HERBAL IGNITE – REVIEW; Does Herbal Ignite Really Work? Is Herbal Ignite Any Good? See Here

HERBAL IGNITE – REVIEW; Does Herbal Ignite Really Work? Is Herbal Ignite Any Good? See Here

Many natural male/female enhancement pills are being marketed online today with possible claims of high potency rating.

Depending on these marketing claims, some may work effectively in restoring normal, but healthier sexual function, supporting all-round sexual and mental virility of both sexes.

Amongst these herbal solutions is Herbal Ignite, which may be effective in enhancing one’s sex libido and stamina.

Yes, it’s some type of male pills that are promoting to be an effective male enhancement formula.

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Name of Product: Herbal Ignite

Official Website: www.HerbalIgnite.com

Minimum Price: Depends on Either for Him or Her

Overall Rank (out of 100): 78 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 2-3 Months

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is Herbal Ignite?

Herbal Ignite is a natural herbal supplement formulated from herbs.

These herbs have been clinically studied and proven to be effective in restoring and/or increasing one’s libido and sexual stamina.

Thus, it may improve an individual’s overall sexual performance.

Herbal Ignite is manufactured by a company called (Intenza International Pty Ltd).

According to information provided on herbalignite.com, Herbal Ignite is manufactured to the medicinal level of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and sold as a complementary medicine in Australia.

They have their offices in Auckland, New Zealand, Queensland Australia, and the USA.

There is also Herbal Ignite for Women formulated with natural herbs which may improve women’s sex drive and support hormonal balance.

Herbal Ignite enhancement pill comes in a sealed bottle containing 90 capsules.

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Ingredients in Herbal Ignite

The Herbal Ignite supplement is made with natural key herbs that may include the following;

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract: it works to support normal penile erection, increased production of quality sperm, and also supports developing muscles. It helps increase the size of erection and erection strength.

Each capsule of Herbal Ignite contains 190mg of Tribulus Terrestris extract (equivalent to 2.28dry leaf).

  • Horny Goat Weed: it is an aphrodisiac herb containing PDE-5 inhibitors that aids increased blood flow in the penis giving a stronger and harder erection. It helps to increase sexual desire and satisfaction as men grow older.

The content of Horny Goat Weed Extract in Herbal Ignite is 35mg (equivalent to 700mg of the herb).

  • Avena Sativa: this is a green shoot of wild oats employed as a stress tonic and treats Nicotin addiction. As an aphrodisiac in Herbal Ignite, it may promote sexual arousal, reduce burnout and combat feelings of stress and anxiety.

Herbal Ignite contains 125mg of Avena sativa extract (equivalent to 2.5mg of the dry leaf).

The Herbal Ignite for Women also contains;

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Dong Quai (Chinese Angelica): it is recognized as female ginseng.
  • Damiana: an aphrodisiac.

How Does It Work?

Herbal Ignite is made from herbs that work to improve one’s sexual vigor and provide support for libido and hormonal balance in both sexes.

These herbs are known to have therapeutic benefits for sexual health in traditional natural medicine.

It works to improve the production of testosterone, restore energy level, and enhance mental clarity and well being.

According to the manufacturer, herbal Ignite is no fast-acting sex pill.

It takes some time to start showing noticeable effects as it is spiked with hidden pharmaceutical ingredients.

As a matter of fact, results are expected to be seen within a week to ten days of taking the pill. Also, the results may last for some time after intake is stopped.

Herbal Ignite is recommended to be taken daily with food for 60-90days (2-3months), and according to body weight;

  • 3 capsules daily 60-79kg (12st 5Ib)
  • 4 capsules daily 80-99kg (15st 6Ib)
  • 5 capsules daily 100-119kg (18st 7Ib)
  • 6 capsules daily 120-139kg (21st 7Ib)

Herbal Ignite can be taken with other medications.

Who is Herbal Ignite For?

For individuals that would want to rejuvenate their sex life, Herbal Ignite has claims to fulfil the desire, supporting men’s libido and stamina.

Women also can benefit from Herbal Ignite as it provides support for sex hormones and helps keep them in a sexual mood.

Individuals under the age of 18 years are not authorized to use Herbal Ignite.

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Overview of Herbal Ignite


  • Natural Over-the-Counter Sexual Enhancement SupplementHERBAL-IGNITE-REVIEW-Does-Herbal-Ignite-Really-Work-Is-Herbal-Ignite-Any-Good-See-Here-For-Him-For-Her-Pills-Male-Enhancement-Becoming-Alpha-Male
  • Boosts Sexual Libido
  • Enhances Sexual Response
  • Reduces Stress and Fatigue
  • Improves Energy and Sexual Strength
  • Improves Mental Health and Well Being
  • Promotes Stronger and Healthier Erection
  • Supports Hormonal Balance
  • Has “Buy 2, Get 2 Free” Offer
  • No Negative Side Effects Reported
  • Has 60 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Has Official Websites; facebook and twitter


  1. No Medical Endorsement to back up Claims
  2. No Independent Customer Testimonials Shown
  3. Only Key Ingredients were listed

Customer Support & Guarantee

Herbal Ignite promises 100% satisfaction.

We can order Herbal Ignite online using the credit card as they accept VISA and MasterCard.

They promise that our transaction with them would be a safe one as all credit card details are encrypted using 128-bit encryption technology.

Thus could not be accessed by an unauthorized user.

They offer 60 days money back guarantee.

This is to say that if for any reason we are not well satisfied with the products, we can return the unopened bottles in its original packaging within 60 days from the day of purchase.

It is noteworthy that we contact them first to get them to be aware of the return. All returns should be sent to; Intenza International Pty Ltd.


Manufacturer of Herbal Ignite promote a “Buy 2, Get 2 Free” offer.

To ask questions and make necessary inquiries, we can contact them through a phone line or email.

So here are the bottom line results!

Final thoughts & Recommendations

As men grew older, there are evidence of partial deterioration in the sexual health resulting from hormonal imbalance and psychological stress.

The symptoms of sexual ill-health are not supposed to be neglected and as a matter of fact, one may need to rejuvenate his or her sexual life using a trusted herbal solution like Herbal Ignite.

Herbalignite.com provided relevant information about its manufacturing facility and also raw materials supply.

It is exceptionally interesting to read more about sex life issues on herbalignite.com. Herbal Ignite seems to be a good male herbal supplement that you need to try out.

Yet, I would recommend that the producers of Herbal Ignite should provide a complete list of the ingredients used to design this formula.

Also, a medical endorsement is needed to back up the claims.

Plus, it is of outmost importance to include customer testimonials in the Herbal Ignite website.VigRx-Plus-Pills-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Now if you really want something that is really effective and does have medical evidence, such as from doctors approval, scientific studies and clinical trials, then the VigRX Plus would be your best option.

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