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Does Xantho 5x Really Work – Maybe It’s Not A Scam! – Results


Does Xantho 5x Really Work – Maybe It’s Not A Scam! – Results

A “Rapid Expansion Technology” formula who brings it to the male enhancement table with its blended complex of high-quality ingredients.

Xantho5x is a product that I’ve been looking for a quiet some time but the big question is, does Xantho 5x really work?

Okay so I figured I am the right person who can actually tell you if maybe it’s a scam or not because I used it for over 4 months.

Sit back and relax because now you’re going to find out my results from their “Super Critical Extraction” process.Xantho-x5-size-Before-After-results-customer-user-review-results-does-it-really-work-scam-formula-product-supplement-sex-guru-Becoming-Alpha-Male


Name of Product: Xantho 5x

Website:  www.Xantho5x.com

Amazon Has It For Cheaper Price !

Minimum Price: One Bottle 30Day Supply – $39.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 42% Success Rate

Recommended Period Usage: See Results in 3-4 Weeks

Moneyback Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


What Is Xantho 5x?

It’s a male enhancement formula claiming to enlarge penis size by thickness and lengthiness as according to official website.

Xantho5x also states “if you want a product that works well towards improvement of sexual functions and pleasure this one does that and more”.

They added that with their “Rapid Expansion Technology” process will increase massive blood flow to the penis chambers where it should expand the erectile tissues.

By doing that, it should cause to enlarge my penis size dramatically.


Xantho5X was established in the USA from the manufacturer called (Size Bionics Research, LLC).

This formula was introduced in 2010 at Oakland, California and on product’s official sales page, they stated that the company develops other male products as well such as supplements for muscle growth.

Perhaps, Xantho5x was the first male enhancement formula created by them where they mention that it has been researched by scientists which now the company claims it’s “the world’s most advanced male augmentation catalyst“.

They also promote that it’s safe, natural and no prescription portion is needed.


Xantho5x contains many ingredients which their main compound is the L-Arginine.

This amino acid is known to boost nitric oxide levels and according to our sources, it has an effect in releasing HGH.

Furthermore, Xantho5x has a 100% proprietary blend called the “Vasobolic” where this complex includes natural compounds.

They all are Niacin (Vitamin B3), Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, LCitrulline, Taurine, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto, Long Jack, and many more “effective” ingredients.


However, I am updating this review because as today’s date on Xantho5x official website, they added a whole different ingredients list with the herbal bark called Yohimbe.

This compound is highly known to cause side effects such as headaches, rapidly heartbeat, sleeping problems and many more because it’s effective in boosting up blood rushing.

They mention that now they included the Butea Superba component as well.

Yes, according to them, all ingredients in this formula are all natural.

Who Is Xantho 5x For?

Since I let everybody know, my all time main goal was to enlarge my member here which was the only reason I gave Xantho5x a shot.

This product’s official website states that I should experience harder, thicker and fuller erections to cause penis growth on myself.

They added a quote saying “but we can say with 100% certainty that you will get bigger – no question“.


With all this hyped up ‘claiming’ ads and statements and since I was desperately to find something to increase my size, I didn’t hesitate and went straight to buy it without doing researches.

That way by my manhood size growing, my confidence will fly to sky with a bigger penis.

How Did I Take Xantho 5x?

The manufacturer wanted me to take 2 pills per day with a meal.

It does state to take it in the daily basis and for me to try not to miss a day without popping a pill.

But if somehow I do forget to take a dose, just get back to the daily routine and use it everyday as explained.

They only mention to take “2 easy to swallow capsules” and that’s it.

My whole life, I have been switching up every product’s dosage form such as once in the am and once at night or both pills once during a day, if they don’t tell me when to take it.Xantho-x5-size-Before-After-results-customer-user-review-results-does-it-really-work-scam-size-formula-product-supplement-sex-guru-Becoming-Alpha-Male




  • Promotes to increase Penis Size
  • Enhances Sexual Pleasure
  • Confidence flies to the Roof
  • States to boost Sexual Desire
  • Erections become Fuller, Firmer
  • Claims it’s 100% safe for Users
  • Pure and All natural Ingredients
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  1. The testimonies on product’s official website went above its limit with gaining size tremendously. – Misleading claims.
  2. There’s no doctor recommendation at all or any proof that it’s actually safe for myself and for others.
  3. States to only have 25 Males participated in the Xantho5x clinical studies but where is this evidence at?


Xantho5x promised me as a customer user that penis enlargement rate is from 10% to 35% percent to increase my size in a matter of 3-4 weeks from using the pills correctly as they explained.

With all the testimonies of the “after” results of men who gained a “huge size” penis where it made it seem as proof, I didn’t think twice and I went straight ahead to give it a shot, why not!?

Keep reading and I’ll tell you my results from using this Xantho5x product.


Moreover, the only way to contact them is by going to its official sales page where they have a 1800 phone number or via email.

But I don’t know how good they are with their customer service because I have never tried to get in touch with them before.

They do claim to have a 100% money back guarantee plus they mention that it’s 100% risk free meaning it’s worth giving it a shot.

If somehow I don’t see any enlargement results within 60 days then I can just return every useless bottles and they will send me back my full refund as according to them.


Final Thoughts + Results

I actually took the correct dosage of 2 capsules every single day without missing a day for over 4 months straight.

I even had a good diet of just protein food and fruits because I figured, maybe after trying so many of the “get-bigger-pills” and not getting my results, probably have to do with what I eat.

So does Xantho5x really work?

Yes, I got results and here’s my story !

First I ordered the 3 month supplies and my erections felt like it was on fire, my sexual stamina increased, sperm quality improved but the growth gains of results!?

I seriously did not gain not even an inch.

Believe it or not, I was still believing that Xanthox5 was the right product to enlarge my penis so I ordered another bottle but then still no penis size growth at all.


My opinion is that this item was and is a scam because the penis enlargement progress was not the results of what they promised me.

Bottom line as of today’s date, my life just started to change because of a secret I finally discovered.

It’s all about how bad do you want it and enlarge my penis size was my all-time dream and wish.

Thereby, in our teenage years, we as men had our penis growing naturally because of puberty.

And YES ! That’s exactly what I have been doing for the past 2 months and half. I restarted the same puberty process all over again where it caused real growth on myself.

The Penis Enlargement Bible is the secret that me and all men who added real permanent gains have used.


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