Feminil Review – Are The Feminil Pills Really Effective or Scam? See Details Here!

Feminil Review – Are The Feminil Pills Really Effective or Scam? See Details Here!

We have discussed a good number of products by 500Cosmetics in the past.

Ideally, one can simply conclude that this company stands strongly behind each product of theirs. From experience, this is not always the case because it may possibly not be as we expect.

This is a supplement named Feminil. Going further into the product’s official website, the manufacturer’s description of the formula implies that it offers many benefits when it comes to women’s sexual life.

Could this be one of those conventional products in the market that become harmful to health in the long run?

Are the ingredients certified? Are there genuine expert recommendations and guarantee to support the product claims?

All these and others are to be addressed in this independent review.

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Name of Product: FeminilFeminil-Review-Are-The-Feminil-Pills-Really-Effective-or-Scam-See-Details-Here-Capsules-Female-Sexual-Enhacement-Results-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Official Website: www.Feminil.com

Best Price: Buy 4 + 3 For Free + Bonuses = $164.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 79 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day Refund Policy

What is Feminil?

Feminil is marketed as a natural female libido booster. In paraphrase, it promotes to increase sexual desire in women.

According to the manufacturer, Feminil is a supplement that favors hormonal balance while reducing the symptoms of menopause in women. This is geared towards improving the sex life of women with low or no sex urge.

It should be completely natural, hence should not cause any harmful side effects. It is not a drug, hence there is no need for a medical prescription before buying it.

More so, Feminil promotes to have undergone a series of tests in a certified standard laboratory. It is said to have met the EU standard and it is recommended by healthcare experts (doctors).

500Cosmetics share to offer discreet shipping for all purchased products to ensure customers’ privacy. It seems they have some impressing guarantee.

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Ingredients at a Glance

Feminil labels to contain natural and potent ingredients that promote the necessary hormonal balance to allow the control of sexual response in women.

The constituents are Maca, Niacin, Gingko Biloba, Herba Epimedil Extracts, Herba Tribulus Terrestris, Astragalus Membranaceus and Bioperine.Feminil-Review-Are-The-Feminil-Pills-Really-Effective-or-Scam-See-Details-Here-Capsules-Female-Femine-Sexual-Enhacement-Results-Website-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Feminil is available on the manufacturer’s official website as a capsule dosage form.

The manufacturer’s direction is that we take one (1) capsule/pill after breakfast or lunch with water or warm milk.

How Does Feminil Work?

In line with the manufacturer’s description of the product, Feminil increases blood flow, excites the clitoris and increases muscle relaxation.

The above effect is said to naturally increase vaginal lubrication while causing greater sensitivity in this area.

Feminil intensifies sexual sensation, accelerates sexual awakening/climax, optimizes orgasm and increases the possibility of achieving multiple orgasms.

Who Is it For?

Feminil pills promote it’s for women who want to get good benefits out of their sex life.

500Cosmetics share that this supplement is for women who want to increase their sexual libido and make sex more pleasurable.

According to them, it is to be used by individuals who are up to the age of 18. Similarly, folks who are allergic to the ingredients, pregnant or breastfeeding should not use Feminil.

It is not for women with health conditions like heart problem, liver problem, high blood pressure, glaucoma, and diabetes.

Also, people who are on antidepressants or medication for treating emotional or psychological disorder are not meant to use this supplement.


The Good:Feminil-Review-Are-The-Feminil-Pills-Really-Effective-or-Scam-See-Details-Here-Capsules-Female-Sexual-Enhacement-Results-Website-Becoming-Alpha-Male

  • Increases Sexual Libido;
  • Reduces Menopause Symptoms;
  • More Sexual Pleasure;
  • Supports Multiple Orgasm;
  • Improves Overall Sex Life;
  • Completely Natural;
  • Clinically Proven;
  • Doctors’ Recommended;
  • Made in Certified Facilities;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • No Side Effects;
  • Official Website Exists;
  • Company Offer Refunds;
  • Company’s Profile Exists;
  • Money Back Guarantee.

The Bad:

  1. No video testimonies or unique reviews were seen to show users before and their results after using the product;
  2. Not manufactured in the United States for higher standards;
  3. It only available online.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The manufacturer of Feminil shares to give refunds to women who used the supplement, which is only if they did not achieve the results expected.

According to them, it should be within a period of sixty (60) days.

Feminil women sex enhancement supplement mentions it’s safe and effective, therefore is devoid of causing any health hazard.

In an effort to protect customers’ privacy, they provide discreet shipping for all purchased items.

On the other hand, there exists a live support platform on the company’s official website. Users can contact the manufacturer by direct phone call or by emailing them.

Final Facts

At first, I felt that Feminil is below average when it comes to increasing female libido or sexual pleasure because it contains very few ingredients.

Undoubtedly, this formula’s ingredients that could give positive results in addressing female libido are not many compared to other female sexual enhancement product in the market.

On the positive side, the manufacturer states to have clinical backup and certifications for this supplement.

Similarly, Feminil pills are priced reasonably at a price affordable to most women. It comes with a reasonable refund policy in that users who are not delighted with their result, can ask for a refund.

We will not fail to note that Feminil manufacturing company is based on Dutch located in Spain.

Any product ordered will be shipped from this location. Consequently, there could be some difficulties in getting first class customer service and the product’s shipping cost may be a bit high.Feminil-Review-Are-The-Feminil-Pills-Really-Effective-or-Scam-See-Details-Here-Capsules-Female-Femine-Sexual-Enhacement-Result-Website-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Judging from the few sex enhancement constituents of Feminil, I could say that customers should resort to higher quality female sex enhancing products manufactured in the U.S under higher and safer standards.

Generally, Feminil female libido enhancement formula is worth considering by women, but it may not provide the dramatic libido-boosting effect typical with some more proven and effective products out there.

That is, it is not the best option for women who want to get results very fast, in my opinion.

Having made these important highlights known to all, we can visit the manufacturing company’s primary website (www.Feminil.com) in case we need more information.

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