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California Exotic Top Gauge – Professional Review – Is This Penis Pump The Best?


California Exotic Top Gauge – Professional Review – Is This Penis Pump The Best?

For the ones that don’t know, penis pumps are known to increase the size of the male organ plus it works fast to create harder, stronger and bigger erections, which results to treat the ED condition.

However, we have come across to this California Exotic penis pump where in this review, we’re going to find out what exactly are the results of using this device.

So make sure to read a few lines below.



Name of Product: California Exotic Top Gauge

Website: Available in Several Retailers


Minimum Price: Just the Penis Pump – $39.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 42 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Works Right Away

Refund Policy: Must Check With Retail Sites

What Is California Exotic Top Gauge ?

This California Exotic Top Gauge is a pressurized Pump and many websites are claiming that it’s a powerful method, which leads to “pump up to maximize enlargement“, as VitaminShoppe explain.

Yes, it’s not only available there, but at the company’s page as well and at Amazon, eBay, etc retail sites.

In fact, each third-party website have it for a different price but the same exact claims.

They all mention that this penis enlargement method is very comfortable and safe to use causing no harmful side effects.

It should be “easy-to-use” and they also shared that with one hand, we men or users can operate this California Exotic Top Gauge penis pump.

The company of this product would be the (California Exotic Novelties, LLC).

They do sell many sexual products such as sex toys for both men plus women.

According to them, this US-based company opened the doors back in the year of 1994 in the streets of Los Angeles, California.

But in today’s date meaning 20 years after, they claim to be “the world’s largest and most respected pleasure product manufacturer“, since all of their products was designed with “dedication” to gain a high percent of customer’s satisfaction for successful toys, as explained.

However, they don’t only have this California Exotic Top Gauge, but a number of penis pumps in their manufacture facility.

How Does This Penis Pump Work?

At the company’s site on the California Exotic Top Gauge page, they state that it’s a California-Exotic-Top-Gauge-Professional-Review-Is-This-Penis-Pump-The-Best-Method-Enlargement-Sex-Toys-Becoming-Pressurized-kit-gun-Alpha-Maleprofessionalenlargement pump!

And, this pistol-grip system works by adding the cylinder tube onto your manhood until it reaches the base of the penis, where I would adjust it for more comfort.

Yes, It’s a sucking-action pumping tool, which it operates an “industrial grade pressure gauge” for a vacuum process, as according to product’s label.

By using with one hand and pressing the pistol-grip pump, will put pressure on the erectile chambers to cause blood rushing to create a stronger and harder erection.

Is It For You?

Yes they claim that it should add enlargement growth on penis size and since it can be used by monitoring with one single hand, it should be very easy-to-use.

If I were to take action on this penis pump method, I should experience powerful and stronger erections on demand.

According to this California Exotic Top Gauge system, they shared to intensify the penis sensitivity and gain satisfaction.

Unlike several other penis pumps on today’s market, this air-pressure product promotes that it’s very comfortable (as I mention earlier), plus safe and cause no pain, breaking tissues, etc.

Yet, all of these similar pumping tools claims the same features.

California Exotic Top Gauge tube can only fit penis sizes of no more than 8″ inches which in my case, I won’t be able to make it work correctly since I followed the Penis Enlargement Bible for 6 full months and gained real permanent growth on my size here, where my current penis size is now 8″ 1/2 inches.

Moreover, this penis pump device carries a soft, latex sleeve for maximum seal and for a better fit with a flexible hose for maneuverability.

Since it carries removable Latex sleeve, this penis pump can be used with or without the Latex sleeve.

Yes, the pump tube is also a seamless cylinder to watch your penis take action.



  • Penis Enlargement GrowthCalifornia-Exotic-Top-Gauge-Professional-Review-Is-This-Penis-Pump-The-Best-Method-Enlargement-Sex-Toys-Becoming-Pressurized-kit-before-after-Alpha-Male
  • States to be 100% Safe
  • Increases Erections Potency
  • Claims it’s very Comfortable
  • Should be Easy-To-Use
  • Operates with one Hand
  • Mention to gain Real Results
  • Fits Penis Size Less than 8″
  • Frosted See-Through Tube
  • Carries a Quick-Release Valve
  • Soft Latex Sleeve for better Fit
  • Enhances Sexual Pleasure


  1. Air-pressure pumps does have a reputation to cause pain, discomfortable on penis if not using it properly.
  2. There is no official website for this pumping method to make it more of a “professional” penis pump like others we reviewed.
  3. We was unable to find any real proof from real consumer’s experience that this penis pump is really comfortable to add incredible gains.
  4. Failed to have any form of professional trials that it’s an effective pump and for the safety of all users.
  5. Does not mention anything about helping to treat the Peyronie’s Disease which is when the penis middle-section curves or bends
  6. Consumers meaning more than one, did share that it broke within the first week. – Worthless
  7. Customer users from VitaminShoppe.com mention it failed to do what they expected. – Waste of money.



What can we say about support information on this penis pump.

As you now know, California Exotic Top Gauge method does not have an official website to provide more information on product’s label.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Well, the only “refund policy” we found would be at the company’s (California Exotic Novelties, LLC) page, but when we click it, it sends us directly to a company for warranty terms, where I would have to discuss and probably dispute with them regards to return the product for a full refund or so.

Who knows!?

Amazon, eBay, etc I would have to check with them before ever going forward.

Review Summary

Since there is no “professional” expert to approve the safety or the effectiveness for all users from using this air-pump system, to me this product does fail to have my trust or faith that it does what it claims.

Again, air-pressure method can be very dangerous for risking injury on penis tissues, which I would be extremely careful or I personally wouldn’t even use something like this.

Have you checkout the BathMate?

It’s a water-based penis enlargement pump, meaning to use it while taking a bath/shower plus it’s much safer than this California Exotic Top Gauge pump.

In fact, we found “real” customer users claiming their experience and gained results on girth for a thicker member while using this effective water tool.

It’s also a popular product that many folks recently have been using it for their addition gains.


If you have used any type of penis pump whatsoever or know anybody that tried this air-pressure method, I would love to hear your experience! What are your thoughts on this subject, you can simply drop me a reply below and I should get back to you as soon as possible.

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