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Grow Your Penis Fast – Program/Book – Complete Review Right Here !


Grow Your Penis Fast – Program/Book – Complete Review Right Here !

Without any penis enlargement method, such as pumps, pills, or get under a knife for penile surgery, this GrowYourPenisFast book claims to enlarge penis size in a 100% natural way.

About 10,000 men have gained real massive growth from using the program, as they explain.

But that’s not all !

Let’s see how it works and if they can really back up the “gaining inches” claims, plus find out everything all about this penis enlargement book !Grow-Your-Penis-fast-book-guide-system-penis-enlargement-website-techniques-exercises-penile-program-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: ‘Grow Your Penis Fast’

Official Website: www.GrowYourPenisFast.com

Minimum Price: For $97.00 USD

Overall Rank (out of 100): 37 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 2-4 Months

Refund Policy: 2 Month Money Back Guarantee

What Is ‘GrowYourPenisFast‘ ?

Men who follow this penis enlargement guide, the makers promotes to expect a significant growth of 2-4″ inches.

The ‘Grow Your Penis Fast’ official website does have many information to read all in one single page !

Creators of the book does mention that it’s the easiest and most fastest way to add permanent size on your manhood.

It should be completely natural, effective and safe techniques for penis enlargement.

Yet, we all have come across claims like this and most of the time, it completely fails from my personal experience.

In fact, a guy who goes by the name of (Balfour Wright), is the creator and developer of this ‘Grow Your Penis Fast’ system.

However, let’s find out who he really is, Keep reading !

How To Grow The Penis?

As according to the creator of the ‘GrowYourPenisFast’ program, users will gain inches by only using their own bare hands in just a few minutes on the daily basis.

Yes, exactly what you’re thinking !

How can that really happen?

Moreover, all you would have to do is follow simple and easy steps on how to perform the penis enlargement exercises from the book.

They do state that the daily routines is somewhat effortless and won’t waste plenty of your time, since all it takes is just a few minutes to do these ‘scientifically proven” exercises.

As the program’s website explains, these simple-to-use techniques should work on the entire penile tissues of soft-muscles to expand maximum capacity.

Official website mentions a successful satisfaction rate of 98.2% in one area of the page, thenGrow-Your-Penis-fast-book-guide-system-penis-enlargement-official-website-techniques-exercises-penile-program-steps-guarantee-average-size-becoming-alpha-male it says success rate of 95%, which seems that they are only throwing numbers out.

The Expecting Results?

The average penis size is somewhere from 5.1″ to 5.7″, but the book says 6.5″ inches in length for the average size.

Yet, If 6.5″ is for average, not so many guys would be looking for penis enlargement, am I right !?

Therefore, following this book, should grow your penis by 2-4″ inches where they claim that thousands of men have “tried and tested with customer testimonial verified proof“.

Perhaps, the testimonies on its main page, it does say that members have gained a total of 4″ inches when using this ‘Grow Your Penis Fast’ system..

Another review of testimonial says, 1″ full inch in girth and one inch in length in just the first 3 weeks of following the book.

So basically, the promises is to gain an inch for each month? I think so !

Moreover, folks who uses this program should see improvements on self-esteem, satisfaction and overall confidence levels.

As I mention earlier, it’s not only a penis enlargement system because they promote to increase sexual performance, stamina, plus enhance the hardness of erections.



  • Grow Penis by 2-4″ InchesGrow-Your-Penis-fast-book-guide-system-penis-enlargement-official-website-techniques-exercises-penile-program-steps-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male
  • Does Mention Girth Gains
  • Improve Sexual Performance
  • Should be Completely Natural
  • Increases Rock-Hard Erections
  • Claims 100% Safe as Well
  • Promotes it’s “Proven to Work”
  • Boosts Up Self-Esteem Levels
  • Enhances Sexual Satisfaction
  • Only Takes a Few Minutes per Day
  • Claims Email Support – 24/7
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. I find it expensive for $97 US Dollars. Other similar exercises-programs are half as cheaper.
  2. Seems misleading and unrealistic claims to enlarge penis size by 2-4″ inches by only using your own bare hands and nothing else.
  3. There is no real proof of evidence to back up the promises of inches.
  4. Reading the whole main page, the information seems to only hype up visitors head and not enough info on program’s label.
  5. Over “9,000 members“, but no customer user found to indicate their experience with the book.
  6. They made a statement saying that folks are spending up to “ $2,000 per month ” on penis enlargement pills, where it’s over-exaggerated in my opinion.
  7. Failed to have any professional endorsement to approve the program.

Customer SupportGrow-Your-Penis-fast-book-guide-system-penis-enlargement-website-techniques-exercises-penile-program-steps-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male

“This system is backed up by REAL scientific proof and research“.. really?

Where is this proof at? Nothing at the official website, but only claims.

The “Grow Your Penis Fast” system is a guide to download in PDF for instant access and nothing should be delivered or mailed to your door.

Yes, it should cover up with a 2 month money back guarantee and if it fails to add growth of inches, folks will be entitled for the full refund, as what it states on the primary page.

For a fact, they included 3 bonuses when purchasing the system for $97.00 plus tax, which comes over to one hundred bucks.

Final Conclusion

From my personal opinion, the testimonies that they offer to show at their main page, seems completely unreal and probably fabricated from the makers of the book.

It’s only reviews of words, and no videos or audio speaking from their own voice to make it more realistic.Grow-Your-Penis-fast-book-guide-system-penis-enlargement-website-techniques-exercises-penile-program-steps-becoming-alpha-male

Okay so at first, they said that the success rate was 98%, then later on, the creator (Balfour Wright) said 95% success rate.

In fact, this one-person creator is not a “scientific” professional or a medical expert.

The whole complete page is only facts on what will happen with adding inches on penis size, but no specific details on how it really works, real medical proof or any scientific evidence, plus no doctor endorsement.

The program was introduced back in the year of 2009.

However, looking through search results, we was only able to find the ‘GrowYourPenisFast’ website, where no consumers or any other promoting site was found.

Is it a scam? We don’t know exact, but we sure do know that by only performing penile exercises, you’ll have a small chance to increase real massive gains, especially of “inches“.


How do I know?

If you don’t know, there are many penis enlargement programs out there, such as exercise guides and books.Penis-Enlargement-Bible-Pe-Bible-Pe-Enlargement-Bible-Secrets-Revealed-Growth-2-Step-Success-Story-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Now, if you want something that actually works with proof of evidence, the Penis Enlargement Bible is one of the best choice around.

It was the program that I personally used and I did achieve real and permanent gains because it’s been about over 2 months that I stopped the penis enlargement process and my growth of size is still here.

Nothing changed on my 8″ 1/2 size. Get out of the average crowd, and I encourage you to take a look at my review on how I actually did it !


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