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Enzyte 24/7 – Side Effects – Do Not Use Before Reading This Review!


Enzyte 24/7 – Side Effects – Do Not Use Before Reading This Review!

A sexual enhancement product of pills known as Enzyte 24/7, which goes after the original “Enzyte”, and it was created to make men have the ability to function better in a sexual intercourse.

Now looking through the main page, they claim to stimulate sexual appetite for 24/7 period of time, meaning the whole day and night.

However, we have stumble upon that it might not be worth giving this newer formula a shot due to the side effects.

So, this complete review may change your thoughts towards Enzyte 24/7.Enzyte-247-side-effects-results-lawsuit-Steven-Warshak-scam-bob-false-claims-product-pills-supplement-new-formula-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Enzyte

Official Website: www.Enzyte.com

Amazon Also Carries The Supply

Minimum Price: 30 Day Sample For Free  

Overall Rank (out of 100): 33 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 90 Full Days

Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Day Return Policy


What Is Enzyte 24/7 Product?

If you have been looking at male enhancements for the past years, you probably have come across the name as “Enzyte” because it have been around for over 10 years, and until this day, the company still promote that it’s “A Trusted Name In Natural Male Enhancement“.

Well, you’re about to find out why it’s probably not true !

According to the manufacturer, this male supplement was developed to improve overall sexual function and increase the potency to create a powerful erection.

Claims to boost sexual performance and as the name says it all, 24 hours 7 days a week for the stimulation on sexual arousal all the time.

The results from using this male supplement should be effective, but it may not be safe and can cause some issues when using it.

Keep reading !

Enzyte was manufactured by (Berkely Premium Nutraceuticals) and introduced in the year of 2001.

We found resources that after having several lawsuit problems, they switched the company’s name to (Vianda LLC).

In fact, this formula is not a “pharmaceutical grade” product and supposedly, it does have all natural ingredients.

However, this Enzyte product claims to have over 3 millions of men to improve sexual function, but we stumble upon a resource that this Enzyte 24/7 can be dangerous, which is similar to Viagra prescription drug.

The FDA facility (Food and Drug Administration) have not approved this formula.

Enzyte 24/7 is cheaper than several other enhancement products in today’s market, and it’s available at many local retail stores, such as in pharmacies, Amazon, etc.


Enzyte 24/7 have a mixture of all natural herbs, vitamins and minerals combined together in a complete complex, and what they claim to do, is to stimulate the nitric oxide to increase more blood traveling to the penis chambers.

Yet, the company does not offer to show any clinically studies or scientific tests to prove that this product is really safe for all of their customer users. Now the ingredients are :

  • Horny Goat Weed – Increases sex drive and energy. Helps maintain an erection.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – Stimulates blood circulation to the erectile tissues.
  • Zinc – Boost up sperm production for more semen volume.
  • Korean Red Ginseng – Enhances energy levels, promote the production of nitric oxide for maximum blood to erection.
  • Muira Puama – Known as “Potency wood”, stimulates the nerve system.
  • Grape Seed Extract- Increases blood flow to the erectile tissues, stimulates nitric oxide levels and antioxidant properties.


This male product does promote that it’s for men of all ages who are suffering from any type of sexual dysfunction.

For a fact, they mention one reliable statement that no pill in today’s market can actually make the penis grow.

Therefore, Enzyte 24/7 should only increase the quality and potent of an erection.

Using this male formula, you should experience more sexual spontaneity and gain a satisfied sex life.

So if I were to use this product, my sex drive should enhance to perform better.


Enzyte 24/7 wants us (men) as customer users to take 1 capsule daily.

They do state that I should use it for at least 3 months for best results, which my erections will become more powerful and stimulates sexual responses.

Also, they claim that users will gain “permanent results“, which I’m assuming it’s similar to taking a multi-vitamin supplement, where this male product should build up the system.

However, multi-vitamins are known to be completely safe, and this Enzyte 24/7 may not be 100% safe !

Keep reading to find out more for your safety and sexual needs.Enzyte-247-side-effects-results-lawsuit-Steven-Warshak-scam-bob-false-claims-product-pills-supplement-new-formula-30-day-sample-becoming-alpha-male



  • Sexual Performance Increases
  • Heightens Erection Quality
  • Over 10 Years in the Market
  • Claims It’s Safe & Natural
  • Achieves Powerful Erections
  • Sexual Responses Stimulates
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. We found users to mention that it caused several side effects on them.
  2. The company does say that it can take up to 90 days to actually see results.
  3. Formula is not under the FDA rules, Regulations, etc.
  4. No clinically studies or any proof to back up the claims.
  5. Some actual buyers claims to experience unexpected results or no improvements.
  6. No doctor recommendation found to approve and see if the product is really safe.
  7. Does not say anything about the shipping package, if it’s discreet for the privacy of all buyers.


Side Effects – Lawsuit

According to our sources, Enzyte product has given several men serious negative side effects.

The first generation of “Enzyte” formula, we found resources that it caused users to speed up heart rate and increase high blood pressure because of the high dosage of Yohimbe ingredient.

Users experience facial heat and redness, which causes allergic reactions such as Hives, rashes and overall facial swollen.

Sleeping problems have been reported.

We can basically compare this item to “Viagra” prescription drug since it caused men several dangerous side effects.

However, we found an online source from years ago that one of the customer user filed a lawsuit against Enzyte manufacturer (Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals LLC) for advertising false claims, such as “100% Safe with a 98.3% Success Rate” , increasing “penis size length up to 3 inches“, and enlargement on girth by 41%.

Yet, what happened was, the formula caused harmful side effects to thousands of men.Enzyte-247-side-effects-results-lawsuit-Steven-Warshak-scam-bob-false-claims-product-pills-supplement-new-formula-scam-becoming-alpha-male

And when they tried going for the full refund (as money back guarantee), the company made several confusions to not process the return policy.

In 2008, the CEO (Steven Warshak), who was responsible for the “Enzyte” product was sentenced to jail and “ordered to forfeit $500 million assets“.

By 2009, the company changed the name to (Vienda LLC), and updated the original “Enzyte” formula to “Enzyte 24/7”.

Read on !


Even though the new generation of “Enzyte” seems to have improved the formula’s complex for higher quality and optimized the ingredient dosing for the new “Enzyte 24/7”, side effects are still being reported till still day.

Vienda LLC, does mention a 60 day money back guarantee at the Enzyte 24/7 official website.

But I’m assuming that now it should be easier to return the product and grab the full refund.

Perhaps, (Vienda LLC) manufacturer does sell other products as well and they provided a phone number to contact them at a 1866 phone number.

Amazon also have Enzyte 24/7 supply available as well.

Closing Thoughts

Yes, Enzyte 24/7 is the newest formulation, but that doesn’t mean it’s really worth it !

Especially, since this male product does not have any proof from clinical studies or from any doctor recommendation that now, it’s safe for all consumers to use the pills.

I mean, having a bad reputation and no actual user reviews to mention that they gained any improvements from any individual website, I personally would not use this item whatsoever.

In fact, the only male enhancement supplement that I would personally use for my sexual needs to improve overall sexual health and function, is the VigRx Plus formula.

Why only VigRx Plus?

They have several doctors approval for not just the safety of all users, but the formula’s effectiveness as well.

According to our sources, users have experience many positive benefits of improvements from this VigRX Plus male enhancement.

Yet, the company is reliable and well-respected manufacturer with high reputation on the male enhancement industry.


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