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FleshTube Penis Pump – Heres Before & After Results – Penis Enlargement


FleshTube Penis Pump – Heres Before & After Results – Penis Enlargement

We have come across a whole different type of penis pump.

Fleshtube device carries a fleshy soft-pink lady-base to enhance erections size and of course, stimulate sexual pleasure.

Folks using this device would have to be careful though and not ejaculate but use it as an exercise pumping tool for penis enlargement.

We actually found a number of users reviews and what are they saying?

You’re at the right place to find out everything!



Name of Product: FleshTube Penis Pump

Website: Available in Several Retailers


Minimum Price: Amazon – $27.80

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Have to Check with Retailers

What Exactly Is FleshTube Penis Pump ?

The product labels to be a penis enlargement pump and they designed it to give more pleasure and satisfaction for men when using this unique device to increase penis size.

The product does not have an official website but available in many third-party websites.

They all mention that it’s easy-to-use and operators can perform with a one single hand.

I actually found it slightly cheap but we all know that we get for what we pay for so, can FleshTube Penis Pump really enlarge penis size?

Well, let’s see consumers before and after results !

FleshTube Penis Pump device is one of those products that we are unable to get enough information, such as its company name, clinical proof or nothing.

It’s seems to be more of a “fun toy” instead of being a “serious” penis enlargement method.

The cylinder tube comes in a clear vision with a Soft Pink Lady opening, which they share that it’s completely easy to enter.

As they all explained, it carries a Hi-Tech Pump System for the vacuum process to pump up with less effort.

They also added that it’s the “new & advanced” technology in today’s market.

How Does FleshTube Penis Pump Work?

Since FleshTube Penis Pump has a vacuum system, there is no need to do the “pumping” process by manually “jerking” the device up and down.

This easy-to-use penis pump works by gripping the curve of your hand and then pull up with your fingers which starts the suction process.

Yes, like most penis pump in today’s market, it includes a push-release valve to release the air-suction action immediately.

It comes with a flexible hose for the air-pressure vacuum.

According to them, it’s a safe device and using it properly, should not cause any harmful side effects.

What Are Users Saying?

One of them shared a review on Amazon stating that it works completely perfect, being fun and enjoyable, which results in penis growth as “her man got bigger in width and length” since after “she pumped him up, they had fun together“.

One of them said to give him more pleasure plus he mentions that it feels good to have your member inside the tube.

However, there are a lot more negative reviews than good.

One of them mention that the cylinder has sharp edges, which is not so smooth and as he explained, after one or two uses, rips through the seal.

Someone else added that it works fine without the “fleshy” base.

The negative and bad reviews is that the “Soft Pink Lady Tip” is too tight and small, where the device fails to allow them to enter in which depends on the girth-size of your manhood, you might not be able to use it.

Most of them mention to have an average or even smaller than that, so what’s the whole point if you can’t get inside?

However, more than 90% of folks claimed it does not work at all and since it’s cheap, one of them described as a “crap” item.

It also allows air to come out the cylinder tube and the rubber seal is not “soft” enough as FleshTube Penis Pump claims.

One of them got the device with a broken seal. Here’s the proof !




  • Claims to enlarge penis in Girth
  • Shares to Heighten up Length
  • Promotes to be 100% Safe
  • Fair Price – Affordable
  • Soft Pink Lady Tip – Entrance
  • Adds more Overall Pleasure
  • States that it’s an Effortless Tool
  • Available in Several Sites
  • Easy-To-Use – One Hand Operates
  • Extra Long Cylinder Tube
  • Adds Fun and Enjoyable Moments
  • 2 Customer Review said to Increase Size
  • Comes in Clear Visual to See through
  • Creates Satisfaction on User


  1. The product label does not state to help with erectile dysfunction.
  2. No proof from any professional that it can really “enlarge” penis size.
  3. Out of 23 consumer reviews, 20 of them experience negative results.
  4. There is no official website but since many retailers promotes it, they all failed lack of information.
  5. Few buyers claimed that the penis pump came in broken.
  6. The “Soft Pink Lady Tip” does not allow a certain penis size to enter in the cylinder tube.
  7. Within a few uses, the FleshTube Penis Pump breaks. – Cheap material
  8. The cylinder tube carries sharp edges. – Unsafe
  9. Air leaks through the suction vacuum process from the bottom base.


Final Facts

Is it really worth it?

Not at all in my opinion..

With only 2 reviews who actually claims to have their manhood increased in size, there really is no way to believe it.

As I mention earlier, FleshTube Penis Pump device is more of an enjoyable and “fun toy”, and depending on the size of buyer’s penis, it might not even be a fun choice since the entrance is very small and tight.

But, if you want to check it out, I’ll throw you the URL to Amazon retailer.

You probably haven’t heard of the new advanced water-pumps, right?

Well, they have been all over the media, especially on top rows for the best penis enlargement pumps.

The BathMate and Penomet method is exclusively taking over because users can operate it during bath/shower or alone.

Yet, the Penomet gained more points since the complete package comes with 5 different gaiters for pressure settings.

Now the BathMate, folks would have to choose the size that best fits them, when Penomet can simply change the setting in a quick second.

Yes, we was able to find real consumers who shared their experience on adding growth gains.

You might want to stop by real quick at my reviews and check it out instead of looking for a “basic” penis pump online.


You should feel completely free to throw me your opinion or concerns regards whatever is in your mind. I would love to hear from you or if you have any experience with a penis pump, leave me a reply.

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