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Erexanol Cream – Works Instantly? Is There Any Side Effects? See Here!


Erexanol Cream – Works Instantly? Is There Any Side Effects? See Here!

A male enhancement cream who we found rated #1 in a few websites, they call it Erexanol.

This topical lubricant claims to give firmness in erections, increase sexual pleasure and several other benefits.

But the question is, does Erexanol cream work?

Can it help increase penis size and is there any side effects? We should learn all about Erexanol right here at this review.Erexanol-cream-user-review-side-effects-does-erexanol-work-ingredients-reviews-results-lubricant-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Erexanol

Official Website: www.Erexanol.com


Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $79.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 69 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 1-2 Months

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is Erexanol Cream?

There are a number of male enhancement lube formulas such as in gels, oil, etc but this Erexanol cream might just be one of the most expensive lubricant tube in today’s market.

A price of $79.95 for a single tube, I can say that not many folks around can afford the supplies.

Erexanol promotes to work “instantly” meaning as soon as I apply the recommendation amount onto the penis, it should work right away to enhance sexual ability in virility, erections quality, etc.

Yes, it’s a herbal formula claiming to deliver powerful ingredients for sexual quality experiences.

The manufacturer who developed this enhancer cream is the (M Labs Inc), and the Erexanol official webpage does not have any bio brief of this company’s background.

Like several lubricating tubes, there are no specific studies or any form of scientific data that this product can really back up the claims.

No professional expert to endorse Erexanol neither.

How It Should Work?

Lets have a quick look at how Erexanol claims to work!

Since the company promises to work immediately within 60 seconds, the powerful formulation uses a “cutting-edge transdermal delivery system” to boost blood flow to the penis chambers.

By doing that, they mention to expand blood vessels for more blood to fill in.

However, they claim to actually increase penis size plus gain improvements on overall sexual responses.

According to the official website, Erexanol gives a smooth texture on the penis skin to delivery the active ingredients directly to the tissues of the penis.

The absorption should fully take action.


The company have a list of many ingredients in the Erexanol formula but only the chief compounds have bio details on what it does.

Which, they are Maca Extract known to improve sexual impotence such as ED (erectile dysfunction), L-Arginine increases nitric oxide to boost blood circulation, and the main key (Methyl Nicotinate) to release the ingredients immediately through the penis tissues.

Perhaps, they included White Nettle to enhance sexual sensitive and ‘Green Tea extract‘ for extra blood flow as according to Erexanol website.

Yet, this compound does have Caffeine in it and according to John Collins who is the research leader of the creative Penis Enlargement Bible, Caffeine actually causes a side effect to ejaculate faster than we normally do.

What Are The Expected Results?

Erexanol lubricating cream does say to achieve results right away and if I were to apply this formula, they claim to experience stronger, firmer, and larger erections of more size.

I’m thinking here, how can a “creamincrease penis size within a short period of time?

However, sexual vigor, sex drive and stamina heightens up as well.

Overall confidence and satisfaction should build up and they also mention to regain improvements for a better sex life.

According to our sources, we have not found any real product’s user to indicate their experience for proof that this item actually works.

How To Use It?

All I would have to do is add a dime-size amount of this Erexanol cream prior to sexual activity or masturbation.

The company recommends to follow the directions and only use it for 4 times per week.

In that procedure, I would use it every other day to keep track of the application of cream and as the creators of Erexanol explained, within 1-2 months of using it correctly, “tremendous performance” and “significant improvements” in users sex life should achieve.

Yet, no results trials or any proof of evidence found so we can know if it’s really true of the incredible results of claims.


Pros:Erexanol-cream-user-review-side-effects-does-erexanol-work-ingredients-reviews-results-lubricant-amazon- where-to-buy-becoming-alpha-male

  • Enhances Erections Potential
  • Claims to increase Penis Size
  • Promotes Sexual Stamina
  • States to be an Herbal Topical Cream
  • Promotes to have All Natural Compounds
  • Should work extremely Fast as the Claims
  • Boosts up Self-Confidence and Pleasure
  • Sexual Vigor, Satisfaction + Sexual Virility
  • Only need to use it for 4 Times a Week
  • Claims to improve Overall Sexual Health
  • Use it Before sexual Activity or Masturbation
  • Company carries a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. Looking through the guarantee page, they mention if “you are one of the few men that this product does not work for then we will refund your money– Seems that the company is not 100% confident that their own formula (Erexanol) works.
  2. Failed to show any results structure or clinical studies/trials to have conducted on this formula.
  3. Expensive tube – $79.95 plus an additional fee of $7.95 for shipping/handling.
  4. A review we located does mention that Erexanol formula have a “detrimental effect” on latex condoms. – Side effects

Customer Support/GuaranteeErexanol-cream-user-review-side-effects-does-erexanol-work-ingredients-reviews-results-lubricant-amazon- where-to-buy-Guarantee-becoming-alpha-male

Yes, as I stated previously, Erexanol cream should be covered with a 30 return policy.

However, the company will only refund the price of the lubricant tube and not the shipping/handling fee as what they said at product’s official sales-page.

Even though the company is based in the USA, they do ship international as well.


How to contact them?

The official website provides a toll-free number to give them a call or via email.

Yes, all shipping orders comes in discrete in a “plain brown box” and on credit card statement should appear as “Health Formula“.

We did find it available in the Amazon website for a cheaper price ($69.99) but who would know if it’s the original/real formula from my personal experience.

My Bottom Line Conclusion

Since there is no proof to back up the claims where any real consumers or data can slightly back up the promises, I certainly wouldn’t bother to waste my $88 dollars of total to get a product like this who seems to most likely enhance sexual pleasure.

I can basically let you know that this formula is just ‘one of many male lubricants‘ in today’s industry with nothing “special”.

Works instantly?

Most of them have the same claims and of course not all works the way it should as the promises.

I personally used the VigRx Oil to help with my penile exercises since it boosts up blood rushing straight to the penis chambers to power up my manhood.

Which, hard erections are always on demand and since it tonify and moisture the penis skin, it actually feels good when I apply VigRX Oil lubricant formula.

However, the best thing about VigRX Oil is that it’s not sticky or greasy like several others out there.

The Enlargel who got the most points as well, we offered to show proof that one guy explained that his buddy actually increased penis size when using it.


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