Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch – Sexual Enhancer or Health?

Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch – Sexual Enhancer or Health?

Mostly all male enhancement in today’s industry carries similar sexual aphrodisiacs known from ancient years ago to help with sexual impotence.

Perhaps, the Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch formula has several other herbs that seem to be unfamiliar in the male market.

So, we’re going to find what are the benefits when using this patch system!Chinese-Ying-Yang-Male-Enhancement-Patch-Method-System-Kidney-Sexual-Arousal-Enhancer-Review-Results-Benefits-Effects-Becoming-Alpha-Male


Name of Product: Chinese Ying Yang Patch

Website: Available in a Few Retailers

Minimum Price: 10 Boxes – $19.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 64 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: Must Check with Retailers

What’s Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch?

According to a third-party website, they mention that this Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch is the “new arrival” in today’s market.

And by using this male product, we men should gain improvements on overall sexual function to cure sexual impotence.

They do share several features from using this formula and unlike several other patch methods, this male enhancement patch system states that it’s comfortable and secure.

Do you know what the word “Ying Yang” means?

Well, It’s a Chinese symbol recognized to have several sexual herbs for male enhancers.

Yes, keep reading!

Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch method was created and developed in China but is available in a few third-party websites for worldwide shipping.

As one of the retailers explain, this product is under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for the best quality of active ingredients and of course, for user’s safety.

They all promote to cause no negative side effects when wearing this patch formula.

Since the product does not have an official website, we are unable to find any studies or proof that this system is really effective.

In fact, the manufacturer of this patch method does claim to have “over 10 years of manufacturing experience

Read on!

How Does It Work?

Here’s a look at how this Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch works!

According to them, this formula carries active ingredients to stimulate blood circulation to the male genitals and they also mention to strengthen and maintain healthy function of the kidney.

Like many male enhancement patches out there, it works by applying it onto the bodyChinese-Ying-Yang-Male-Enhancement-Patch-Method-System-Kidney-Sexual-Arousal-Enhancer-Review-Results-Benefits-Effects-patches-Becoming-Alpha-Male surface and releases-active compounds straight to the bloodstream without having to travel through the digestive system, like pills or tablets does.

Which, patches as a “transdermal system”, are known to work faster than any other method.


This male product represents the substances to be all-natural herbal extracts and they do claim that it’s 100% safe as what retailers say.

Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch carries a proprietary blend of the ingredients, such as Sichuan Teasel Root, Salvia Root, Lepidium Seed, Lycium Fruit, Astragalus Root, and Rhizome.

As I mention before, they are unrecognized in the male enhancement industry.

Matter of fact, the Astragalus Root works by boosting blood flow around the male genitals and perks up libido.


The Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch not only increases sexual arousal and improvements on sexual function, but they claim to improve general health problems as well, such as deficiency of the kidney, lumbago, and asynodia.

They mention “spermatorrhea” as well, where it should help stop the premature ejaculation issue and it’s when a man joins a sexual intercourse, but fails and release quickly without satisfying himself, plus the partner.

Are you suffering from any of these pre-existing issues?

If yes, then this male product claims it’s for you!

However, it does not say anything about strengthening erections for harder, firmer and longer-lasting.

So how to use it?

Well, instead of applying on the abdominal bottom surface and according to product’s label, they want users to wear it directly on the “kidney gate“, meaning on the skin surface of the side-lower back.

They failed to mention for how long to use it for and they said that the “plaster” will not fall off or remove easily.

It should be a comfortable seal since the active-ingredients releases directly into the bloodstream and help improve several aspects from a health condition.



  • Cures Sexual Impotence Condition
  • Helps with Premature Ejaculation
  • Promotes to be Comfortable + Secure
  • Fair Price being Affordable Product
  • Improves Kidney Function + Health
  • Claims it’s All Natural Compounds
  • Manufacturer mention over 10 Years
  • Helps with Lumbago – Back Pain
  • Increases Sexual Arousal + Libido
  • Aching Lumbus and Limp Kness
  • Should be Safe – No Side Effects
  • States that it’s Easy-To-Use
  • Facilitate Healthy Water Metabolism
  • Under the Requirements of GMP
  • Improves & Maintain Health Function


  1. The benefits it carries are not really a “male enhancement” formula, but more of a healthy kidney patch system.
  2. We have not found any form of proof that it’s effective or really safe as they claim.
  3. Even though they share that it’s the “new arrival” patch formula, no customer users were found to mention any results.
  4. The manufacturer is not a US-based company, but from all the way in China. And, we couldn’t find the company’s background.
  5. None of the retail websites says about any money back guarantee.
  6. Looks like it’s a “large” patch seal since it’s the size of the whole box, where it’s not a discrete patch method.


We actually cannot find any resources about the company of this Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch.

Yet, they do mention that this manufacturer has been practicing medicines for more than 10 years in the health industry.

The retailer sites also say that this supposedly “male enhancement” is a “trustable quality” product to give great improvements on health function.

We found the price statement as only $19.99 for “10 boxes”, which I’m assuming they probably meant 10 patches in one box.

There is no return refund available at none of the promoting websites.

Bottom Line Facts

Is it really worth giving this product a shot?

Well, are you looking for improvements on kidney function and health? Then it probably is slightly worth, but for a male enhancement?

I wouldn’t invest any money in this male product since they are several red flags we were able to find.

Perhaps, some of the website does not have this “Chinese Ying Yang Male Enhancement Patch” available anymore, and that usually is not a good sign.

Therefore, If I were to wear any male enhancement patch, the only ones I would personally use is the Vimax patch with proof of evidence to give effective results or the ProEnhance patches.

If you’re really looking for an enhancement patch, I would stop by real quick and check it out, maybe it’s what you really need for your sexual needs and safety!

ProEnhance-Patch-review-results-best-top-male-enhancement-patches-formula-product-method-how-does-it-work- Becoming-Alpha-Male


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