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HGH Patch Ultra Potent 9.990ng – Review – Is It Really Powerful?


HGH Patch Ultra Potent 9.990ng – Review – Is It Really Powerful?

HGH has been around for decades, but the injection kind.

Now this HGH Patch Ultra Potent claim to deliver 9.990ng of Somatotrophin HGH.

Therefore, looking up sources about this particular patch system, the retailers have a number of benefits to gain all from using this HGH Patch method.

The product’s label shows a 24-hour time release statement, so I’m assuming it works within 24 hour from as soon as applying a patch.

So, does this HGH Patch Ultra Potent 9.990ng really work? Is there any side effects?

You’re on your way to find out the exposing truth about this HGH patch system !



Name of Product: HGH Patch Ultra Potent 9.990ng

Website: Available in a Few Retailers Websites

Overall Rank (out of 100): 55 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 3-6 Months

Refund Policy: Have To Check with Retailer

What Is HGH Patch Ultra Potent ?

No, HGH Patch Ultra Potent 9.990ng does not have an official website, so that way, we’ll most likely rely on retailer websites to demonstrate the product’s label.

This HGH method does say that it’s for both men and women, which it’s an transdermal HGH patch who works to deliveries directly to the bloodstream after applying it.

In fact, it’s not one of the first or the newest technology out there because there are literally several of this type of HGH patch systems.

As you can see on the product’s picture, it’s from the brand/company called (Natural Best).

And, we tried searching up resources about this specific brand and we only found many other companies out there.

Originally, HGH is known to enhance several aspects of the body function, such as increase energy levels while boosting up performance, develops muscle tone and decrease fat, reduce aging effects and many other benefits.

Now even though the retailers mentions that it’s the “most powerful supplement available” in today’s market, there is no need to visit a doctor’s office to get any prescription portion.

You can simply order online and start improving your overall lifestyle, as they explain.

How It Should Work?

Since it’s a transdermal HGH patch system, it should work like every other patch method around.

All I would have to do is apply a patch to my body and it should start releasing Homeopathic Somatotrophin (HGH) 3C/30C, as according to them.

Yet, it’s a very unique technology because unlike pills, liquid formulas, etc, it has to go through the stomach lining and digestive system, than it hits the bloodstream.

Patch method should work faster, safer and an easier way than any other method around.

The retailers do claim to work by an exclusive time-release for 24 hours period of time.

Meaning, it should deliveries the compound in the day time and night while sleeping from the patch.

However, they also promote that it’s completely safe and effective on giving results of improvements.HGH-Patch-ultra-potent-9900ng-natural-best-patch-transdermal-system-review-results-side-effects-reviews-becoming-alpha-male

How To Use It?

According to our sources, they want us as customer users to apply it directly onto the wrist or elbow and leave it on for a 24 hour period of time.

They also mention that I can use it at one spot for 12 hours, then peel it off and remove it to apply at another different skin place for the other 12 hours at the same time.

It says to use it for a total of 5 days a week.

Now for proof of evidence that it really works as they highly claim?

Well, none of the third-party websites who have the formula available, offers to show any form of proof to back up the product.

There is no scientific data or clinical trials done on people to actually know if it’s really “effective and safe”.

What Are The Expecting Benefits?

Natural Best Ultra Potent HGH Patch claims that If I were to wear this patch system, I can expect development on “muscle mass and tone“, with reducing body fat.

It should stimulate energy and confidence levels, plus anti-aging benefits to reduce aging effects.

As they do mention, this HGH Patch system enhances stamina and performance function.

Helps recovery faster in sleeping cycles and boosts up focus and mental clarity to concentrate better in a daily behavior.

It promotes health benefits as well, since it’s a non-liver Toxic and “doctor formulated” formula.

The retailers who support the product also claim that it’s all natural and a fast-acting technology to gain faster improvements than any other HGH supplement out there.

Perhaps, there is no doctor endorsement to recommend or show his approval on such a product.

Overview Structure


  • Easy-to-Use Patch MethodHGH-Patch-ultra-potent-9900ng-natural-best-patch-transdermal-system-review-results-side-effects-reviews-30-day-becoming-alpha-male
  • Promotes Performance Levels
  • Increases Muscle Development
  • Energy and Stamina Should Rise
  • Helps Decrease Overall Body Fat
  • Claims it’s Natural and Safe
  • Faster Recovery from Injuries
  • Stimulates Better Sleeping Patterns
  • Promotes it’s Fast-acting + Effective
  • Supports Mental Function & Immune System
  • Users Should Gain Positive Aging Effects
  • No Prescription Portion is Required – Legal
  • Claims it Works within 24 Hours Time Period


  1. No customer user reviews or anyone to mention their personal experience from using this product.
  2. This HGH Patch formula does not have an official website. Only available in retailers.
  3. For the money back guarantee, I would have to check with them, which it might not have a refund policy.
  4. No doctor or any professional expert endorsement to really show that the product is approved.
  5. They failed to show any form of data for proof of evidence that it’s really effective as the claims.
  6. It seems that it’s not available in the USA because it only shows the UK money symbol in all retailers.

Customer Support

What I have noticed, all three third-party websites are similar to each other.

They have the same website design, and similar domain names (VitaNatural, VitaMass, VitaMarket).

Yet, all 3 market websites are only showing the UK money symbol, so if you’re like me all the way here in the United States and were looking to grab an order, you might not be able to get this product.

For the shipping process and the money back guarantee?

You would have to check with them and make sure they first carry any return policy before going forward.

Because if it fails to give you the expected results, since no proof of evidence to show all visitors, then you will need to send it back for a refund.

Review Summary

Based on the resources we found, we are unable to find any consumer to say anything about this HGH Patch Ultra Potent 9.990ng.

As you now know, it makes hard to actually believe that this product will work because there is nothing to really back up the formula.

Even though they do mention that it was made in the USA, it does seem that it might not be available for folks out here in the United States.

Now from my personal opinion and thoughts, there are other HGH patch system that might be better and best fits your needs and safety.

Coming to a conclusion, I personally wouldn’t order this product, even if I was not in the USA because of several reasons.

Therefore, I won’t hesitate to help you and point you in the right direction for something that is truly effective and it’s probably what you really need.

Stop by my review on all about the AgeForce HGH PowerPatch because the product’s company claims it’s a “Injection-Strength” formula.

Yes, they are backed up by a number of benefits that we as men or women can gain from wearing this powerful patch formula.


If I ask you nicely, would you submit a comment below this review? I would love to hear from you and show me you’re alive that you actually read this complete review regards on this Natural Best HGH Patch product. Send me any question or anything !

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