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Elexan Patch – Does This Enlargement Patch Really Increase Size?


Elexan Patch – Does This Enlargement Patch Really Increase Size?

I have come across many enlargement pills known as (get-bigger-pills).

But for the past years, scientists have brought a potent method of patches to the male sexual category to improve overall sexual function, and some are even promoting to increase penis size, as Elexan claims.

You’re on your way right now to find out if Elexan male enlargement patch would really increase our penis size.

I mean, it is a very expensive product, so keep reading !Elexan-patch-male-enlargement-patches-Water-Resistant-proof-increase-size-review-formula-method-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Elexan

Official Website: www.Elexan.com

Amazon Carries It For A Lot Cheaper !

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $149.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 84 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 3 Months

Refund Policy: 67 Day Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Are Elexan Patches?

Unlike pills or tablets, they have to go through the digestive system before eliminate the ingredients to target the specific area.

But in the recently decades, researchers came up with a patch method to release the effective ingredients directly to the bloodstream, all by slapping a Elexan patch onto the skin.

Elexan official website mentions that it was introduced in the year of 2000, which it have been helping “ten thousands of men” for over a decade till this day, as according to them.

These unique patches supposedly will help you create an erection faster than any other method around.

But not just that, there are many more benefits from using this male product !

Wearing this comfortable patch, consumers claims to forget all about it and therefore, sexual stamina increases to perform better and gain a longer duration in a sexual activity.

Orgasms should not just be intense, but more like explosive mind-blowing as the claims.

However, Elexan official website promotes that it’s a doctor approved product with an “inspection backed by a Certificate of Analysis“.

Yet, no prescription is required to grab an order of this male product.

The company created this technology in the United States, and developed to be 100% safe with no known side effects and they mention that it’s also under the FDA requirements.

How It Works?Elexan-patch-male-enlargement-patches-Water-Resistant-proof-increase-size-review-formula-method-before-after-results-becoming-alpha-male

They call it a “single-layer herbal-infused adhesive” and what it does is, as soon as applying the patch to the skin, it should delivery all the mixed herbal formulation immediately straight to the bloodstream for a 3 day period of time.

Where does it go?

If I were to wear it on my body, I would apply it to stick it on my lower abdomen surface or on chest and leave it there for 72 hours.

Even though this small Elexan patch is water-resistant, it’s very similar to a bandage.

The product’s company does say that I can participate in any exercise activity, take a shower, sweat and won’t come off easily.

It should just stay on, even at best part as having sex.

After 3 full days, of course I will have to apply a whole new patch, but they suggest to place it at a new spot to avoid any irritation, and you should not place it at anywhere near any cuts or bruises, as they explain.

So where no hair is involved, I would press the patch firmly to the skin surface to stay on for the recommended period of time.

When showering, users should avoid putting soap around it because it might not be as sticky as it was.

Incase if it falls, very simple, just apply a new a patch as according to them.


Elexan male patches claims to have a combination of all pure herbal, aphrodisiacs, and nutrients blended together in one complex.

They promote that it’s a powerful, effective formula and it should be completely natural.

Thereby, the Elexan company included He Shou Wu (Fo Ti), Ginseng (Panax Ginseng), Damiana, Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica), Saw Palmetto, and the main key (Menthol) to release the active-formulation of high-quality ingredients directly through the skin into the bloodstream.

Elexan Patches Are For Who?

In today’s world, researchers have come up with new technology in every way you can possible think !

Elexan method is easier, safer and I can probably say, it should be more effective than pills because it hits the bloodstream much faster.

This male product claims to stimulate erections for hardness, plus will strengthen the erectile tissues for a stronger erect penis.

Should boost up sex drive and performance.

Orgasms may recover faster for recharging to get back at it again, with more control on ejaculation.

The ingredients in this formula improves libido health, enhances energy and vitality for a higher level on sexual stamina.

Should stimulate sexual pleasure for more satisfaction.

Pills, such as some male enhancement products, some recommends we as customer users to take up to 3 capsules daily and I would have to keep track of the intake doses, all to increase sexual desire for more sexual experience and appetite.

While these Elexan patches, all I would have to do, is leave it on for exact 3 days and my confidence levels should rise up because I would know that it’s working.



  • Increases Erections Strength & Firmness
  • Enhance Libido and Sexual Desire
  • Claims Mind-Blowing Orgasms
  • Stimulates Sexual Stamina + Performance
  • Easy-To-Wear, (3 Days – 72 full Hours)
  • Confidence + Self-esteem will Soar
  • All Natural Ingredients – Doctors Approved
  • Boosts Sexual Energy levels for Sex Drive
  • Ejaculate with more Control + Faster Recharge
  • 67 Day Money Back Guarantee – 100% Risk Free


  1. Way too Expensive, most users can’t afford the supplies at all – 30day Supply : $149.95. Recommendation as the 3 month supplies : $399.95
  2. Very few ingredients to actually enlarge penis size – Needs more compounds to boost more massive blood flow to the erectile chambers.
  3. I found it awkward that other retail websites, such as Amazon have Elexan patches 30 day supply for only $29.99, which is almost 10 times cheaper. Yet, read the customer reviews, all of them says negative statements, so maybe Amazon carries the fake stuff.


At the official website of Elexan patch system, it does show that three medical professional doctors endorses this patch method for all men to use.

Rather than prescription medication, they recommends Elexan natural formula to all patients.

Yet, it only shows written statements and no picture for background on who they really are !

Perhaps, the manufacturer guarantees that within 30 days of using the patches, improvements should have achieved, such as harder erections, overall sex drive and climaxing should be more pleasurable.

According to them, some men have felt the results within 7-10 days of wearing it.

Therefore, they do have a 67 day money back guarantee, just incase it doesn’t live up to users expectations, than that way, I can simply return it for a full refund, plus shipping and handling fees are included..

But with this sexual method being so expensive, I was expecting a longer return policy.

They claim that they are secured and strict on customer’s privacy, as according to them because all packages comes in as discreet with no content to show on a plain box when delivered.

Closing Line Conclusion

Elexan patches promotes that it’s very effective and they actually made a realistic statement saying that “We’re not the cheapest patch on the market, remember – you get what you pay for.

Many customer users, including myself can’t afford to order the recommendation supplies of 3 full months to gain the full benefits of the promising results.

So, does this enlargement patch really increase size?

Well, according to our sources, we haven’t found any real user reviews to mention to have added any inches on their penis size.

But as I mention previously, Amazon probably sales the non-original product from my personal experience with this retail site, where they do show consumers reviews with negative experiences.

However, some did mention that the overall sexual function improved.

And if you’re like me who can’t afford to pay this tremendously high amount of money for this male enhancement method, your best option will be to take a look at the ProEnhance patches.

Which is the same stuff, but ProEnhance gained the most points because of many benefits and they have proof of evidence and no disadvantages as of today’s date and age.

Take a quick second of your time and head over to my review because maybe, it can help you with your seuxal needs and safety as what you’re really looking for.



I’m asking you to let me know if you have any questions or if you want an advice, I’ll make it simple for you! Ask me below and I really hope you enjoyed reading this review.

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