Blast XL Free Trial – Is It Really A Scam?

Blast XL Free Trial – Is It Really A Scam?

BlastXL seems to be more of a sperm volumizer and not just a sexual enhancement.

Yet, what they claim to do is, to make we men ejaculate massive amounts of semen.

Perhaps, they do offer a free trial, but most men are concerned if it’s a scam or not.

Right now, we are going to know if Blast XL really works!



Name of Product: Blast XL


Minimum Price: Free Trial Bottle

Overall Rank (out of 100): 31 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Just A Few Days


Blast XL What Is It?

According to BlastXL manufacturer, this male supplement is a sexual enhancement claiming to strengthen up the male reproductive system to be able to shoot bigger loads of semen.

This product does claim to boost blood flow to the erectile tissues to create hard and stronger erections.

Yes, the product’s official website does promote that all users should control the ejaculation process for intense orgasms, and also improve sexual performance.

However, BlastXL is the partner with GrowXL, which it’s some type of “get-bigger-pills“.


According to the product’s official website, they claim that this formula was created in a clinical laboratory with testing results provided.

Yet, they failed to show any of this clinical proof of evidence for back up, so we as customer users can see if it’s true from this “free trial” basis item.

In fact, they do have a chart that shows the results and within as early as the first month, effective results occurs, which the results on the chart are many sexual improvements.

Keep reading!BlastXL-GrowXL-ingredients-Together-Combination-Brother-Partners-Grow-XL-Scam-Review-results-free-trial-basis-reviews-Becoming-ALpha-Male


In a formulated blend, the ingredients in this BlastXL formula are all natural herbs and nutrients in the combination of the complex.

Manufacturer included Maca Root, Muira Puama Extract, Epimedium Sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed), L-Carnitine, Pygeum Africanum Bark Powder, Pumpkin Seed and a few more.

Each one of these compounds should have its own beneficial effects.

The official website states that this male supplement is under the FDA requirements for quality and for the safety of each individual user.

Blast XL Is For Who?

This item of pills does carry big promises to make us men enjoy sex better than ever, with increasing sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

BlastXL claims that users should be able to control ejaculation with volume orgasms, and when releasing huge loads of cum, should become an intense and powerful ejaculation.

Yes, they claim hard erections on demand!

They mention helping men enjoy sexual life by boosting sexual appetite to want more sexual relationships.

They do share that we as users should be able to perform as if we were a “porn-star“.

Yet. no side effects should occur when using this male product!

Blast XL Dosage

According to BlastXL website, the company wants me as a customer user to take 1 pill about 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Perhaps, I guess they want all users to really have sexual intercourse every day, which kinda makes sense why it increases sexual appetite dramatically, as they claim.

However, they failed to share if I would either, take it with food, drink or on an empty stomach.

Unless users have a sensitive stomach, then it suggests to eat a small meal before “feeling something” totally different, as according to them.

Therefore, BlastXL product promotes that within 30 minutes of swallowing a pill, I should feel “something” right away, but this “something” can be a weird reaction or a positive sexual feeling since they do not say what this “something” might be.

Another thing they do mention is that the results will not remain after we stop using the pills.

No prescription is required, but if you’re on medication than I would talk to a medical doctor before using this sexual formula.


Positive Benefits:

  • Promotes to Increase Ejaculation for Massive Loads
  • Gain a Harder Penis and Longer-lasting Control
  • Enhances Sexual Endurance for Performance Level
  • Boosts Sexual Appetite to want more Sexual Relate
  • Sexual Health should Improve (Male Reproductive System)
  • There are all Natural Ingredients (Herbs & Nutrients)
  • Free Trial Sample before ordering the Monthly Supplies
  • Increases Orgasms Strenght and more Sexual Desire

Negative Benefits:

  1. No proof of Evidence that the formula has been tested by a clinical laboratory.
  2. Reading the product’s FAQ section, they gave negative information, such as (“Results won’t remain, feeling something“).
  3. Failed lack of all sort of Information for all visitors to see.
  4. States to cause no side effects, but if “feeling weird“, should stop using it, as according to them.
  5. No testimonies from success-stories provided to have more faith on using the pills.
  6. The money back guarantees on the monthly supplies are only if you send the unopened bottles back.

Customer Support

The support that the BlastXL company (AJAM Holdings Ltd) provides from reading the FAQ section, is that all orders come in within 3-7 business days.

Is it discreet?

They do mention in a plain package.

Now to get in touch with them would be by the calling them at a 1-866 phone number.

Even though it’s the “free trial” bottle from the website, they do offer the monthly supplies for 3 or 6 months, which is slightly cheap in my opinion.

No doctor recommendation or doesn’t show there “Clinically Testing“, plus it does not mention anything about the company.

Conclusion + Closing ThoughtsBlastXL-GrowXL-website-Together-Combination-Brother-Partners-Grow-XL-Scam-Review-results-free-trial-basis-reviews-Becoming-ALpha-Male

You’ve probably seen both brothers together, as this Blast XL and Grow XL free trial bottles.

Unlike Grow XL who is a male enlargement known as “get-bigger-pills“, apparently from our review, it’s a scam.

We did find users that ordered this GrowXL item and when the free trial basis expired, they got charged the monthly supplies on their credit card account.

However, Grow XL will not enlarge penis size, as what they promote.

Now is Blast XL free trial really a scam?

We do believe it because if it’s together with another “scammy” product, then most likely yes, it is a scam from my personal experience.

Yet, both of these sexual-claim-to-be-pills are known in the male market because they have an affiliate program and people actually promote these products to make some money.

I really don’t appreciate this at all because several of them did take my money in the past..

But if I were you, I would check out a volume enhancer called Semenax Pills.

It’s the one who got the most points from reviewing many sperm volumizer enhancers in today’s industry and the promises are to ejaculate 5 times more by 500% volume of semen for results of massive loads.



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