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FastSize Extender Review – Is FastSize Extender Worth Using? Does it Really Work?


FastSize Extender Review – Is FastSize Extender Worth Using? Does it Really Work?

Over the decades, penile enlargement and/or enhancement has been documented, from expert reviews, as an issue that is subject to considerable abuse by unscrupulous internet and magazine vendors.

That is to say that fake male enhancement product retailers use this incident as an opportunity to scam several desperate folks out there. For this reason, we could rely on some honest, unbiased and responsive review like this to help curb this menace.

The undeniable interest of the male U.S population in non-surgical options for enlargement/enhancement has led to the offering of a host of non-medical traction devices amongst, which is the FastSize Extender which we will thoroughly analyze in this review.

According to the information found in several male enhancement promotional/retail web pages as regards the FastSize penis extender, it was described to be the best equipment we can use to make our penis grow to the size we want.

Let’s follow this review to find out all about the Fast Size extender !FastSize-Extender-Review-Is-FastSize-Extender-Worth-Using-Does-it-Really-Work-Fast-Size-system-penis-enlargement-traction-device-result-becoming-alpha-male

Name of Product: FastSize Extender

Websites: Found in Several Promoting Sites

Minimum Price: Different Prices Was Found

Overall Rank (out of 100): 67 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: At Least 3-6 Months

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Is FastSize Extender ?   

FastSize Extender is known to be a penis enlargement system (traction devise) that we can use to gain more length, width and girth of our sexual organ. It promotes to offer several other benefits as portrayed in several male enhancement promotional web pages.

From research done and findings obtained before putting up this honest review, the FastSize Extender was invented by (Brian Walters of FastSize LLC) since 1996 and it claims to be a high quality medical grade traction device.

The traction device, according to them, can increase the size of our penis up 35%, plus the fact that it can also improve the hardness of our erection.

As described in one of the third party web pages, the FastSize Extender is highly recommended for use for we men and also, it is backed up by studies from experts, hence, it guarantees the penis growth and size we need.

The FastSize Extender amongst other benefits, promotes to be a solution for Peyronie’s disease (curved penis) and also claims to circumvent the almost general problem of sexual disability commonly known as sexual dysfunction among male Forbes.

Obviously, research has shown that the use of medical grade traction devices is one of the ways to improve our sexual organ function, but so many of these systems are seen here and there in several internet directories with some falsified.

Therefore, we need some guidance from responsible reviews as such.

However, what is important mostly is for us to see the proofs before and after use of such a system not just stated clinical expertise and/or medical studies.

Back to FastSize Extender !

How Does FastSize Extender Work?FastSize-Extender-Review-Is-FastSize-Extender-Worth-Using-Does-it-Really-Work-Fast-Size-system-penis-enlargement-traction-device-results-reviews-becoming-alpha-male

As stated in different male enhancement retail web pages, the FastSize Extender should stretch our penis safely in a unique manner and induce the renewal of cells to achieve a desired length, width and girth.

It has a comfortable fitting base ring made with a soft silicone strap that wraps around the penis head.

They mention that we can wear it overnight to promote the permanent growth of our penis.

Some of the internet directories where it was found described the FastSize Extender as a safe, effective and an easy to use device that will increase our penis size, improve our penile blood flow and consequently give us a harder, stronger and longer lasting penile erection.

The recommended usage time, according to its maker(s) should be three-six months.

FastSize Extender maker(s) primary website was not found, which means it has no official website, but clinical studies in form of a PDF file as well as doctor’s (urologist’s) recommendations were seen.

In some retailers’ websites, the FastSize Extender promises that by using this penis enlargement/enhancement system, that we end users will achieve a penis length increase of up to 35% more.

It also promotes to handle Peyronie’s disease (undesired penis curvature).

Moving down more along the promotional web pages, proofs and back up studies were mentioned.


The Fastsize Extender shares it has been proven in a recent IRB-reviewed clinical study to increase both the length and the girth of our penis while significantly reducing our penis curvature in 100% of cases.

There seems to be clinical proofs backing up these claims and promises.

Scrolling through one of its retail web page, I clicked on clinical proof button which brought out a PDF review where the FastSize Extender was explained, by some healthcare professionals, to be effective for treating Peyronie’s disease.

It should be safe, reliable and effective as it claims to be devoid of side effects while giving a permanent increase in penis size, length and girth.

It claims to achieve up to 35% penis length, width and girth within the first 3 months of usage, plus gain thicker and harder erection.

With reference to a third party web page which described this device, it was stated to have received much publicity and featured in several men’s health archives while being recommended by urologists throughout the world.

A button in one of the promotional website which was supposed to redirect to the system’s official website displayed this statement; “FastSize Extender, No Longer Available”.

Continue Reading to find out more about FastSize Extender!FastSize-Extender-Review-Is-FastSize-Extender-Worth-Using-Does-it-Really-Work-Fast-Size-system-penis-enlargement-traction-device-result-extender-becoming-alpha-male


The Positives:

  • Claims to Increase Penis Size by 35%
  • Stronger, Harder and Longer Erections
  • Promise to Straighten Penile Appearance
  • Permanent Increase in Length and Girth
  • Enhance Sexual Satisfaction + Confidence
  • Mentions that No Side Effects Reported
  • Recommended by Urologists (FastSize Advisory Board)
  • States that It’s Accepted in the Medical Community
  • Provides Clinical Proof/studies for Peyronie’s Disease
  • One Retailer Mentions Free Shipping in The U.S.

The Negatives:

  1. No picture before use and result after was seen.
  2. Period of refund for money back guarantee was not stated.
  3. Does not have an official website to make it more professional.
  4. Some promoters reviewed it into have gone to exile.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The FastSize Extender was promoted to have been approved by urologists, therefore, further doctor’s support might not be needed.

No discrete shipping term was stated, but retailer share to offer “free shipping within the U.S“.

Now for the money back guarantee!?

They offer fund policy, but the duration was not stated or you might as well check with the retailer, if I ever to get this item.

In fact, it does seem like this FastSize extender have been on the market for over a decade. Yet, no official website was found !

My Opinion and Advice

From my research and findings obtained before putting up this honest and unbiased review, the FastSize Extender could be classified as normal conventional medical grade traction devise.

Even with its stated proofs by healthcare experts/urologists, better alternatives are still available.

Also, the issue of unclear refund policy found in sub-websites (not even in the owner’s website makes it questionable).

Plus, I can’t see why some of the retailers no longer have this “penis extender” device available to purchase, which it several questions pops up in my mind.

And no official website to make it more professional, where the company has it has been on the market since 1996, there have to be reasons why it’s not available.

So I figured that I should show you something that definitely caught my eyes !X4-Labs-Male-enlargement-extender-review-results-how-to-use-x4-labs-extender-method-world-trusted-brand-becoming-alpha-male

The X4 Labs is the most advanced penis enlargement extender in today’s industry, which I have done a number of reviews based on extenders and till this day, it’s the top traction device available.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, go ahead and take a step forward to find out why in my review on all about here ! 


I expect that this honest review should enlighten us as regards to this product. Also, your questions would be highly welcome in areas where you find confusing; all you do is to drop me on the line below, Feel free !

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