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Erectzan Pills – Does Erectzan Actually Work? Maybe..! – Only at This Review to Find Out


Erectzan Pills – Does Erectzan Actually Work? Maybe..! – Only at This Review to Find Out

A new recently formula called Erectzan was designed to boost men’s erections to be harder than ever, as the claims of ads.

Even though with over 30 quality ingredients, this male enhancement still questions us men, does erectZan actually work?

Well, let’s get to know what the pills have to offer at this review, instead of a just a hard erection.

Sit back and read on!ErectZan-Pills-natural-capsules-formula-male-sexual-enhancement-review-results-does-erectzan-actually-works-side-effects-review-results-reviews-Becoming-Alpha-Male


Name of Product: ErectZan®

Website: www.ErectZan.com

Available in Amazon Retailer

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $49.97

Overall Rank (out of 100): 85 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 12-16 Weeks

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee



What Are ErectZan® Pills?

This supplement is a sexual male enhancement and the name says it all, ErectZan.

The main purpose with its proprietary combination of ingredients, is to target the nitric oxide levels and relax the male genitals to send more blood flow to the penis chambers (corpora cavernosa) which creates a hard erection.

But not just results on erections quality, users should experience a better sexual performance and should boost stronger ejaculations for more sensitive and intense orgasms, as according to product’s label.

Since it’s a new formula with many ingredients, they have topped the male enhancement “leaders” category of pills.

ErectZan formula was first introduced in Florida, USA, conducted in a FDA approved laboratory for consumers safety, as they explained.

No, there is no prescription required.

Since they promote to be a powerful and effective product, if you have any pre-existing medical condition then they suggest speaking to a doctor or a physician prior on taking these pills.


As I mention previously, ErectZan product does have over 30 compounds all combined together which they are natural herbal extracts, nutrients and amino acids in a proprietary blend.ErectZan-Pills-ingredients-natural-capsules-formula-male-sexual-enhancement-review-results-does-erectzan-actually-works-side-effects-review-results-reviews-Becoming-Alpha-Male

The natural herbs included in the formula’s combination are Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, Catuaba Bark, Schizandra Berry, Cistanche Bark, Oyster Extract, Cinnamon, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, Ginkgo Biloba, Avena Sativa, Tongkat Ali, Cnidium, Maca Root, Cranberry Extract, Swedish Flower, Pine Bark Extract and the Bioperine.

Amino acids and nutrients would be L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Lysine, Zinc, and Niacin.


For Who Is ErectZan® For?

Are you having difficulty reaching a powerful erection in a sexual intercourse?

I mean when I just get next to my partner, my member here don’t even think twice.

Sometimes I have issues slowing down my hardness because I’m afraid my partner might think sex is all I’m looking for.

What about premature ejaculation?

Probably one of the worst issue ever! It’s when you can’t handle the sexual contraction so you release it quicker than ever.

ErectZan supposedly will change all of that, as the claims.

According to ErectZan official website, this product should enhance sex drive and stamina for a higher performance level.

The company does mention that erections would be longer, harder and stronger.

Sexual desire and libido levels will rise for more satisfaction, as they explained.

States to intensify orgasms with more power on ejaculation process.

In fact, the manufacturer of ErectZan claims that even when taking a couple shots of alcohol, erections should still be long-lasting and completely “hard“.

Overall confidence and pleasure enhances with improving sex life.



  • Erections reaches Longer, and Harder
  • Cures Erectile Dysfunction Problem
  • Sexual Desire and Satisfaction Increases
  • Stronger Orgasms for more Intensity
  • Under FDA & cGMP Requirements
  • Fix Premature Ejaculation – Control
  • Boosts Confidence + Pleasure
  • Enhance Sex Drive and Performance
  • No Prescription is Needed to Order It
  • Increases Sexual Stamina and Libido
  • Reached #1 Male Enhancer at a few Websites
  • All Natural Ingredients (Herbs, Amino Acids)
  • There is No Yohimbe in the Ingredients List
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (No Risk)


  1. According to our sources, a few users experienced minor side effects such as headaches, dizziness, etc due to the variety ingredients in ErectZan formula.
  2. Official website failed to show scientifically test of evidence or any clinical studies to prove that its effective and safe.
  3. It’s a non-recommended product from no doctors or I can say that no professional doctors have approved this formula.


The company recommends we as customer users to take 1 capsule in breakfast then another pill at night with a small meal before bedtime.

However, it does not state if we men can swallow a pill before sexual relate for the ingredients to kick in and enjoy better sex with more pleasure.

They do promote to take it for 12-16 weeks to gain maximum improvements.

However, since every man is different, some might have to keep using “to achieve the desired effect“, as according to them.


At the ErectZan official webpage, they provided an online chat available which any concerns or questions, I would ask and they should answer right away which is much faster than dialing a 1-800 phone number.

However, we have found that the same chat operator included in this product’s website, is the same person in the websites of the Hardazan Plus, and Maxis10 for the online chat.

Yes, they are both a male enhancement as well.

ErectZan manufacturer is located at Miami, Florida in the United States and they mention to be under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards for the safety of us, as customer users.



Furthermore, they do have a 60 day money back guarantee and unlike some other male enhancements out there, the refund is 100% money back because they should include the handling and shipping fees.

So if the product fails to give you (as a consumer) positive improvements or “negative” side effects, simply send it back.

ErectZan company added that all packages are 100% secured being discreet from showing any content about the product’s label.

Credit card statement should also be discreet.

Now if you don’t know, Amazon third-party website also carries it.


My conclusion about this all-natural herbal formula would be that even though it’s #1 in a few male enhancement websites, we found customer users in reviews to mention that they faced side effects such as headaches and others negative effects.

Some actually said to gain impressive results meaning it’s effective so yes, ErectZan actually works but it might be too strong for you.

Who knows!

From my personal experience, I have tried a product before who was too powerful for myself and I gained no results because the ingredients kept sending different signs to my mind where I only faced side effects as well.

I wouldn’t try this formula but then, the company does say it takes up 12-16 weeks for some to actually see results?

No clinical studies or no scientific evidence of data or structure to prove it’s safe for all men to use from the effectiveness.

In fact,there is actually one of my favorite “professional” male enhancement so far till this day and age, the VigRx Plus does have proof of evidence to everything regards consumers safety and effectiveness.


You should share any comments with us, I would love to read them. Feel free to get in touch with me for any helpful information or advice. It would be my pleasure to give you some honestly advice. Enjoy!

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