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EnhanceRx Pills – Side Effects Or Results? – Find Out Here!


EnhanceRx Pills – Side Effects Or Results? – Find Out Here!

Many folks are wondering if this EnhanceRx pills would really enlarge penis size. However, they do claim to be some “enlargement pills” that have been on the market for over 7 years. According to official website EnhanceRx has been on top row of many male supplementation websites. That question still remain, does EnhanceRx pills really increase size? We don’t know so let’s get going to find out if it does.EnhanceRx-pills-capsules-tablets-enlargement-size-product-supplement-bottle-formula-results-side-effects-review-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: EnhanceRx™

Website: www.EnhanceRx.com

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $57.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 46 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 9 Weeks

Money-Back Guarantee: 180 Day Money Back Guarantee


What Are EnhanceRx™ Pills?

This male enhancement formula was introduced in 2006 from a company that not only sells this type of enlargement pills but other methods such as extender device, enhancement patches and a chewing gum. EnhanceRx promotes to increase the size of erections to make penis grow according to product’s website. Will also enhance sexual stamina and energy which increases sexual performance. They claim that within 2 months of using the pills will boost the hardness of erections to become fuller, longer and bigger. EnhanceRx are also promoting to be completely natural and have no side effects. It should improve sexual health and function.

How Does EnhanceRx™ Pills Work?

Official website states that with the potential of ingredients in this EnhanceRx formula will balance the sexual hormones and mainly to increase blood circulation to reach the penis vessels. The more blood that flows to the penis erectile tissues, will expand the penile (corpora cavernosa) chambers to enter more blood so, therefore the penis will be thicker and bigger because it will hold more blood. They mention that this EnhanceRx pills will stimulate size by 35% for a wider, larger and longer penis.


EnhanceRx added big promises with only 10 natural high quality herbs and amino acids together in proprietary blend. The ingredients that contains in this formula are L-Arginine, Cistanche, Tribulus Terrestris, Chinese Yam, Muira Puama, Schizandra, Catuaba, Panax Ginseng, Citrus reticulata pee, Horny Goat Weed, and Bioperine® to absorb all active ingredients in the body stream for faster results. All of this ingredients are known from thousands of years to cure erectile dysfunction which also means to increase blood circulation to penis chambers.

For Who Is EnhanceRx™ Pills?

This product increases sex drive and overall sexual performance. When using this formula should achieve a higher libido for more pleasure. As I mention previously, the ingredients are mostly to target more blood flowing to the erections so thereby will cure penis potency especially for those that doesn’t have the power to create a hard erection. Yes, sex energy will enhance and they claim penis will grow within 2 months of using this product. Orgasms should become stronger to last longer and will improve sexual potency in functioning better.

How To Take It?

With the effectiveness of this formula, they recommend to take only 1 capsule per day in an everyday basis. Have to be with a meal according to product’s label and since they don’t offer to say when to take it, we believe at any given time of the day. With my experience, it is better to avoid on always swallowing a pill at the same daily time but switching it up for example one day in breakfast, next day at dinner, and the following around midday or in lunch time. Every since myself as customer user have been not letting my body get used to a certain product’s ingredients, the better results I would get.


The Good:

  • Promotes big time in Increasing penis Size
  • Boosts sexual Stamina and sex Drive
  • All natural Ingredients – Herbs, Amino Acids
  • Energy will rise for sexual Performance
  • Only 1 Capsule per day & you’re good to Go
  • Known for several years on the Market
  • Claims Erections will be thicker, harder & Larger
  • Does not contain Yohimbe like other Enhancements
  • 180 Day money back Guarantee – Risk Free

The Bad:

  1. Growth results will not be permanent according to official website.
  2. Is this a magical “enlargement pills” to grow penis size within 2 months? – Hyped claims
  3. No proof from clinically studies to back up this claims.
  4. We found a customer user that said about “stomach discomfort” when using this formula. – Side Effects
  5. Few clients feedback complained that it did not work for them.
  6. No doctor recommendation to prove it was safe for users.


EnhanceRx stated that all orders will be secured for the privacy of each buyer which means you have to be home because client’s signature is required. But all shipping packages will be discreet with no content shown. According to official website, your email have to active that way when the order has been processed, they will send a confirmation email with the tracking code information.


They do support a 180 day money back guarantee and looks like even if ordering the 1 month supplies because no certain information was given. A 180 day return policy are usually for the recommendation of 6 month supplies. However, we did a review on their EnhanceRx Patches and stumbled across to find out that it is not a 100% money back guarantee. According to EnhanceRx patch system, if any product is returned, buyer will be charged by a $20.00 fee which makes it a turn off because it’s almost as half as the price of a bottle supply.

Bottom Line Conclusion

According to our sources, one reliable statement they made was that no pill, tablet or capsule will increase permanent penis growth meaning lifetime size. In fact, they also stated that “Please note: Results May Vary – Lifestyle, Diet and Overall Health will affect results”. Makes sense why this formula did not work for a couple of folks as they stated on an actual user review. Official website also mention to grab their EnhanceRx extender device for faster growth. However than the pills doesn’t live up to its claims.


If you’re suffering with any low sexual function meaning premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction than our top rated #1 best male enhancement formula will help you. Maybe you’re here because of the increasing size claims and I am going to point exactly where after involving with so many of the “Get-Bigger-Pills“, the Penis Enlargement Bible was the only one that gave me permanent growth results which was in a completely natural way. How? Remember in puberty, we did not need any pills, methods, etc to grow because it grew on its own. Yes, that is exactly how my penis finally grew because I restarted the puberty stage all over again.

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