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HGH Factor Supplement – See My Results First! Maybe It’s Not for You..


HGH Factor Supplement – See My Results First! Maybe It’s Not for You..

I used this HGH Factor product for a full 2 months period of time.

But what I did was grab the free samples on the first month by added different ordering information for more samples.

So let me first break it up to you that results did not appear within 30 days !

Then a week before ending the 1st month cycle, the company surprised me and sent me another HGH Factor box and literally charged me the whole 1 month supply, so I used it for the extra 30 days.

The Xanogen and if you read my review, I actually ordered it for myself so I figure I am the right person who can show you what my before and after results was in 2 months from both of this combination.

Read on !


Name of Product: HGH Factor

Website: www.buyHghFactor.com – Free Trial Sample

Minimum Price: Free Trial Supply – Or – 1Month : $99.95

Overall Rate (out of 100): 39% Success Rate

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 2 Months

Money Back Guaranteed : Months Supplies have a 30 Day Guarantee


What Is HGH Factor?

This supplement is a HGH (Human Growth Hormone) releaser, but not only that, it claims to stimulate and create more HGH production.

Which, means that it’s a 2-step procedure !

The pills supposedly will increase lean solid muscle while burning body fat.

States to strengthen bone density to enhance more power plus they promote to height up endurance levels.

Like every other HGH supplement, this formula claims to reverse aging effects.

So lets talk about Human Growth Hormone!

Remember when we (men) were in our teenage years and over that time, our body was stimulating growth, meaning bones kept growing for height, penis size increasing, and was a stronger teen with lots of energy.

Well, HGH levels was producing on its own in a natural way during puberty, where it’s the responsible hormone in puberty stage.

But after hitting the early 20’s, HGH levels starts to drop by a percentage every year depending on each person body’s chemistry.

So what this HGH supplement should do is increase the production of Human Growth Hormone levels backup.HGH-Factor-website-Supplement-Pills-free-trial-Product-review-supplement-results-reviews-Becoming-Alpha-Male


HGH Factor carries a combination of all amino acids, nutrients which are all natural ingredients.

And they are such as L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, L-Ornithine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine and BCAA’s. 

All of these compounds blended together should do its job to boost and stimulate HGH production. 

The other 2 main ingredients would be the Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng, which both of these substances combined, should release Human Growth Hormones levels as the product’s official website explain.

They call it AstraGin™ and they promise that it’s very effective.

What Does HGH Factor Do?

As we age, wrinkles and all sort of aging effects start to occur.

According to HGH Factor website, this supplement will increase muscle tone while reducing excessive fat around my body.

Supposedly my energy and stamina levels should rise up to the roof, especially with a 2-step approach process from producing plus releasing HGH.

They do mention healthier and stronger bones since it improves bone density. They also claim that this formula will protect the immune system and I should gain several health benefits as well.

HGH Factor should boost up the metabolism and improve my mental function.

My skin tone should also improve due to reversing anti-aging effects.

States to gain much better sleep quality causing muscle tissues to repair and wake up recovered.

I mean if they’re promoting all of these positive benefits and if it’s exactly what my results will be, than it’s a great product!

How To Take HGH Factor?

What I did was take 2 capsules every single day in breakfast with my morning meal as the recommendation directions.

I literally never skipped a day without swallowing these “big” pills.

The product does label that using this supplement for the first month, I should see or notice some sort of results, even though I did not notice any improvements at all.

Yes, as I mention earlier that the first 30 days, I was using it together with some “get-bigger-pills” formula to actually enlarge my penis size plus increase body tone.

But since they had sent me a whole month supply of these HGH Factor pills, I figured that by the end of the next month, I should have gained incredible results.



  • Muscle Tone Increases
  • Decreases Body Fat
  • Sleep Quality for Recovery
  • Improves Mental Function
  • Performance + Energy rises up
  • Boosts Metabolism System
  • Bones get Stronger (Density)
  • Reduces Anti-Aging (Wrinkles,etc.)
  • Free trial Basis – Sample Available
  • Claims to gain Health Benefits


  1. I had trouble swallowing these “huge” white pills for every single day.
  2. Expensive Supplies – Most folks can’t afford it.
  3. No doctor recommendation to prove it’s safe for myself and others.
  4. The money back guarantee are only for 30 days, which it wasn’t enough.
  5. Failed to have any clinical and scientific studies since it doesn’t show on the website.
  6. In today’s sources, we actually found that it’s a completely scam item.


Okay, first to let you know, there is no manufacturer/company listed from who created this supplement.

This HGH Factor product failed lack of several information for we as customer users to see and as I stated previously, no health-care professional to endorse the formula or no clinical data provided to back up the effectiveness or the safety.

The money back guarantee?

It wasn’t too great at all when supposedly, they recommend taking the pills for at least 60 days to actually see overall improvements for maximum results.

And I must say that a 30 day money back guarantee is definitely not the best guarantee in the HGH market.

HGH Factor official website does offer to show customer reviews of “testimonies“, where it’s like every other product but, we can’t always trust these “success stories“.

To get in contact with them would be to dial a 1800 phone line or via email.

Bottom Line ResultsHGH-Factor-Supplement-Pills-free-trial-Product-review-supplement-xanogen-results-reviews-Becoming-Alpha-Male

It was about a year ago when I gave the pills a shot, which it mostly was because of a combination with a “male enlargement pills” so-called Xanogen.

They actually suggested me plus thousands of folks out there to use it together with this HGH Factor and gain incredible results of both growth on penis size plus muscle development.

Yes, I’m talking about 2-3″ inches in growth for my member’s size and they actually claimed that my body would transfer into a “fitness model” from using this HGH Factor..

After 2 months of taking both products together, my sexual function such as sexual drive, endurance was bit higher, but probably from the help of the “get-bigger-pills“.

Sadly, I got absolutely no results in penis growth and believe it or not, no muscle development, no reduced body fat and basically my self-esteem plus confidence dropped because of no improvements.

I did get in touch with them and they said to send my full refund back but never did.


I am not saying it doesn’t work at all but it definitely had no impact on my muscle growth, nor either reducing body fat so it did not work on me.

Today’s day and age, I started taking the GenF20 Plus, which I saw results before the 2 months reached for higher energy levels, I felt stronger at the gym and many improvements.

Yes, It’s a complete natural HGH releaser plus I find it effective on myself.

But if you’re looking for more of a muscular body tone, than HyperGh 14x would be your best choice! Check out my reviews!


Shoot me a comment below if somehow you’re in the same page as me who tried this HGH supplement before, I would love to hear your experience or a feedback.

All men are different so maybe it worked on someone else but no results for me.

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