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Enlargel Male Enhancement Lubricant – Enlarges Penis? Really, See Results


Enlargel Male Enhancement Lubricant – Enlarges Penis? Really, See Results

Larger, fuller erections” is what Enlargel male enhancement lubricant advertise.

According to product’s label, it’s a 2-step procedure to gain the best results of benefits by just applying this “Enlargel” onto to the penis.

So how does it work?

Myself as a user would like to find out as well all about this lube item since it claims to enlarge penis size, read on!Enlargel-lubricant-male-enhancement-gel-review-results-testimonies-reviews-2-step-approach-how-to-use-it-how-does-it-work-user-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Enlargel Lubricant

Official Website: www.Enlargel.com

Minimum Price: 30Day 1 Bottle Supply – $29.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 95 Points

Recommended Usage: Use It Before Sexual Relate or Exercises

Refund Policy: Covers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is Enlargel Lubricant?

Enlargel is a male enhancement formula with all natural compounds to safely give all male users results such as to have the ability to create stronger erections, help increase penis size, and many other features.

The official website of this product made a statement saying; “Many years of research and experimentation have gone into the creation of Enlargel’s proprietary formula“.

Yet, we have not found any of these research studies or any scientific test to have conducted for proof of back up from the research evidence.

Therefore, they do offer to show “real” customer user’s testimonies speaking from their mouth of actual video proof from camera view.

Yes, keep reading!


Enlargel was made in the USA and the company introduced this lube formula in the year of 2004 to have a competition for the best lubricant methods in the male enhancement market.

Since this item claims to be 100% safe, they combined all natural ingredients in a proprietary blend.

However, we have not found any doctor recommendation for we as users to have more “trust” and faith of the product.

Enlargel official website promotes to be the “new approach” in the male enhancement industry where we men should experience effective results.

Meanwhile, there really isn’t enough information on the its webpage for us to see.Enlargel-Ingredients-lubricant-male-enhancement-gel-review-results-testimonies-reviews-2-step-approach-how-to-use-it-how-does-it-work-user-becoming-alpha-male


This lubricant formula contains a potent mixture of all sexual aphrodisiac and amino acids in a special blend.


So these herbal complexes are Tribulus Terrestris, L-Arginine, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana, Nettle Extract, Niacin, Epimedium know as Horny Goat Weed, Maca, Saw Palmetto, Muira Puama, and Yohimbe.

How It Works?

Since this product claims to have a “two-step approach“, Enlargel works by the first procedure with the compounds such as Ginkgo Biloba, L-Arginine, Yohimbe etc to increase blood circulation to the penis tissues.

The more blood is able to enter the erectile chambers (Corpora Cavernosa), the harder and bigger erections gets.

The 2nd approach that this formula promotes is to boost the testosterone production to heighten up sexual performance and overall sexual function such as libido, energy, etc.

And the sexual aphrodisiac would be Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium refers as Horny Goat Weed, and others.

Who Is Enlargel Lubricant For?

Lubricant gels, cream or oil should be safer than pills, liquid formulas, and other methods because lube formulas won’t need to travel through the digestive system to break the ingredients down in the stomach before reaching the bloodstream.

In fact, Enlargel promotes to have a “unique transdermal delivery system” and it works by easily applying a dime-sized directly to my member’s shaft (skin) once or twice per day.

By doing that, it should absorb the compounds instantly into the penis tissues and boom, an erection should have achieved since they claim to work “immediately“.

Myself as a customer user have been using a type of lubricant oil where it’s only been a few weeks and I love the results it gives me.


The GoodEnlargel-lubricant-website-male-enhancement-gel-review-results-testimonies-reviews-2-step-approach-how-to-use-it-how-does-it-work-user-becoming-alpha-male

  • 2 Step-Approach System
  • Boosts Erections Potential
  • Increases Libido Levels
  • Helps Increase Penis Size
  • It’s an Odorless Lubricant
  • Claims to be 100% Safe
  • Sexual Performance Rises
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Stimulates Energy Levels
  • Formula is Very Simple to Use
  • Compounds are Recognized
  • Increases Testosterone Levels
  • Website Provides Video Proof
  • Promotes Results Immediately
  • Fair-Price Product – Affordable
  • Improves Overall Sexual Health
  • Found Real Consumers Forums
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  1. They failed to provide any structure or form from any studies plus there’s no doctor recommendation to back up the claims for our safety.
  2. A consumer who we found shared his experience that it can get “sticky” after applying the lubricant so-called Enlargel.


According to Enlargel label, they cover up with a 30 day return policy for if it fails to give the expectation results for all users then all I would have to do is return the product back and they should refund all the money back straight to my bank account.

They mention to have a discreet shipping for the safety and privacy of all buyers meaning supplies are delivered in a plain package within 3-5 business days.

The credit card statement will appear as “naturesaccents.com”. 

Final Verdict

After reviewing the Enlargel lubricant formula and according to our sources, they show video proof from YouTube that this product really works.

There is review from a independent customer user who mention to have gained a “thicker flaccid penis” size after a few weeks of just using Enlargel formula.

However, as I stated earlier, I have been using the VigRx Oil which is a similar lubricant formula and what I like about it is that their “transdermal delivery system” absorbs about 95% of the ingredients directly to the bloodstream to the penis tissues.


Furthermore, Enlargel would work incredible if you’re doing some penile exercises from the Penis Enlargement Bible for real and permanently growth. Or use it before sexual activity and masturbation.

If you have any concerns and would like some advice, I would be more than welcome to help you because in the future, Enlargel (www.Enlargel.com) might be my next option.


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