacturer’s details, to enhance users’ body’s performance during workouts, cause fast recovery while minimizing fatigue.

This supplement promotes to be a unique one compared to other popular bodybuilding products in the market.

However, this review will unravel the several details about this formula including how it works and whether or not to go for it.

Read on to find out more.BioAntler-Review-How-Safe-is-This-Heres-the-Before-and-After-Pictures-on-this-Review-Spray-Results-Reviews-BodyBuilding-Becoming-Alpha-Male


Name of Product: BioAntler 

Official Website:

Minimum Price: 180 Day Supply – $16.50/Each

Overall Rank (out of 100): 87 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Pills At least 2-3 Months

Money Back Guarantee: 90 Day Refund Policy 

What Is BioAntler?

BioAntler is known to be a spray formulation of the Deer Antler Velvet extract which delivers its constituent in a completely different fashion compared to the conventional solid dosage forms.

This blend of Deer Antler Velvet, according to the manufacturer will help boost the levels of IGF-1 (an anabolic hormone) and testosterone (the male hormone) in our body, hence its ability to increase strength, enhance recovery and increase users’ muscle mass.

BioAntler is manufactured and distributed by a US based company and according to them; it is intended to stimulate muscle growth while reducing the time between recoveries after exercises.

It states to cause no side effects as it contains natural ingredients.

To get the best results, it is recommended that we take 2 sprays of BioAntler under the tongue and hold for about 20 seconds before swallowing it.

According to the product manufacturer, his can be done up to 2 to 3 times daily.

BioAntler IngredientsBioAntler-Ingredients-Testimonial-Result-Review-How-Safe-is-This-Heres-the-Before-and-After-Pictures-on-this-Review-Spray-Results-Reviews-BodyBuilding-Becoming-Alpha-Male

BioAntler is marketed as a natural supplement which contains primarily the Deer Antler Velvet amounting to 200mg per serving together with 20mg of niacin.

Also, it contains the Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris extract, L-Arginine and the Tongkat Ali root extract.

Others are the inactive constituents which include purified water, 20% ethyl alcohol, flavors, xylitol, citric acid, Stevia leaf extract and potassium sorbate.

Yes, keep reading!

How Does BioAntler Work?

BioAntler is said to work by increasing the body’s level of IGF-1 for muscle growth, fast recovery and also to forestall aging.

The formula is known to elicit some anabolic effects that will help its users achieve their fitness goals.BioAntler-Testimonial-Result-Review-How-Safe-is-This-Heres-the-Before-and-After-Pictures-on-this-Review-Spray-Results-Reviews-BodyBuilding-Becoming-Alpha-Male

The specific constituent of the BioAntler has a special effect.

Tribulus Terrestris is known for its profound positive effect on bodybuilding.

This is probably because of its ability to optimize circulation while improving sexual health, cardiovascular health, and one’s overall physical performance.

Horny Goat Weed also enhances sexual and mental health by improving circulation. It also reduces fatigue and pain experienced after workouts.

Deer Antler Velvet extracts which are the main ingredient enhances athletic performance, increase sexual libido, regulates blood pressure, regulates cholesterol level, boost one’s physical outfit and others.

Tongkat Ali root is a bodybuilding agent and it boosts testosterone levels.  

Who Is BioAntler For?

In line with the manufacturer’s description of the formula in the official website, BioAntler is for athletes and bodybuilders who desire to achieve the best from their activities and/or workouts.

The product owners promote that one does not need to be a professional athlete to enjoy the several benefits of BioAntler.

That is, if I desire to achieve increased power, more muscle mass and recover faster after workouts, they claim that the formula is a perfect one for me.

Additionally, it is for folks who want to boost their testosterone level, minimize aging and achieve enhanced sexual performance.

Yet, at the BioAntler official website, they actually provided before and after pictures for extra proof of evidence.


The Pros:BioAntler-Result-Review-How-Safe-is-This-Heres-the-Before-and-After-Pictures-on-this-Review-Spray-Results-Reviews-BodyBuilding-Becoming-Alpha-Male

  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Boost Testosterone Levels
  • Increase energy and Stamina
  • Confer Anabolic Effects
  • Before and After Pictures
  • Helps Burn Fats
  • Cheap Bottles
  • Completely Natural
  • Faster Delivery of Content
  • Safe and Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • No Side Effects
  • Official Website Exists
  • Money Back Guarantee

The Cons:

  1. No product review by healthcare professionals.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The manufacturer of the BioAntler provided a refund policy whereby a user of this product can request for a refund if not satisfied within 90 days of buying the product.

The manufacturer state that BioAntler is made from the main compound Deer Antler Velvet from New Zealand, which makes it very safe and effective for the purpose it is made.

According to them, we will not experience any harmful effect while using the BioAntler spray formula.

On the other hand, the product shipping is done fast and the product official website has a channel through which we can contact them.

Final Facts

Evidently, BioAntler is not the first formula containing the Deer Antler Velvet we have reviewed in the past.

This, I believe this should be a sign that these products are safe and effective to use, plus BioAntler shows before and after results to back up the claims and promises.


In line with the details obtained about this product so far, its components are known to play roles in bodybuilding and have positive effects on the overall body performance owing to its anabolic/hormonal properties.

Also, there are positive reviews by users of the product and the fact that its constituents are natural without side effects makes it more credible, and it’s also very cheap bottles.

At this point, I will support the use of this formula, since there are several before-and-after pictures for proof of evidence.

You can find out more and see the images by visiting their official website.

However, if you want to use the same effective formulas that I’ve used and got incredible results in my overall health and fitness improvements, then you should check out the GenF20 Plus pills + spray here.GenF20-plus-hgh-releaser-my-supplies-package-natural-supplement-pills-oral-spray-review-results-rated-1-younger-becoming-alpha-male

Yes, it is actually proven by medical professionals and scientific/clinically tested product to be so effective and safe for all of us as users to use.

Check out my 6-month review here and you’ll be happy that I showed you it!


Now if you find something unclear or would like to find more, feel completely free to leave me a line below.

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