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Dr. Joel Kaplan Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pump – Overview


Dr. Joel Kaplan Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pump – Overview

Dr. Joel Kaplan is not only a “professional doctor” but also a name of the brand because supposedly, he has other male products on the market.

But for now, we’re going to find out all about his penis enlargement pump system since I found it in variety retailers.

According to a promoting website, it’s a FDA Registered enlargement vacuum pump to maximize erections and results for a bigger penis.

However, can this so-called Dr. Joel Kaplan backup the products he endorses or maybe even created it? 

Sit back, and relax to find out more !


Name: Dr. Joel Kaplan Enlargement PumpDr-Joel-Kaplan-penis-enlargement-air-pressure-pump-system-inches-starter-complete-deluxe-male-enlargement-becoming-alpha-male

Website: www.DrJoelKaplan.com


Minimum Price: At all Website – $149-200

Overall Rank (out of 100): 71 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown 

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Who Is Dr. Joel Kaplan ?

Reading all about Dr. Joel Kaplan bio, he’s more than just a professional “expert” because of rewards from several diplomas such as registered sex researcher, Sexology, certified sex therapist, etc.

They added that he have helped many patients since the year of 1991 where he first introduced the pump system to the male sexual industry.Dr-Joel-Kaplan-bio-penis-enlargement-air-pressure-pump-system-inches-starter-complete-deluxe-male-enlargement-becoming-alpha-male

With the knowledge and his years of experience, Dr. Joel Kaplan spent a number of not months but years to develop effective sexual products for all men.

However, they do mention that there are a few products online selling under his name where folks outside have copied from his one and only official website.

There is a statement saying that “all outside claims of Official Pump Systems are false.

Read on !

What Is Dr. Joel Kaplan Pump?

Dr. Joel Kaplan carries 2 different types of air-pressure penis enlargement pump.

The first one is the (Dr. Kaplan’s Starter Package) where this device is for beginners who have never operated a vacuum enlargement pump before.

Yes, it’s a deluxe hand-operated pump, and with a Pressure Gauge to add force of pressure to the erectile chambers.

The official website shares that it’s completely lightweight and they also mention that it’s “perfect for serious pumpers on the go“.

It comes with only one cylinder but they have the (second expansion cylinder) available for the sale where it’s actually expensive.


Now the (Complete Deluxe Hand Pump System) is slightly similar to the starter one and of course they included the second expansion cylinder and other parts to make it a “complete system”.

According to the Dr. Joel Kaplan who is responsible for the pump devices, this Complete Deluxe Hand Pump System is also lightweight and it should be not noisy at all meaning it Dr-Joel-Kaplan-bio-penis-enlargement-air-pressure-pump-system-inches-starter-complete-deluxe-package-male-enlargement-becoming-alpha-maleoperates in a quite mode.

Yet, since it’s the complete package where it comes with the Second Expansion Cylinder, buying it separate can run you a cost of $109 bucks.

Furthermore, this Complete System is only $50 more than the Starter edition.

Gaining Results

Yes, they both Starter plus Complete system are for penis enlargement where they actually stated to increase penis size by 1-3″ full inches.

In fact, penis vacuum-pumps are highly known to gain more girth and fullness where Dr. Joel Kaplan pump system will heighten up fullness by 25% in girth.

Should increase penis head by 15% as what it states on the FAQ section.

They do explain to gain “permanent” results being safe and effective.

Well, is there any proof of evidence?

Keep reading.


The pump system should correct the curvature on all male’s member and enhance healthier, harder erections.

Now what makes the Complete package different from the Starter one is that the Complete system carries the Second Expansion Cylinder where they said that it’s “required for maximum enlargement“.

But that’s not all !

It should fit over the penis plus the scrotum (ball sac) to make it bigger and larger

Sounds interesting.

As they explained, if somehow we as customer user feel that we’re getting “too big” then I would need to reduce the pumping sessions in the regular basis.



  • Penis Enlargement 1-3″ InchesDr-Joel-Kaplan-penis-enlargement-air-pressure-pump-system-inches-starter-complete-deluxe-male-enlargement-fake-becoming-alpha-male
  • Increase Girth Gains by 25%
  • Endorses + Created by a “Dr.”
  • Only $50 Difference for Price Range
  • Should Gain Permanent Results
  • Claims it’s Completely Safe
  • Found Information about Creator’s Bio
  • States to Increase Penis Head by 15%
  • Heightens Bigger, Harder Erections
  • Both Hand Operated Pump Devices
  • Scrotum Enlargement : Complete System
  • Both Carries a Only 3 Month Warrant
  • Dr. Joel Kaplan Official Page Shows Before&After Photos
  • Does Promote to Reserve Shrinkage and Gain Results
  • Use It only 3-5 Times Weekly, 20 Minutes per Day Only
  • Mentions a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy


  1. The money back guarantee is only for 30 days from when received the product where other pumps around have a 2 month return policy.
  2. No proof of clinical studies or trials to have been conducted and show all visitors so we can have more faith on the enlargement claims.
  3. Several retail sites does have the pump systems but are all false and non-original items.
  4. We found a customer user who shared his experience saying that not enough instructions and due to the potential of the pressure pump, can damage your member.

Customer Support/GuaranteeDr-Joel-Kaplan-penis-enlargement-air-pressure-pump-system-inches-starter-complete-deluxe-male-enlargement-fda-becoming-alpha-male

At the primary website of Dr. Joel Kaplan, he added that there is a 3 month warranty for both of his air-pressure pump system.

Yet, the refund policy will only cover a 1 month period of time to experience the usage of the device so by 30 days, you should either have gained some results or money back.

Any discreet shipping?

At the FAQ section page does say that all packages comes in a discreet “plain white box“.

Perhaps, just to let you know, a signature is required in ordered to get the product.

With many retailers sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc, I would rather pay a few extra bucks and get the “original” product with a guarantee for the safety and needs.

Bottom Line Verdict

I could say that Dr. Joel Kaplan penis enlargement pump system are some decent products.

Well, the fact that they failed to show any scientific evidence or trials that this air-pressure system is the “real deal” to actually enlarge penis size by 1-3″ inches, it loses points in my opinion.

For those who don’t know, Dr. Joel Kaplan have other items as well such as some “get-bigger-pills” where he added that 1-3″ inches can possible increase.

I don’t know about that because it’s not a “miracle or magical” pill. From my personal experience, there is no such thing as penis enlargement pills because they don’t work to add growth size.

Unless you conjunction with the air-pressure pumping system than It can be possible.


Have you heard about the newest pump system in the market?

There is now a water-pump available which is more advanced because I would use with water while taking a bath/shower or I can use the device in plain air.Penomet-penis-enlargement-pump-before-and-after-review-method-size-results-forum-kit-does-penomet-really-work-becoming-alpha-male

I actually believe that the aqua (water) system is safer than the air-pressure basic tools because of how to release the pressure.

What about the effectiveness?

Believe it or not, water have a much higher pressure rate than plain air unless you add excessive amounts of pressure on your manhood than that’s different.

Here I’ll fire you the link to my review from who got the most points after reviewing several penis enlargement pumps.


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