Handsome Up Penis Pump – Does Handsome Up Work? Proof Here !

Handsome Up Penis Pump – Does Handsome Up Work? Proof Here!

Does Handsome Up Pump really work?

So that’s your question, am I right?

I mean, It does seem to be one of the cheapest penis pumps in today’s market but we all know, we usually get for what we pay for.

In fact, there is a number of consumers who used this typical pump and at this review, you’re looking at before and after results from real folks.Handsome-Up-penis-pump-review-before-after-results-consumers-does-handsome-up-work-scam-cheap-3-sleeves-penis-enlargement-becoming-alpha-male

Name of Product: Handsome Up Penis Pump

Website: Available in Several Retailers


Minimum Price: Whole Kit: $12-15 USD

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Must Check with Retailer

What Are Handsome Up Penis Pumps?

Why should we men pay a tremendous price for a penis pump, when there are several cheap ones in the male market?

But that’s not the case because even though it’s really cheap, it might not even be worth it!

Handsome Up kit comes with only 3 different sleeves to fit the size of your penis and according to our sources, it’s an air-vacuum technology to draw blood to the penis chambers.

They mention that this device pump will improve erections size and quality, treat the erectile dysfunction issue plus several other benefits.

Air pumps have been around for decades and many men have achieved results from using it.

Since Handsome Up penis pump does not have an official website, we’re relying on retailers reviews and search resources.

None of them explain who the company/manufacturer is that actually developed this item and since it’s a cheap device, we assume that no studies or anything has been conducted on this Handsome Up method.

Promoting websites actually, mention that it carries “quality materials“, but really though? Handsome-Up-penis-pump-review-before-after-results-consumers-does-handsome-up-work-scam-cheap-3-sleeves-kit-becoming-alpha-male

Keep following down!

How Does It Work?

In fact, the Handsome Up penis pump is no different from other “basic” pumps.

Which, what it should do is increase blood rushing to the male organ for stronger, harder erections.

All I would have to do is choose one of the size sleeves that best fit my member and apply this device method onto the penis, where the vacuum technology adds pressure for a suction process to maximize blood flow.

According to product’s label, it’s a light and easy-to-use pumping method for all men to benefit the sexual results of this Handsome Up penis device.

For Who Is It For?

Are you experiencing hard erections as how it used to be?

If not than Handsome Up pump claims it’s for you!

However, since I have been following the Penis Enlargement Bible and I do manual exercises, my erections are always hard, firmer and much stronger.

This pump item promotes to increase penis size by girth and length.

It should be the treatment to fix the erectile disorder condition and what’s that, you ask me?

When we men get sexual excitement and the penis fails to reach an erect state meaning a firm “erection“, then you might be suffering from this dysfunction issue.

Yet, you’re not the only one!

There is a large number of men worldwide who are facing this sexual problem.

Moreover, Handsome Up method states to also help treat mild curvature issue known as Peyronie’s Disease.

I bet it completely sucks to have a non-straight penis which in most cases, the middle section bends to a different direction.

Retailers also mention gaining sexual pleasure and satisfaction from using this item.

Is that really true?

How can a very cheap device like this claim several positive benefits?

Well, here’s the proof of what customer users are saying about it.




  • Gain Harder, Bigger Erections
  • Claims to Increase Penis Size
  • Promotes to reach Fast Results
  • Very Cheap – Can find it for $12
  • Treats Erectile Dysfunction
  • Enhances Erections Quality
  • Supports Mild Curvature Issues
  • States only Use it for 10-15 Min
  • Available Everywhere Online
  • Comes with 3 Sleeve Sizes


  1. It’s a basic penis pump. – There’s really no different from a number of air-pressure pump devices online.
  2. No official website found to make it more of a “reliable” product.
  3. There is no proof from studies or any data that’s it’s worth giving it a shot.
  4. None of the retail-sites explained if it’s comfortable or safe to cause no pain on consumers.
  5. Since it’s a cheap item, failed to have an expert to share product’s safety for all users.
  6. Folks who used this device described as “crap” and “waste of money“.
  7. Consumers explained that the quality is extremely low since it broke within the first 3 usages.
  8. One of them mention to get the Handsome Up pump delivered and it was “cracked” where he finds it as a joke.
  9. Most of them added that it does not work since they used it for more than a month and gained zero results. – Scam item? Maybe.


Customer Support

Usually, when a product has an official webpage, we can gather up most information regarding any clinical structure or the company’s name/background.

Perhaps, there is no way that the manufacturer can provide any scientific data for a cheap item like this, such as the effective results, safety endorsement, etc.

Handsome Up penis pump can be found for as little as $12 USD, but a variety of retailers does not carry a return policy.

So if it breaks or anything, you’re done.

Furthermore, one promoting website mention that this product was made in the UK country, where the quality is not that great.

Amazon retailer carries this Handsome Up penis pump.

Final Outcome

Now you tell me, is it really worth it?

Not at all, I personally wouldn’t bother with an item like this and we might as well save our $15 bucks on something else.

Did you know that there are new water” penis pumps available in today’s market?

Yes, it’s a lot more advanced, but don’t expect to be only a few bucks because like I said earlier, “we get for what Bathmate-male-enlargement-penis-water-pump-results-before-and-after-review-how-to-use-bath-mate-penis-size-pump-Effective-becoming-alpha-malewe pay for“..!

BathMate water-pump is very popular in several places so we reviewed it and found many benefits to actually use it.

But, we found a better one called Penomet, and it’s the same process to use it while taking a bath/shower or can operate it through the pure air as well.

Why is Penomet better?

Well, the full kit comes with 5 different gaiters and BathMate device, folks would have to choose the best size of the pump to fit their penis.

So basically, the Penomet pump device is a “5 pumps” all in one device because each one of these gaiters adds a setting for lower or higher pressure.

I would head over to either one of them and take a quick look. Who know’s, I might have saved your day. Throw me a comment below if I helped you with the right information.

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  1. Raj says:

    hai , u would like to use it but now I am in baharain can I buy over hare in baharain ?? If I can plz. Advise me

    • Hey Raj,

      Well, I’m not sure because I have found it on the USA Amazon retail website. All the way in Bahrain, I don’t know any website around there. Yet, there are much better options for you that will actually ship it to you all the way there, such as the Penomet Penis Growth pump. You can click here to check out the review to see if it’s for you or not. I’m sure you’ll be much happier if you decide on it.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  2. mohammad alam says:

    hello sir can this device really works to enlarge the penis?? does it have any side effects or not?? if so how long does it takes to complete the task i.e enlargement of penis…m very serious about this device. ..plz reply asap….

    • Hey Mohammad,

      Side effects is based on the user’s experience. However, there are too many negative reviews that was found about this handsome up pump, which if it really “breaks” easily as how previous customer users have mentioned, you might not even get any results for penis enlargement. I suggest going for something much more effective in terms of quality and safety.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  3. Rodrigo Hernandez says:

    could “Handsome Up” be used with water like bathmate??

    • Hey Rodrigo,

      Well, I personally don’t think so because “Handsome Up” is meant to use on air and not in water. Therefore, your best option would be the Bathmate device to use it in water.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  4. Khalid says:

    Hi Julio.
    please, help me out with me with this.
    Between X-30 Hydromax pump and Penomet pump, which is better and safe for use?
    which would you recommend to me?
    Thanks, I like your work.
    you really helped me with the above tips

  5. Jose says:

    Whats the side effect of pumping ones penis for enlargement,,,….does it fade out with time and years?

    • Hey Jose,

      Well, I can’t say much about this “Handsome Up pump”, but if you got for a high quality penis enlargement pump, such as the Penomet with a total of 5 settings, you should expect great results of penis growth and overtime when you have reached the size you want, I don’t think it will “fade out” unless you stop using your manhood there.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  6. beej says:

    Funny how its only nigerian men that are posting here, seems we nigerians have the worst dynsfunctional issues. confirms the problem is real . too much sugar, too much coke, juice, chocolate, still no solution. Well done for your review julio. quite helpful for many in this generation. keep it up man

    • Hey Beej,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. Yes, I will continue providing quality relevant information about all types of male products, to help us men.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  7. Marcus says:

    Please how do I get the product PANOMET? I stay in Nigeria and I don’t know the cost to bring it down here. Please kindly help me out

  8. zacharia says:

    Its first time using your product so i wanna would my enlarge penis last long

    • Hey Zacharia,

      Well, this item so called “Handsome up” is not my product. I don’t have no products, all I do here is write reviews based on the product’s info to point everyone to the right direction.

      Now regards if it works, there are many real users reviews/comments to share that it doesn’t work, it breaks easily. So in your case, I would go for something much more professional and that would be with the Penomet Water-Based Penis Enlargement Pump. Click here to visit the review !

      For Your Results,
      Julio – Editor/Founder

    • ezekiel says:

      Hello. Please I want to know if anybody from Nigeria has use the handsome up because I just want to purchase mine $ with your review, m havinga second thought.

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