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Erection Fitness – Comparing Exercise Programs Here – Review Must See


Erection Fitness – Comparing Exercise Programs Here – Review Must See

Did you know that the male’s organ is not a muscle?

However, the Erection Fitness program claims that by exercising the penis tissues, will cause real growth within 120 days.

So looking through the primary website, they mention to measure the size after 3-4 months and you should see noticeable great gains of growth on your member size.

Is that true? Can this exercise program really back up the claims? Well, does it really work?

Take a quick second of your own time and see it yourself right here on this review!Erection-Fitness-Program-review-exercise-does-erection-fitness-work-how-it-works-compare-programs-penis-health-penis-access-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Guide/Product: Erection Fitness

Official Website: www.ErectionFitness.com

Minimum Price: System – $97.00 with Bonuses

Overall Rank (out of 100): 93 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 120 Days

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is Erection Fitness Program?

ErectionFitness is an online program to guide men through step-by-step on how to do the penile exercises techniques on the penis chambers to cause enlargement on both length and girth.

This penis enlargement system does say to have tons of videos and tutorials on how do it correctly by just using your own bare hands.

According to the official website, there is no need to use any drugs, gadgets or get under a knife for penile surgery for adding gains to your manhood there.

Perhaps, they mention that the process of this program is like a “bodybuilder’s routine” with the same approach as training the penis.

But like I said, the penis is not a “muscle“, but a spongy tissue organ.

The ErectionFitness program is from a company called (Leading Edge Health, LLC) and we do know that it’s a high-reputation manufacturer who have developed quality supplements for men’s sexual and general health.

The company’s headquarter is based in the USA and they have more than a decade in the male industry helping thousands of men around the world.

How do I know this?

Well, we have done reviews on several products they created and some of these sexual supplements gained the most points because of proof of evidence, real professional endorsements and consumers was found to share their own experience.

YES, these sexual male products are the ones that this ErectionFitness system conjuncted with the exercises, when purchasing this penis enlargement program.

How Should ErectionFitness Work?

According to the official website, the system carries a routine plan called “The Men’s 120-Day Plan for Extraordinary Penis Enlargement“.

With step-by-step guiding on how to exercise the penis, they claim to stretch the ligaments and strengthen the erectile tissues, which allows the cells to multiply plus hold more blood by just using your own hands.

And as I mention previously, the program does not only include exercises to do, but a month supply of the VigRX Plus male enhancement pills and the VigRX Erection-Fitness-Program-review-penis-penile-exercise-does-erection-fitness-work-how-it-works-compare-programs-penis-health-penis-access-becoming-alpha-maleOil lubricant to boost up blood rushing to the tissues while training the penis.

Yes, I do have experienced the VigRX Oil and found it one of the best male booster to enhance the hardness of erections, plus other benefits.


Moreover, the exercises should be easy-to-follow as they explain and they share to have everything set up in the program, where it comes with a schedule plan on what to do each day’s routine of the week.

ErectionFitness exercise program mention that each week, there’s new routines with demonstrating on how it works and how to do them.

With more than 10+ years on the industry, they said to have proven evidence that all men can achieve gains.

The system does state to have all members motivated all the time and by 4-6 weeks, performers should notice results of not just in penis size of growth, but other sexual improvements as well.

Keep reading !

What Are The Results To Expect?

For users who follow the program for 3 full months or more, can expect gains up to 2″ inches as what ErectionFitness website claims.

You should notice a fuller and longer penis with much stronger erections.

They mention to help improve sex drive, control ejaculation for longer-lasting orgasms and increase overall sexual performance.

So you’re probably thinking, how do “exercises” improve all of that?

Well, unlike other penis enlargement exercise programs, ErecitonFitness comes with the male enhancement supplies of pills and a lubricant formula, as I mentioned previously.

So basically, improvements to orgasms quality, harder and firmer erections should be on demand as well.


The exclusive bootcamp comes with 4 stages and each one, they promote that it will help you on what to do next.

By the last stage, folks who performed the “high-intensity exercises” should have already reached desired gains and by this time, the program states to help you maintain and keep the size of growth you’ve achieved.

Furthermore, of course you will have to take action and perform the proper routines while taking the pills daily and using the lube to gain faster results.

VigRX Plus male enhancement pills have several features, such as increasing libido levels, cure the erectile disorder, stamina and others.

Now the VigRx Oil is for the penile exercises, where it absorbs 95% of the sexual ingredients to the penis tissues and I actually did use this incredible lubricant.

Overview Structure

The Benefits:

  • Increases Length Size up to 2″ InchesErection-Fitness-Program-review-penis-penile-exercise-does-erection-fitness-work-how-it-works-compare-programs-penis-health-penis-access-website-system-becoming-alpha-male
  • Should add Girth for a Thicker Penis
  • Enhances Sex Drive + Sexual Performance
  • Program teaches Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Includes Male Enhancement Pills – VigRx Plus
  • Mentions it’s Completely Safe & Effective
  • Thomas Delorme, M.D Endorsement
  • Stimulates Orgasms Quality – Intensity
  • The System carries a Lubricant Formula
  • Gain Stronger, Harder and Bigger Erections
  • Helps Control Ejaculation – Longer-Lasting
  • Should Cure the Erectile Dysfunction Issue
  • From a Respected & High-Reputation Company
  • Increases Sexual Stamina, Libido & More
  • Program comes with Schedule Routines & Plans
  • Claims within 3 Months to add real Growth of Gains
  • Mention to Keep Members Motivated with New Routines
  • Enhances Sexual Pleasure, Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Improves Overall Sexual Health & Function – Sex Life
  • Carries a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on Everything

The Lowdowns:

  1. Even though the program claims to increase penis size within 2-3 months, they only carry a 60 day money back guarantee when other exercise programs cover a full 6 month but only exercises alone.
  2. They included a professional expert (Thomas Delorme, M.D) as to approve the program, but no background of this doctor provided at the official website.


For those who don’t know, when a company/manufacturer has a high-reputation and are quite known in the industry, that’s usually a good sign.

Most of their products such as the VigRx Plus pills, the oil lubricant recognized as VigRx Oil, plus this ErectionFitness program are backup by real professional medical-doctors.

ErectionFitness includes a 60 day money back guarantee because they seem to have confidence that members will notice results within this period of time.

Unlike other programs who does have a 6 month guarantee with no male enhancement pills or no lubricant formula, which means, it takes up to 180 days to see results or no size gains at all by just doing exercises alone.

Moreover, both of the supplies should come in discreet in a plain package with no content provided at the delivery mail.

Final Thoughts

By doing just exercises alone, which is the same as bodybuilding training without any type of supplementation, etc, you can expect very little gains.

But with the use of VigRx Plus, which I have done a review on it where it got the most points out of many male enhancements, plus with the help of VigRx Oil who gives instant hard erections, I believe it that size growth can occur with using these quality products and exercises all together.

However, according to our sources, exercises is one of the main key to hold the sexual nutrients as (VigRx Plus formula’s compounds and VigRX Oil ingredients) in the penis chambers, which, can cause optimal growth of 2″ inches as the company mentions.Erection-Fitness-VigRx-Plus-VigRx-Oil-Program-review-exercise-does-erection-fitness-work-how-it-works-compare-programs-penis-health-penis-access-becoming-alpha-male


Now let’s compare the top exercise programs with this ErectionFitness.

PenisAccess system claims up to 3″ inches in length by doing only and I mean ONLY exercises for “5 minutes” per day and can take up to 6 months, which seems unreal in reality.

The PenisHealth program does have over 300+ videos and pictures, where it can get overwhelming with so many unnecessary “videos” in my opinion.


All you need is the exercise routines and techniques that works, as ErecitonFitness mentions.

PenisHealth wants folks to perform only “8 minutes 3 times a week“, but carries nothing as no male enhancement pills or any lubricant formula, which is the same as the PenisAccess system with just doing exercises alone.

ErectionFitness program is the same price as the PenisHealth Diamond package, which the ErectionFitness (www.ErectionFitness.com) wins due to the extra bonuses of the male pills and lube for much faster results.

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