Encore Deluxe Vacuum – Review Of Penis Erection Device Combo Pump

Encore Deluxe Vacuum – Review Of Penis Erection Device Combo Pump

The Encore Deluxe Vacuum is a penis pump who works manually or can be used with the battery motor for maximum blood flow to treat the erectile dysfunction issue and maybe increase penis size!?

Perhaps, the product does claim that “doctors recommend” to all of their clients since it’s an incredible erection system.

So what are consumers saying about their before and after results?

Follow down to see more.Encore-Deluxe-Penis-Pump-erection-System-Battery-Manual-Vacuum-review-erectile-dysfunction-reviews-results-customer-users-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product:  Encore Deluxe Battery

Available Website: Several Retailers 


Minimum Price: Erection System – $125.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 3 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Must Check With Retailers

What’s the Encore Deluxe System?

It’s a battery penis-pump system to maximize erections and cure the erectile disorder where they claim to actually enlarge penis size as well.

With a percentage of 90% impotence, men have achieved results when using this vacuum item, as according to product’s label.

While operating the vacuum process, should create bigger, longer and harder erections.

They claim to restore overall sexual function.

This Encore Deluxe System is available in many third-party retail websites such as in Amazon, eBay and others.

Since we were unable to find an official website for this complete system, we don’t know who’s the manufacturer/company of this pumping product.

In fact, promoting websites does claim that it’s a doctor recommendation product, but they all failed to show any doctor’s background for proof of the endorsements.

However, there really is no real evidence of proof that it actually works!

What are customer users saying about this Encore Deluxe Vacuum?

Keep reading to find out!

How Does It Work?

This device system shares to carry a total of 7 different ring-sizes to fit 99.9% of all men and of course, it includes the battery procedure or folks can actually use the manual pump head.

They mention that users can operate this Encore Deluxe device with one single hand.

Yes, It should be easy-to-use and simply add the ring size without an issue.

The kit comes with a patented ring ejection system and a sample lubricant.Encore-Deluxe-Penis-Pump-erection-System-Vacuum-review-erectile-dysfunction-reviews-results-customer-users-Kit-becoming-alpha-male

Moreover, the retail websites that we determined product’s information, they claim that no other penis pump in today’s market comes with this 2 for 1 combo of the battery and manually.

For instructions? They send you a DVD for proper use.

According to them, it’s a “top selling” penis pump and like every other “basic” penis devices, it works by applying the vacuum cylinder onto to the penis to draw an amount of blood to travel through the penis tissues which results in creating a hard erection.

The constriction ring that comes with the kit should hold the blood in the erectile chambers to maintain an erection while using the pump.

You should use this device system for 30 minutes and it should cause no harmful side effects being completely safe, as they explain.

What Are the Benefits?

Many men rely on male enhancement pills to increase the amount of blood flow to the penis chambers.

And, this Encore Deluxe System should apply pressure to these erectile chambers where maximizes blood in the penis for results on curing the erectile dysfunction issue.

What does that mean?

Well, there is a number of men all around the world who enters a sexual relationship and then their “member” there does not reach a hard erect state penis, which they fail to have a satisfying sexual activity with their partner.

Yet, this problem has been recognized for over and over from many years in men’s sexual life and penis pumps are known to fix this issue.

Now penis enlargement?

Yes, a penis pump can actually help with adding extra growth on all men’s penis size.

However, since there are many pump devices in today’s market, some can actually be dangerous and cause harmful side effects such as pain, bruises or even damage the erectile chambers with an excessive amount of pressure.

On product’s reviews, we found both positive and negative statements where several of them mention that it’s uncomfortable when using this device.

But some said that it does not work!

One described as a “cheap plastic that cracks and breaks with little use“.

For a fact, there are actually more negatives than positives. Heres the proof.





  • Harder, Longer Erections
  • Treats Erectile Disorder
  • Claims it’s 100% Safe
  • Strengthens Erections
  • Comes with 7 Size Rings
  • Promote Its Easy-to-Use
  • 2 in 1 System – Unique


  1. Most promoting websites do not have a money back guarantee.
  2. The statement of saying; “doctor recommends“, they failed to show any real doctor’s background.
  3. Each retail website failed to mention if it’s comfortable or not.
  4. No medical studies or structure to provide the effectiveness or for customer user’s safety.
  5. Expensive penis pump: $125.00 – There are many “basic” penis pump similar to this device in today’s market for a lot cheaper and does the same vacuum process.
  6. No official website provided so it can be more of a “professional” product.
  7. All retailers mention that it helped “90% of the impotent men” but failed to show proof of trials or anything.
  8. There are a number of negative reviews such as “worthless” and “waste of money“.
  9. One user said that the motor only runs but no “vacuum” suction which kinda makes sense because it’s a “battery” process.


No official website found, then there really is not much support information where no proof of evidence is shown.

Where is the doctor recommendation?

I mean, anybody can write a statement claiming one thing but we need a form of background to believe something, such as a medical or clinical structure, am I right?

Now the refund policy?

You might get lucky if you find a money back guarantee from any of these retailer sites.

The shipping or payment appearance, folks would have to check with them if it’s discreet for your privacy.

Now, this Encore Deluxe System was found in Amazon retailer website.

Final Verdict

Is it really worth giving this penis pump a shot?

In my opinion, this Encore Deluxe system Bathmate-Penomet-male-enlargement-penis-water-pump-results-before-and-after-review-how-to-use-bath-mate-penis-size-pump-becoming-alpha-malehas more red flags (negatives) than positive features.

However, there are many pump devices available with more proof that it works plus it’s comfortable.

Have you looked up into a water-pump device where it’s the newest generation in today’s industry?

Yes, really!

Let me point you in the right direction!

We have done each review on both BathMate and the Penomet, which both got the highest points for the penis pump category!

I find the Penomet water-based device much better because the complete kit comes with 5 different gaiters for more or less pressure on the erectile chambers.

Which basically means, it’s 5 pumps all in one system, plus you can use it with either water or pure air.


Did you find this review helpful? I hope I have answered all of your questions or concerns. If you have any experience with air-pressure pumps, please feel free to let us know your experience with it.

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