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HGH 24 Hour Seal By HBC Protocols Inc – “Grow Young” as They Claim?


HGH 24 Hour Seal By HBC Protocols Inc – “Grow Young” as They Claim?

HGH are known for the “youthful” hormone and this HGH product claims “to grow young with our 24 hour HGH seal” from several benefits.

HGH 24 Hour Seal has in both formulation as in Standard Potency or the Ultra Potency seal, where the Ultra states to delivery 3 times more powerful than the standard one.

We have reviewed a few HGH patches before, but what features does HGH 24 Hour Seal have to offer to all users?

Find out more here.HGH-24-hour-seal-growth-hormone-fast-hbc-protocols-inc-review-standard-potency-ultra-potent-patch-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: HGH 24 Hour Seal 

Website: Available in Retailers

Minimum Price: Depends on Which One

Overall Rank (out of 100): 87 Points

Recommended Usage: For at Least 30 Days

Refund Policy: Must Check With Retailers

What Is HGH 24 Hour Seal ?

For those of you who have no idea what HGH is, let me explain real quick what it really is !

HGH referees as Human Growth Hormone is a protein compound that plays a big role in human body’s for growth aspect in every way.

It’s highly known in the bodybuilding industry to add muscle development while decreasing body fat, but the injections hGH as the Synthetic to “add” hGH.

When we men or women was in our adolescent age, we produced many HGH levels naturally since it’s responsible for many growth aspects.

Over the recent years, scientist introduced natural HGH producer and releaser to the market to give effective results being safer than prescription injections to cause no side effects.

So what is the HGH 24 Hour Seal?

According to this product’s label, they developed this product as a patch system where it should give faster results and be much more effective.

The company who conducted this item is the (HBC Protocols Inc), and they sell a number of health products in today’s market since 1996.

This US-based manufacturer claims to create only research-grade supplements because as they explain, they’re backed up by “strong scientific support” to have all of their supplements tested and proven to give HGH-24-hour-seal-growth-hormone-fast-hbc-protocols-inc-company-review-standard-potency-ultra-potent-patch-becoming-alpha-maleoptimal results being 100% safe.

Yet, they failed to show any clinical tests or trials conducted on this HGH 24 Hour Seal.

Even though no prescription is required, no doctor recommendation are shown.

How Does HGH 24 Hour Seal Work?

Like every other patch system, HGH 24 Hour Seal works by applying a seal onto dry skin for a recommendation period of time.

And what it does is, the ingredients gets absorbed through the skin’s pores and into the bloodstream.

The Standard Potency carries “3,600ng of hand-succussed homeopathic Somatotrophin (HGH 6X)” as they mention.

Now the Ultra Potency HGH 24 Hour Seal contains 3 times stronger than the standard one, where its 9,990ng of homeopathic Somatotropin (HGH 6X).

However, comparing the price of each one, the Ultra Potency product is about as twice more expensive than the regular one.


According to the product’s company website, they share that this HGH 24 Hour Seal have more potential in giving faster and better results than taking pills, powders or HGH sprays.

Since, it’s a patch system to hit the bloodstream immediately and deliver HGH Somatotropin in a trans-dermal technology, as they sincerely explain.

The product’s name (HGH 24 Hour Seal) says it all !

It should work within 24 hours by releasing the ingredients, which the manufacturer promotes to be a “truly a breakthrough in HGH supplementation“.

Yes, read on!

As we age, HGH production will naturally decrease by every year and what several folks would do, is consult a supervision and they will give you a prescription and “add” HGH Synthetic injection to a person body to make you feel, look and stay younger.

Which, it’s very expensive and can cost up to $10,000 or more in a year all around, but may cause side effects.

HGH 24 Hour Seal is completely natural and safe, where they claim to increase muscle tone, burn fat and lose weight.

It should have a faster recovery from injury by simply putting a seal to accelerate recovery.

HGH 24 Hour Seal states to enhance energy and overall stamina to participate at any activity.

Boosts up sexual potency as well by increasing sexual performance.



Lifestyle Benefits:

  • Faster Recovery on Injury & Muscles
  • States to Develop more Muscle Tone
  • Helps lose Weight + Burn Body Fat
  • Promotes to be Completely Safe
  • Able to choose the Formulas PotencyHGH-24-hour-seal-growth-hormone-fast-hbc-protocols-inc-review-standard-potency-ultra-potent-patch-patches-becoming-alpha-male
  • Available in Retail Third-Party Websites
  • Boosts Up Energy Levels To stay Alert
  • Decreases Anti-Aging as what HGH’s Known
  • Claims to Enhance Sexual Performance
  • Helps Increases Natural HGH Levels
  • Company have been Around for Years
  • Stimulates Sexual + Overall Stamina
  • Improves General Health & Function

The Downfalls:

  1. If customer users not satisfied with the product’s results, they must call the company at a 1800 phone number to get an “Return Authorization“, which we don’t know if it’s a 100% refund policy.
  2. No clinical trials or any form of proof that this product is effective in giving results.
  3. The company’s webpage does not have a doctor approval for each user’s safety.


According to HGH 24 Hour Seal label, they recommend we as customer users to simply place one seal directly on a clean-dry skin surface on the inside of the wrist, underside of the arm, or on inner thigh.

On the stomach skin can also be applied.

The recommendation is to wear it for 5 days per week and by 12 hours from applying a patch-seal, it can be removed where it should be on duty in the bloodstream for 24 hours or even over from HGH-24-hour-seal-growth-hormone-fast-hbc-protocols-inc-review-standard-potency-ultra-potent-patch-seals-becoming-alpha-malethe Ultra Potency version, as they explained.

But for faster improvements, they mention to use one seal for a whole 24 hours.

Moreover, this HGH 24 Hour Seal is available for all men and women.


Even though the company (HBC Protocols Inc.) states to have “scientific/clinical testing” on this product, they failed to public any structure from the tests for visitors to gain more trust on their all-types-of-health products that they sell.

At this company page, they do have a via chat online to ask any questions or concerns we may have.

Yes, since they offer to show a brief description about the product’s company’s background, there is a 1800 phone number available to contact them or if you find it at a retail website, check with them about any money back guarantee.

I certainly wouldn’t buy a product without a return policy for my safety.

Final Verdict – Conclusion

HGH 24 Hour Seal claims that before a month reaches, users should have experience the benefits from using this product.

Perhaps, it might be true but we couldn’t find any real consumers claiming their results or anything at all.

According to my opinion as a customer user, HGH 24 Hour Seal seems to be more of a “recovery” HGH, such as a “pain reliever” instead to help restore overall youthfulness.

Well, If you’re really here looking to reverse aging process, you might want to check out my Provacyl review to treat the andropause or “male menopause” condition and look much younger.

In the past months, I have been using the GenF20 Plus, where it’s a combination of the pills and oral spray for maximum effectiveness and I did rate it as the #1 best HGH releaser in today’s HGH supplementation market, since I am the proof.


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