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Code Red 7 Male Enhancement – Does This Spray Really Work? Or It’s a Scam

Code Red 7 Male Enhancement – Does This Spray Really Work? Or It’s a Scam

Instead of using any type of male enhancement methods, such as pills, cream, etc, this enhancer spray so-called Code Red 7, promises to increase erections potency and improve overall sexual experience.

They actually label themselves as a powerful spray that works within “7 seconds“, for the sexual results to occur.

Here at this review, we’re about to demonstrate the facts behind Code Red 7 spray.

Find out more by reading down.



Name of Product: Code Red 7

Websites: www.CodeRedFast.com

www.CodeRed7s.com or (.Net)

Minimum Price: Claims a Free Trial Bottle

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Usage: Should Work Within 7 Seconds

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Is Code Red 7 ?

Code Red 7 represents as a “prominent male enhancement spray” and with the use of spraying this liquid formula, we men should experience several sexual benefits.

And, they are such as longer-lasting erections with improving sex drive and sexual stamina.

Claims to “put a permanent end on premature ejaculation” and a few other features.

According to our sources, we actually found more than one promoting websites claiming that it’s the product’s primary webpage.Code-red-7-male-enhancement-spray-reviews-scam-results-does-Code-red-7-really-work-complaints-logo-becoming-alpha-male

Yes, they all mention to go grab the “trial bottle“, where it should be free, but the question would be, is it really worth it?

Follow down!


In fact, we did come across on one of the promoting websites who does show the company’s name, called (Seven Seconds LLC).

I guess this manufacturer really promotes and aims to make it work within 7 seconds, right?

They’re based in Delaware, US. However, looking up resources about this so-called company, they don’t have such a great record from “real” customer users.

(RipoffReport.com) who is an investigator team for product’s complaints and reviews, one consumer shared his experience with the Code Red 7 customer service since it failed to work on him, and he tried going for the refund, but also failed to return his money back.

That’s usually not a good sign !Code-red-7-male-enhancement-spray-reviews-scam-results-does-Code-red-7-really-work-complaints-website-becoming-alpha-male

Moreover, this spray item does claim that it’s “medically proven“, but no background from any studies or trials found for evidence.

No doctor endorsements neither or anything for proof.

How To Use It?

As one of the websites explain, by spraying this Code Red 7 product, users should feel a “cooling sensation“, when it hits the penis shaft and testicles.

At that moment, they mention that a “warming impact” should occur, which both combination of the “cooling and warming” should lead to stimulating sexual arousal within 7 seconds of using it.

This intense formula claims it’s all naturalsafe and should not make you run straight to the bathroom and wash it off, since it should only give an “awesome feeling“.

Perhaps, none of these promoting webpages shows the ingredient list, but we did find it in a review site.

So these compounds are exactly seven ingredients and they are Caltrops, Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Lycium Fruit, Dong Qui, Deer Antler, and Eurcoma.

However, this might not be the “real” components for the spray formula !

Keep reading !

What Are The Claiming Results?

Folks who were to spray this male enhancement formula, should experience libido levels to increase and sexual arousal.

They promise to treat the premature ejaculation right away, meaning you should be able to last longer with your partner.Code-red-7-male-enhancement-spray-reviews-scam-results-does-Code-red-7-really-work-complaints-benefits-becoming-alpha-male

Instead of waiting for a pill to kick in, this spray formula should heighten up stronger erections quality on demand.

Yes, boosts up sexual performance and the Code Red 7 company mentions “toe curling orgasms” as well.

With this spray formula, we men should be in good hands being a discreet and an effective fast-acting product.


They also share to intensify sexual pleasure, overall energy and self-esteem.

Yet, one of the pages highly claims to increase penis size, since it boosts up blood flow within seconds.


The Good:Code-red-7-male-enhancement-spray-reviews-scam-results-does-Code-red-7-really-work-complaints-bottle-becoming-alpha-male

  • Enhances Erections Potential
  • Boosts Up Libido Function
  • Increases Sex Drive & Stamina
  • Heights Up Sexual Pleasure
  • Stops the Premature Ejaculation
  • Easy-to-Use : Spray Formula
  • Claims there is a “Trial Bottle”
  • Extend Duration for Sexual Activity
  • Mentions Stronger Orgasms
  • Should be Completely Natural
  • Company’s Name was Found

The Bad:

  1. At the last step, we stumbled upon a shipping/handling fee in order to grab the “trial bottle“, so therefore, it’s not free at all.
  2. We found that after the 14 days, credit card will be charged an amount of $79.97, plus the shipping/handling fee, which is a monthly program.
  3. Claims its “medically proven“, but no proof of evidence to back it up.
  4. Completely misleading ingredients. – Seems that it’s not the exact compounds that we found to be included in the spray formula.
  5. $79.97 for the monthly supplies? That’s not really affordable for many folks out there.
  6. We found one consumer who mentions his experience with Code Red 7 spray that it failed to meet his expectation. So does it really work?
  7. He actually described it as a “burning feeling” and no enhanced erections.
  8. RipoffReport.com have a few complaints with all negative statements.
  9. Is it a scam? No positive reviews was found.


At the last page, where they force you to add your credit card information, they mention that within 5-7 business days, buyers should receive a package.

Other than that, it failed to state anything about discreet shipping or any money back guarantee, where it makes it slightly risky in my opinion.Code-red-7-male-enhancement-spray-reviews-scam-results-does-Code-red-7-really-work-complaints-Rush-my-trial-becoming-alpha-male

The company (Seven Seconds LLC)?

We couldn’t find any sources about its background.

Bottom Line Facts

As you now know and should be aware that it’s one of those auto-billing monthly membership, it’s usually a scam from my personal experience.

Why is that?

For those who order any of these “monthly programs”, the most common issue that folks worldwide faces, is to actually try and cancel it, or grab the money back as a refund.

From my personal opinion, stuffs like this Code Red 7 spray, makes it hard to believe that it actually works.

Cooling sensation” plus a “warming impact“, might just make you go crazy and run to wash it off.

Definitely not a good idea !


There are several other male enhancement products that actually work, who have reviews from customer users and doctors recommendations.

The VigRx Plus is a sexual enhancement formula of pills where they have proof from clinical trials, scientific studies and professional endorsements that the formula will build up the male system for improvements on overall sexual experience, without the use of an enhancer.

Maybe you might want to take a look at a male enhancement patch system (ProEnhance).


Yes, it’s safer than pills because all I would do, is apply a patch to the skin surface and leave it on for 3 days to release the active-compounds directly to the bloodstream.

See what’s best for you. Remember if you need any advice, I would be more than welcome to throw you a hand !

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