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Grow XL Side Effects – Is it A Scam? Maybe Not, Find Out Here!


Grow XL Side Effects – Is it A Scam? Maybe Not, Find Out Here!

GrowXL supplement is one of the most famous free-trial on the male enhancement category, who recently have been around on the internet for a quite some time.

It seems to carry only 5 ingredients together in a blend, but it does say that the FDA have not approved the formula.

Which, it gets me thinking if it’s really worth giving the pills a shot for the free sample bottle.

However, lets find out because maybe it’s not scam, and if it is, than what are the side effects from using this GrowXL item.Grow-XL-Scam-Side-Effects-review-before-after-results-reviews-free-trial-sample-blast-xl-false-fake-Becoming-Alpha-Male


Name of Product: Grow XL

Website:  www.GrowXL.com

Minimum Price: Free Trial Bottle

Overall Rank (out of 100): 53 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 14 Days of Using It


What Exactly Is Grow XL?

The name of this male enhancement describes it all !

GrowXl claims to stimulate the production of blood cells and target blood flow to the penis chambers.

And by doing that, we as customer users should expect penis growth.

Thereby, they state that the more blood flows to the penis tissues, the faster the ingredients will help expand the penis chambers.Grow-XL-Scam-ingredients-Side-Effects-review-before-after-results-reviews-free-trial-sample-blast-xl-false-fake-Becoming-Alpha-Male

It seems that the company (AJAM Holdings LLC) made this male supplement with only 5 ingredients.

Yet, they claim that it’s an “extra stronger” formula, which promotes it should be more powerful than any other male enhancement out there.

The blended ingredients that contains in this formula would be Tribulus Terrestris, Citrus Aurantium, L-Arginine, Guarana and the one and only Caffeine.

But why Caffeine though, keep reading!

Grow XL Claims It’s For!?

This male product promotes that it’s for all men to increase sexual strength for more male power to create a hard erection.

States to boost my sexual stamina to the max level and enhances sexual desire.

Claims that this 5-ingredient formula will improve my sex life for the better.

Yet, I don’t know if that’s true because the FDA have not approved it, nor either no doctor recommendation to endorse the product and approve that it’s safe for us as customer users.

However, GrowXL does have a “non-value” graph from my personal opinion on the official website.

It shows that within the first month, I should gain incredible results for sexual improvements right away.

Yes, they do promote that this effective formula is 100% safe and natural.

How To take Grow XL? 

It recommends users to take 1 pill on a daily basis half an hour or an hour before sexual intercourse.

For the best results, they suggest me to take it with a meal.

Meanwhile, they added that I should feel “something” within 30 minutes from swallowing a GrowXL pill, but not in specific details of what this “something” could be.


The only way to contact their customer support team would be by calling them, where they do claim to be available for a 24 hour period of time.

Yet, It really is the only way to reach them. !

They failed to show any guarantee statement for if somehow I order more than the month supply, which it makes it seem that they don’t have a return policy whatsoever.

Wait, let’s talk about the Caffeine compound included in this formula’s complex.

Caffeine has a negative effect that causes issues with premature ejaculation.

Makes the prostate gland sensitive, which causes a shift of the nervous function to go the reverse way.

From my experience, Caffeine will make me ejaculate faster so therefore, I will not have the ability to satisfy my partner with this product who contains the Caffeine ingredient.



  • Claims to add Growth on Penis Size
  • Promotes to Maximize Sexual Power
  • Enhances Orgasms for more Desire
  • It’s a Free Bottle Trial-Basis – Sample


  1. No FDA approved and neither no doctor approval.
  2. Contains Caffeine, which causes to ejaculate much Faster.
  3. If ordering more than the 1 month Supply, no money back guarantee available.
  4. Yet, I might get more energy and power, but will release sperm quicker than ever.
  5. Does not have any clinically or scientific studies to back up any of their claims or if it’s completely safe as they promote.

Side Effects

According to actual user reviews who used this male product, consumers experienced several side effects, such as headaches, stomach discomfortable and others.

Even the official website mentions that if “feeling” any type of weirdnessthan you should automatically stop using it. Big NO-NO!


Conclusion About Grow XL

My closing thoughts about GrowXL is that it’s a big “scammy” item!


Well, because it wants buyers to grab an order for the free trial bottle and that way, they will automatically charge your credit card a fee of the monthly full bottle supplies or usually, alot more since it’s a program for a membership

Not only that, it will continue charging until you do something about it and get in touch with your bank customer service staffs to stop the credit card transaction.

I believe that there are no advantages to take this “Caffeine” male enhancement item from my personal opinion.

Especially with the negative side effects.

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