Dr Bross Enlarge Quick Power Lube – Enlarge Size up to 3-5″ Inches, Really!?

Dr Bross Enlarge Quick Power Lube – Enlarge Size up to 3-5″ Inches, Really!?

Penis enlargement up to “3-5 inches and 50% gain in width in 60 days“..?

Yes, that’s exactly the promises of the Dr. Bross Enlarge Quick Power Lube.

But not only to enhance penis size, this product claims other significant benefits as well.

So what exactly is this EnlargeQuick PowerLube?

We don’t know but right now at this review, we should find out every information about it. Sit back, relax and read on!



Name of Product: Enlarge Quick Power Lube

Available Website: In Several Retailers

Minimum Price: 1 Lube Jar 2 Oz – $70.00 

Overall Rank (out of 100): 5 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Must Check With Retailers 

What Is Enlarge Quick Power Lube?

Remember the old saying, ‘never judge a book by its cover’, but apparently, this lubricant formula has been around for a quiet time in the male enlargement market to actually add size.

Instead of swallowing pills or using any other penis enlargement method, the company of EnlargeQuick PowerLube claims to easily apply it to the penis shaft (skin) and we men should increase size dramatically by length and thickness.

It should enhance the potential of erections for maximum power, help with premature ejaculation and several other benefits.

We actually did Enlarge-quick-male-enlargement-liquid-formula-dr-bross-extra-strength-review-herb-results-side-effects-how-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-malea review on the same product’s name “Enlarge Quick” but the liquid kind is an extra strength formula and we found it too strong for us as customer users.


According to our sources, we don’t know exactly who the manufacturer of this EnlargeQuick PowerLube really is.

Why’s that?

Well, we found 3 companies so-called (Potent Labs, Bonded Labs, and Crest Labs) claiming that it’s the official website.

However, the product’s label shows as “Dr. Bross” brand where we did find resources promoting that he has over 30 years of experience on male enlargement, which they are a variety of sexual products under his name-brand.

Perhaps, we were unable to find a picture of this “professional expert” but only brief statements of this “Dr. Bross”.

Yes, all Dr. Bross formulas are available in a number of retail third-party websites plus no prescription portion is necessary.

How Should It Work?

Dr. Bross EnlargeQuick PowerLube labels as a concentrated potent formula and with the active ingredients, this item claims to use a “quick effectivedelivery system to give instant results meaning it should work right away.

The “companies” shared that it was conducted in a high-tech facility in the USA under the “highest standards of purity” for fast and maximum results on gains.

Since there is a little information of how it works, I am assuming that all I would have to do is apply this lubricant directly to the penis where they mention that it’s an easy-to-use formula.


As all websites explained, EnlargeQuick PowerLube carries all natural ingredients where most of them are familiar and known as sexual aphrodisiacs.

This lubricant formula contains Yohimbe Bark Extract, Epimedium Extract (Horny Goat Weed), Tribulus Terrestris, Aloe Vera Extract, Damiana Extract, Benzocaine, Saw Palmetto Extract and the L-Arginine (amino acid).

They failed to share the quantity of each component because the Yohimbe substance is known to cause several side effects such as headaches, fast heartbeat, etc.


So what are the expected results, you ask?

Men who were to use this penis enlargement formula should expect 3-5″ inches as the claims and not 30-35% in girth size like other male products, but 50% for a thicker and fuller penis.

According to them, those with a form of “epispadias” which means a penis size less than average, EnlargeQuick PowerLube guarantees that they will gain real and permanent growth of size.

They added that erections become larger, stronger and harder when using this lube product.

Basically, they mean to power up the penis chambers for a bigger member.

The website states to reduces the premature ejaculation problem for longer-lasting in a sexual related.

Users should have the ability to control climax for powerful and mind-blowing orgasms.

But that’s not all though!

Sexual stamina and performance increase to transfer a man into a “sexual animal” in bed.

Promotes to enhance sexual virility, improve penis health and sexual function as they explained.

Yes, one of the “company-who-claims-to-be” does offer to show a graph of results since this EnlargeQuick PowerLube accelerates penis growth for maximum potential.

Perhaps, with so many promises, they actually mention that it’s safe and won’t
cause no harmful side effects.Enlarge-Quick-Power-Lube-male-enlargement-penis-size-review-ingredients-before-after-graph-results-lubricant-formula-reviews-becoming-alpha-male


The Good:

  • Claims to Enlarge Size – 3-5″ Inches
  • Intensify Sexual Orgasms for Pleasure
  • Increases the Duration to Last Longer
  • Promotes it’s a completely Safe Formula
  • Enhances Sexual stamina + Performance
  • Decreases the Premature Ejaculation Issue
  • States to Maximize Erections Potential
  • The product is under a so-called “Dr. Bross”
  • Bigger, Fuller, Longer and Stronger Penis
  • Added to Improve overall Sexual Life

The Bad:

  1. Misleading and unrealistic claims such as up to 5″ inches. – Over exaggerated
  2. No money back guarantee was found for any refund of the return policy.
  3. No scientific data but only a graph results with no background of what trial.
  4. We aren’t sure who exactly is the manufacturer that supports this product.
  5. Failed to provide proof of this “Dr. Bross” with a picture for who he actually is plus a short brief info.
  6. Carries the Yohimbe compound where several users would not use a formula with this ingredient because of the side effects.
  7. There is no clear information of how it works or how to use it.
  8. Many companies are claiming its the EnlargeQuick’s manufacturer.
  9. There is no proof of nothing that it works.. Seems to be an expensive ‘scam’ item. – $70.00 


Actually, one of the “companies” does state to have a return policy but no exact information was given for us visitors to see.

All of the company’s websites (Potent Labs, Bonded Labs, and Crest Labs), they all failed to show any phone number to contact them but only way would be through via email which seems a little “sketchy” in my opinion.

However, each one of them does have an address in the same state but a different city with a different manufacturer’s name.

By the way, who is this Dr. Bross?

We were unable to find a picture of how he looks or any proof of any kind of background, but only a little information as some brief statements which is not really a form of identity.

Enlarge Quick Power Lube was also found on Amazon (www.Amazon.com/Enlarge-Quick-Lube).

My Closing Opinions

Do I really have to say what I personally think about this particular item?

I am going to be honest with you that this Dr. Bross Enlarge Quick Power Lube might give temporary results meaning a hard erection, intensify orgasms because of the ingredients, but the enlargement size?

Its impossible for any type of lube to actually increase size dramatically by that much of up “5 inches“, where it’s not a “miracle or magic” formula.

How do I know?

From my personal experience with a few years messing with penis enlargement methods, nothing worked on me when I was less than an average size.

The only way I actually learned to not believe this type of “scammy claiming-to-enlarge-penis-size” items, was when one day I came across the Penis Enlargement Bible.

And, what it did was teach me how to reverse puberty stage to restart it all over again and release the secretion of hormones.

Yes, It actually took me 6 months to reach more than 3″ inches in my penis size, when one of my best friends only took 4 months to gain the same growth size as me.

Yet, everyone’s body and chemistry is a little different.


I mean as long as I reached my desired size then I’m satisfied where it basically changed my overall sexual lifestyle, which now my confidence flew to the roof with of course, a larger penis..

Maybe it’s something you might consider doing which is completely natural and I faced no negative side effects whatsoever.

Penis-Enlargement-Bible-Penis-Growth-Natural-Proven-Steps-Becoming-results-Alpha-MaleHave any questions? Drop me a comment below! For a fact, there is the VigRX Oil, which I personally used it while doing the penile exercises from the PE Enlargement Bible and found it an amazing lubricant formula.


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