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BuildPenis – Penis Enlargement Program – Does It Work? : Find Out Here


BuildPenis – Penis Enlargement Program – Does It Work? : Find Out Here

Everybody should know that size does matter and according to “BuildPenis” program, it has been “scientifically proven” that penis size does matter to most partners/lovers out there.

However, this penis enlargement program claims it’s the solution to build a bigger, larger pecker.

Unlike other male “programs” in today’s industry, it seems like they have doctor’s approval for all men to follow the program.

They do mention “real people, real results“, but let’s get to know all about this BuildPenis system. Sit back, and enjoy your reading !



Name of Product: BuildPenis 

Official Website: www.BuildPenis.com

Minimum Price: Program – $39.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 73 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 4-8 Weeks

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is BuildPenis Program?

As the BuildPenis primary page says, it’s a penis enlargement program to gain a few “extra inches with 100% natural exercises“.

It does seem like the system have a number of videos to follow and do exercises, plus techniques all in a safe way.

According to the makers, they designed BuildPenis for all men of all ages and levels, such as basic, intermediate and advanced users.

However, at the bottom page, they claim to gain 2″ full inches within as soon as 4 weeks from only using your bare hands.

Really? Is that possible?

Follow down !

In fact, it’s not only a “penis enlargement program“, but it teaches users on how to build a stronger member for harder erections, control ejaculation and a few other benefits.

Now at the doctor recommendation page, they offered to show (Dr. David T. Wallace, MD) and he does say to recommend BuildPenis to all patients without any type of surgery or any other penis enlargement method.BuildPenis-program-penis-enlargement-system-gain-inches-size-method-website-before-and-after-results-pictures-doctor-becoming-alpha-male

The company that introduced BuildPenis is the (Keynetics Inc.) and reading at their “About” section, they are a team of professional experts in the male industry.

How Does BuildPenis Works?

All you would have to do is take 20 minutes out of your daily routine and exercise the penis in a complete natural way, as they explain.

Perhaps, at the section that talks about how it works, the title does say ; “Why My Method Works”..

Which, now it seems that a one-person created this “penis enlargement program“.

Moreover, to gain a larger and bigger penis, it says that the techniques in the system will loosen and stretch the corpora cavernosa (penis chambers) for length size.

Now for the thickness known as girth, they mention that the method works similar to a natural pump to boost more blood flow and fill in the chambers for bigger gains.

There are several techniques all for you do and it teaches users on how to last longer in a sexual intercourse, have better sex, plus free bonus on several sexual aspects.

Basically, it should help you improve overall sexual lifestyle and make you turn into a new man in bed.

Sexual Benefits?

Yes, increase penis enlargement growth of at least an inch by the first month !

BuildPenis program should enhance powerful and stronger erection quality.

They mention to help you with premature ejaculation, known as to release quick without satisfaction and pleasure, since the techniques are to control ejaculation.

It teaches members on how to heighten up sexual performance for a better function.

Bonuses includes tips and advice to satisfy your sexual partner, plus improve your self-image by helping you increase self-esteem and confidence levels.

According to the creators of the program, they claim to have techniques to fix the penis curvature for straightening the male organ and build a bigger, larger, fuller member.



  • Gain 1″ Full per Month
  • Mentions Girth Gains
  • Completely Natural
  • Doctor’s Approval
  • Should be 100% Safe
  • Improves Erections
  • Use your Bare Hands
  • Only 20 Minutes per Day
  • Improves Sexual Life
  • Helps Control Ejaculation
  • Stimulates Satisfaction
  • “Secret Sex Tips” – Bonus
  • Slightly Affordable Price
  • Claims 60 Day Full Refund


  1. The program failed to include any enhancer to boost blood flow and help increase size faster.
  2. At the “Real People, Real Results” section, it does seem that the manufacturer fabricated the testimonies and not before-and-after pictures for “real results”.
  3. They claim a full inch by the first month .. Don’t we all wish it was that easy and simple? – Misleading claims, in my opinion.
  4. Several reviews that we found are all promoting the program.

Customer Support/GuaranteeBuildPenis-program-penis-enlargement-system-gain-inches-size-method-website-before-and-after-results-pictures-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male

Since it’s a program for all (basic, intermediate and advanced) users, nothing should get delivered to your door.

All we as customer users would have to do after buying the program, is go to the BuildPenis offiical website (www.BuildPenis.com) and log in at the Members tab to start and follow the techniques and videos.

Now, they do mention a 60 day money back guarantee, where they even said that if no inches, then simply get your full refund back.

Yet, they said that “100% of our customers have noticed huge improvements“, plus they also promote to answer all concerns and questions within 24 hours to help all users.

In fact, we have come across that BuildPenis is from Clickbank market and not from the company I mentioned earlier.

Final Opinion

From my personal experience, I have followed a penis enlargement program before and it actually did help me reach my growth gains of inches.

However, it was not only exercises for me to do, but the research leader recommended supplements of vitamins/nutrients to turn back the clock and restart the puberty stage all over again.

But, this BuildPenis program highly claims to “add up to 4 inches“, and by only doing exercises?

I really can’t see how that could ever happen. We men all know how hard it is to actually increase some size and they promote to only use your bare hands.Pe-Enlargement-Bible-BecomingAlphaMale

Well, where is the “real people, real results” at? I would need to see some before-and-after pictures to actually believe this such thing.

Now the doctor that this program provides, does recommend to all patients, but does not say anything about gaining “inches” without any other method for penis enlargement.


There is the Penis Enlargement Bible who does recommend to buy cheap enhancer to boost blood rushing to the penis tissues.

With using the enhancer and doing the exercises together, you can expect a few “inches” because it’s more than one method for penis enlargement and not only exercises, which is similar to bodybuilding in my opinion.

How do I know?

It was the program that I personally used for penis enlargement process !

John Collins who is the research leader, does mention that “exercises alone will not work“, because all it does is help stretch out the penis tissues and with the vitamins/nutrients in the chambers, it causes to elongate and grow the penis in a complete natural way.

I followed the program/guide for 6 months until I finally reached more than 3″ inches and yes, It took several weeks, so take a quick second of your own time and stop by my review !

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