HGH Maximize – Injection Grade HGH Secretagogue – Does It Really Work? Review from Results

HGH Maximize – Injection Grade HGH Secretagogue – Does It Really Work? Review from Results

We have seen reviews on similar products (HGH booster) from AgeForce.

Evidently, customers have severally patronized this company and have been using their products for different enhancement purposes.

This, I will say, signifies that their products are of high quality and the fact that they are always behind all their formulas is obvious here.

The purpose of this review is to make us abreast of all the information concerning this new brand of HGH booster; HGH Maximize patch.

It is good to mention that HGH products will only make its users achieve a more youthful physique, but also make us gain an overall healthy body.

A big question yet to be answered is whether the AgeForce HGH Maximize will be as effective as their other HGH product or not.

We cannot say that at this point. Let us carefully follow this honest review to learn more.

Make yourself comfortable and roll with us!


Name of Product: AgeForce HGH Maximize Secretagogue HGH-Maximize-Injection-Grade-HGH-Secretagogue-Does-It-Really-Work-Review-from-Results-Reviews-Patches-Patch-HGH-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Official Website: www.AgeForce.com/HGH-Maximize

Minimum Price: BOGO – 360Day Supply: $34.98Monthly

Overall Rank (out of 100): 96 Points

Recommended Period Usage: From 3-6 Months

Money Back Guarantee: AgeForce Does Have a Refund

What Is HGH Maximize?

HGH Maximize is marketed as the first injection-grade HGH secretagogue patch.

By this, the manufacturer means that this formula is the first non-injection growth hormone booster which will increase our growth hormone levels to the same extent as the prescription HGH injections.

HGH Maximize is a product from AgeForce; a renowned company whose products are all made in a pharmaceutical grade facility (Phase 4 Pharmaceutical, LLC).

This company has formulated and introduced other potent/effective patches on the market that have helped thousands of individuals worldwide.

The manufacturer of HGH Maximize promotes that by using this new brand AgeForce product, we will have a more youthful appearance.

This show that it will go a long way in helping aged folks out there whose HGH levels have depreciated boost their HGH level to increase overall body performance.

As we all should know, the level of HGH in us decreases as we age and this if not properly regulated, will lead to decreased body performance. The manufacturer of HGH Maximize claims that the HGH secretagogue patch will do the wonders for us.


Also, the fact that this company is the first manufacturer of a three component growth hormone secretagogue trans-dermal time-release patch tagged safe and effective for use makes the authenticity of this formula outstanding.

Don’t stop reading here as we have more details about this AgeForce HGH Maximize below!

What Do We Expect from Using it?

In paraphrase, HGH Maximize is not injected but it’s an HGH secretagogue patch that gives the same level HGH as can be achieved using the injection, as according to the makers.

However, it’s an advanced version of the HGH ExtraStrength.

HGH Maximize is said to be an alternative to HGH injection and what it should do is to increase the production of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from the pituitary gland.

This, in turn, will facilitate fat loss via increased lipolysis, regulates body glucose and lipid levels, supports a healthy immune system, builds muscle mass, facilitate muscle/tissue repair, increase bone mineralization and ultimately regulates other critical health, wellness and fitness processes. Here’s one customer user to share his experience!


HGH is known to maximize energy production, thereby improving one’s stamina, physical/sexual performance as well as endurance.

Its ability to boost the body’s HGH levels to a reasonable amount confers anti-aging effects.

Additionally, when we use the HGH Maximize we should expect to wake up more energized and productive for the day as well as an improved bone density/mass, improved muscle size/strength, and increased red blood cell count (help form new blood cells), plus normalized heart function.

Also, accelerated recovery rate, increased protein synthesis/energy expenditure, regulated glucose metabolism and an enhanced quality of life/psychological wellbeing.

This patch seems that it will leave up to its claims, according to the information gathered so far.

So, we have to read this review until the end because maybe it could be for us! Who knows.

How Does HGH Maximize Work?

In line with the manufacturer’s description of the formula in their official website, the HGH Maximize elicits its effects by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase the natural production of the HGH after which it is released into the bloodstream.

According to them, the formula incorporates two highly effective and potent recently developed growth hormone secretagogue (MK-677 and Ipamorelin) with equal and/or higher potency than those of their older counterparts (GHRP-2, GHRP-6 or hexamorelin).

MK-677 and Ipamorelin, according to HGH Maximize manufacturer are the best researched GHRH analogue, CJC-1295 and a balanced amino acid support matrix.

They promote to have reduced side effects compared to their older counterparts.

As an HGH secretagogue, what HGH Maximize should do is to bind to the receptors (receptors connected to the HGH producing cells) in the human brain.

This binding, in turn, triggers the production of Human Growth Hormone by the pituitary gland.


The Positives:

  • Increases Muscle SizeAgeForce-HGH-Maximize-Injection-Grade-HGH-Secretagogue-Does-It-Really-Work-Review-from-Results-Reviews-Patches-Patch-HGH-Release-Supplement-Comments-AgeForce-Patch-Becoming-Alpha-Male
  • Increases Strength and Stamina
  • Supports Increased Energy
  • Boosts Performance and Endurance
  • Supports Excessive Fat Loss
  • Boosts Immune Function
  • Fosters Youthful Appearance
  • Normalizes Heart Function
  • Builds Blood Cells
  • Enhances Muscular Protein Synthesis
  • Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Improves Quality of Life
  • Supports Improved Psychological Wellbeing
  • The Company is Renowned
  • For Men and Women
  • Highly Potent and Effective
  • Manufactured in a Certified Lab
  • Improves Productivity
  • Enhance Sexual Functions (Libido)
  • Improve Bone Density
  • Should be Easy to Use
  • Refund is guaranteed

The Negatives:

  1. Doctor’s endorsement was not presented;
  2. There should be an explanation for the patch usage; maybe it should be the same as the Extra-strength patch since it’s a new version. But we don’t always have to assume. Yet, there will instructions on its package when ordering.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The AgeForce company offers a refund for their products to unsatisfied customers and this is based on the number of supplies one gets within that period of time.

They provide several order options (auto-ship, 90-day order, 180-day order and single order) which shows that one can use the HGH Maximize patches for as long as 6 months for maximum benefits.

The company also promise to offer discount promo codes to its clients depending on the number of supplies we get.AgeForce-HGH-Maximize-Injection-Grade-HGH-Secretagogue-Does-It-Really-Work-Review-from-Results-Reviews-Patches-Patch-HGH-Release-Supplement-Comments-AgeForce-Patchs-Becoming-Alpha-Male

They employ different shipping methods and they also ship worldwide.

Can we contact them?

Yes, of course, they provided channels (phone calls, emails, chats) in their primary website through which we can reach them.

One of the major reasons about AgeForce products is that each time they are contacted, they always assign the caller a research and development personnel other than a salesperson.

This shows that they have the interests of their clients at heart, in my opinion.

Final Facts

In other to make explicit the facts about the AgeForce product; HGH Maximize it is pertinent we do that considering and putting together all the information gathered so far.

Evidently, the transdermal route of delivery in form of time-release patches not only by-pass the first-pass liver metabolic effect but is also safer than dosage forms such as pills, capsules, and sprays.

Let us get this clearer!

Pills may compromise some body organs (liver) can also lead to an imbalance in the GI fluids. Undoubtedly, we won’t bargain for that.

The HGH Maximixe patch stimulates the release of the HGH from the pituitary gland.

This moves into straight into the bloodstream. Hence, we would not experience any GI problems and/or imbalance.

Having produced a lot of enhancement formulas which they state that they were all manufactured in pharmaceutical grade facilities, we need not doubt the fact that AgeForce company has an impeccable desire for high-quality products.

Here are some of the reviews that I found in regards to the results from previous users of this AgeForce HGH Maximize.



This is really A+ plus anyway. More details as to their product quality can be seen on their official website at (www.AgeForce.com/Maximize-Secretagogue).

The company’s claim to have made their competitors’ products obsolete, I will say, holds owing to their products’ longevity, anti-aging effects, and other benefits.

At this point, I can recommend HGH Maximize for all of us as it is the real deal. I believe this review has made us learn all we need to know about this HGH Maximize.

Now if you want something much more effective and extremely stronger, such as real HGH injection-strength potency but completely legal, then check out the AgeForce HGH PowerPatch formula of patches.


Folks who need more clarifications can contact me with the line below. Don’t be afraid to ask me anything that you might find unclear!

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