Gnetics Extender Review – Penis Enlargement Before and After Results? Read Review Here!

Gnetics Extender Review – Penis Enlargement Before and After Results?  Read Review Here!

The extent of sexual satisfaction women gets overtime has been attributed to the penis size and sometimes length.

Since most men already know this, a good number of them would do anything that seems to help to cue up.

Consequently, many companies have come up with different products claiming to provide a solution to the problems of size.

A device by the name Gnetics Extender claims to be a highly effective product for achieving an expected member size.

It is available online on the company’s official website. But, is Gnetics Extender a real device for size?

This and others will be unraveled in this independent review.

Carefully read the review to get the details!


Name of Product: Gnetics ExtenderGnetics-Extender-Review-Penis-Enlargement-Before-and-After-Results-Read-Review-Here-Device-GneticsExtender-Gnetics-Size-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Regular Pack – $169

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 8-24 Weeks

Refund Policy: 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is Gnetics Extender ?

Gnetics Extender is said to be a penis extender that is comfortable and effective. It is a traction device made by 500Cosmetics.

According to them, it will increase the size (length and thickness) of our penis to about one (1) to three (3) inches. It has a digital timer to control the time of treatment.

From my findings, the product’s manufacturer states to have employed advanced technology and claims to be the best amongst its counterparts.

Gnetics Extender shares to have a clinical back up for the product details. It is recommended by doctors. It comes with a manual in multiple languages, instructional CD in multiple languages.

Additionally, it was mentioned that when we buy the Gnetics Extender, we will be given access to Gnetics Exercise program (an innovative natural penis enlargement program).

The company mentions that we can wear this extender at any time of the day and at different time intervals. The treatment results, according to them depend on the tension applied through the device and how long we wear the device.Gnetics-Extender-Review-Penis-Enlargement-Before-and-After-Results-Read-Review-Here-Device-GneticsExtender-Gnetics-Size-Traction-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Additionally, Gnetics Extender should correct penis curvature when used for a few months.

Are there other proofs that substantiate the safety and effectiveness of this device? It seems the company has them.

Content at a Glance

Gnetics Extender is said to employ advanced Ergoturn technology, which makes the device capable of rotating and maintaining the applied pressure.

It incorporates a multifunctional silicone clasp and an integrated multifunctional timer.

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How Does it Work?

According to the manufacturer, Gnetics Extender works by the principle of traction. It states to affect the penis chamber (corpus cavernosum).

The penis chamber is known to expand and get filled with blood for an erection to occur.

Gnetics Extender should increase the blood holding capacity of this chamber, hence its ability to increase the size of the penis.Gnetics-Extender-Review-Penis-Enlargement-Before-and-After-Results-Read-Review-Here-Device-GneticsExtender-Gnetics-Size-Traction-websites-Becoming-Alpha-Male

In this way, we get an enlarged penis of about 1 to 3 inches, thickened penis both in length and girth.

Who Is it For?

This device is for men who want to get an expected increase in their penis size. Folks who suffer from penis curvature will benefit from using this device as mentioned.

From the details obtained, Gnetics Extender can be used by men who have reached 14-16 with the consent of their parents.

According to the manufacturer, it can as well be used at an advanced age (60-70) as studies show that traction can make the tissue grow at any age.

It is for men whose penis erect state is up to three (3) inches. This is the manufacturer’s recommended requirement for using Gnetics Extender.

Gnetics Extender should not be transferred to another person to use. However, it should not be used in folks whose condition require the diagnosis, prevention, cure or treatment of any disease.


The Positives:Gnetics-Extender-Review-Penis-Enlargement-Before-and-After-Results-Read-Review-Here-Device-GneticsExtender-Gnetics-Size-Traction-website-Becoming-Alpha-Male

  • Increases Penis Size;
  • More Girth and Length;
  • Cures Penis Curvature;
  • Permanent Results;
  • Patented Technology;
  • Doctors’ Recommended;
  • Clinically Proven;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • No Side Effects;
  • Pictures and Video Instructions;
  • Has Official Website;
  • Company’s Profile Exists;
  • Company Offer Refunds;
  • Users’ Testimonials Exists;
  • Before and After Pictures Seen;
  • Offer Free Exercise Program.

The Negatives:

  1. Gnetics Extender is only available online.

Customer Support/Guarantee

500Cosmetics seems to stand behind this device with a 90 days money back guarantee.

The implication of this is that if I use this device within this period without satisfaction, I can request for a refund.

In line with the manufacturer’s details, it is very effective and 100% safe. It should not cause any harmful side effect.

It is said to achieve a permanent result when used for a few months. There are video and picture instructions on how to use the device on the official website.

Similarly, the manufacturer can be reached through the different channels provided in their primary website.

Conclusion/My Personal Opinion

Gnetics Extender promotes to be the #1 penis enlargement device ever known. More research on the internet shows that the device is backed up by clinical studies.

It is recommended by urologists and other medical experts. I could also see it is registered with the European Union.

In paraphrase, Gnetics Extender states that it complies with all the requirements of the minimum safety standards.

It includes before and after pictures of users’ penis increase and I could find positive feedbacks given by its previous users.

The offer of a comprehensive exercise program by the manufacturer for best result makes the product more credible.

My opinion about this device!

Permit me to say that I have put together the important information about Gnetics Extender that should guide us in making our choices.Gnetics-Extender-Review-Penis-Enlargement-Before-and-After-Results-Read-Review-Here-Device-GneticsExtender-Gnetics-Size-Traction-Premium-Pack-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Unlike other products, the use of advanced technology of this device and the company’s incredible refund policy for the device is quite commendable.

Since it is labeled safe even by registered medical experts and comes with a detailed instruction for every user, I would urge us to get it from the Gnetics official website at ( and experience the effect ourselves.


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