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Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump – What Consumers Are Saying?


Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump – What Consumers Are Saying?

While searching up for penis enlargement pumps, we stumble upon the Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump.

And reading the Product Description, it says that using this pumping device, its comfortable, safe and soft to use.

According to them, it’s a “powerful” penis pump to ‘get yourself juiced up‘, as they claim.

I figured, let’s write down a review and get to know more about this Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump.

In fact, we found customer users to mention their results from using it !Hustler-Novelties-Pumped-Up-Penis-Pump-Before-and-after-reviews-results-review-consumer-customer-users-erectile-pump-red-clear-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump – Red or Clear

Website: Available in Several Retailers


Minimum Price: From $12-$22.99 USD

Overall Rank (out of 100): 12 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Works Within Mins

Refund Policy: Must Check with Retail Websites

What Exact Is This Penis Pump?

This Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump seems like a “basic” penis pump device, plus it does not have an official website to make it more “professional”.

Yet, we’re relying on third-party sites and therefore, one of them mentions that it works by a solid and strong suction.

According to them, its used as an ED treatment, known as Erectile Dysfunction and what this penis pump should do, it causes you to create a hard, firmer and stronger erection by each session.

So by using this male device, it should really solve your ED condition !

For penis enlargement?Hustler-Novelties-Pumped-Up-Penis-Pump-Before-and-after-reviews-results-review-consumer-customer-users-erectile-pump-red-clear-device-complaints-Amazon-method-becoming-alpha-male

Keep reading to find out !

What Are The Features?

Well, let me tell you first !

Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump was designed and made from Phthalate free as for body safe material with an ergonomic design.

It carries a skin-safe sleeve opening and a removable stimulation sleeve.

Yes, it should be completely safe and comfortable to cause no pain.

There’s a safety valve on one side of the bulb for a quick release for the safety of all users.

Now for the colors?

They designed it with 2 great-looking colors, which users can choose it either, Clear or pure Red.

Even though this soft penis pump uses a 9” cylinder tube, it could only accumulate penis sizes of 7″ 1/2 inches and less.

Therefore, I personally would not be able to use it, since my current size is 8 1/2″ inches as of today’s date.

Yet, it’s a cheap and affordable vacuum pump
method !

How Does It Work?

None of the retailers actually got in details on how Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump works.

However, I’m assuming it’s like every other “basic” pumping device out there, but probably more easy and simple !

So all I would have to do is apply this “powerful” pumping method over the penis and squeeze the pressure bulb or hand piece for a suction process onto the chambers.

What happens next, the suction should pump up more blood flow to the penis chambers of tissues, which leads to create an erection.Hustler-Novelties-Pumped-Up-Penis-Pump-Before-and-after-reviews-results-review-consumer-customer-users-erectile-pump-red-clear-pressure-becoming-alpha-male

According to a customer user that we found, he mentions that the suction ring/seal can be “a little tight“.

So I’m assuming if you have a thicker and fuller member, than you might have a hard time to adjust it.

What Are The Benefits?

Like every other vacuum suction pump around, it’s used to create a stronger, harder and firmer erections to treat the erectile dysfunction (ED) issue.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction or some call it “erectile disorder”, it’s when we as men fails to reach a firm erection and that’s no fun because your member there does not “get up” when becoming sexual excitement.

Since it boosts up blood rushing to the penis chambers, overtime you can expect some penis enlargement growth.

However, that’s only if it’s really an effective and “powerful” penis enlargement pump.

As the retailers explain, Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump should increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure when using it.


So what are the before-and-after reviews from customer users?

At Amazon retail website, there’s a number (about 37) of reviews just on this Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump and only 6 of them gave it a 5 star.

Now reading these positive feedbacks, they only mentions that “it works”, but no results such as penis enlargement growth, cured ED, etc.

For the 1 star reviews, one consumer states that it “didn’t work at all” and another one mentions that it only works for a “small penis“.

Several of users does claim that it’s a complete “waste of money“, very cheap and poor quality where it broken within 10 uses.

One of is “Extremely dissatisfied“. Yes, here’s the proof !




The Good:

  • Claims to Solve the ED Problem
  • Should Enhance Hard Erections
  • Have a Safety Valve – 100% Safe
  • Promotes it’s Comfortable + Soft
  • Increases and Stimulates Sensitivity
  • Fits Penis Sizes from 7 1/2″ and Less
  • Can Choose the Colors – Red or Clear
  • One Retailer Mentions it’s Water-proof
  • Very Cheap and Affordable Price

The Bad:

  1. There is no official website found, which seems its just like another “basic” or “classic’ penis pump.
  2. Since it’s a very cheap device, no scientific evidence conducted on this method.
  3. Does not say anything about “penis enlargement”, but only to solve the erectile dysfunction issue.
  4. A number of customer users posted negative complaints on the product at Amazon website.
  5. One of them says it breaks after a few uses. – Very poor quality material
  6. Some mentions its hard to fit in because the opening-tube is from 2.5″ inches in width.
  7. Most of them does say that it really was a “waste of money” and does not work as it should.
  8. Many of them are not happy with the results.


Customer Support

Since there is no primary website, Hustler Novelties Pumped Up Penis Pump is only available to buy through retail third-party websites, such as eBay, Amazon, Etc.

Yet, not all of them sale the “original” product from my personal experience.

Money back guarantee?

You would have to check with the retailer if they really do cover up this cheap item.

And same for the shipping process !

The company behind the product?

We are unable to find anything on who designed this penis suction pump.

Final Verdict

Somehow, every time I find something very cheap, it always pops up a realistic saying in my mind.

Yes, “we get for what we pay for” !

So if you’re expecting incredible results from a few-bucks product, you might be disappointed as most customer users are.

Unless you have a small penis and wants a penis-pump just for the “fun” of it, then this is something you might want to get.

But for serious folks out there, who is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction issue or needs it for penis enlargement, than it most definitely is not for you from my point of view.

However, I would rather waste more money and buy something that is “professional” with more quality (medical material) and comes with a long money back guarantee.

So I would like to show one of the most popular penis enlargement pump in today’s industry.

The Penomet penis pump does not only work through pure air, but it’s mostly used as a water-based pumping method.

Penomet official website does state that it cures the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) issue, helps straighten up a curved penis and gain growth of size from using it for 5 days a week, only 20-30 minutes per day.

Yes, it carries a 60 money back up guarantee, plus the best thing about it, is that the complete kit comes with 5 gaiters for low-to-powerful settings.


Stop by my review real quick. But remember, you’re looking at more money for something that it’s scientifically proven to work and give results of gains.

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