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Hybrid Model Penis Extender – Is It Really The Cheapest Traction Device?

Hybrid Model Penis Extender – Is It Really The Cheapest Traction Device?

Did you know that this penis extender so-called (Hybrid Model) is much cheaper than the Vimax traction device?

Yes, this extender method is available for less than fifty bucks in several retail websites.

So instead of taking some harmful types of “get-bigger-pills” where they all claims to increase penis size, Hybrid Model is about the same price as most formulas.

And maybe, it can actually add growth of size on your manhood.

Find out more here ! Read on.Hybrid-Model-penis-enlargement-extender-device-traction-method-increase-size-most-cheapest-ebay-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Hybrid Model Penis Extender

Website: Available in Numerous Retailers

Minimum Price: In each Site is less Than $50.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months

Money Back Guarantee: Check With Third-Party Sites

What Is Hybrid Model Penis Extender?

Hybrid Model is an extender traction to stretch out the penis when wearing it in the daily basis.

According to product’s label, the whole kit system comes with 8 pieces extension robs for the setting adjustment of the device.

As in eBay website explained, the editor actually wrote that the product is not “cheap low quality Chinese made“, where he promises that this extender device is the “real deal“.

Like every other traction method, it includes a silicon ring, comfort strap, 2 soft penis protector from tubes and a few other parts.

Yes, an instruction manual DVD as well on how to use it.

Hybrid Model penis extender does not have an official webpage but as I mention before, it’s only in-stock in third-party websites such as eBay retailer, etc.

With no website provided, we are unable to find any scientific data that it’s effective in achieving penis enlargement growth size.

Also without any doctor’s approval, we don’t know if it’s actually safe for all users.

Perhaps, we couldn’t find who’s the company/brand that designed this traction method but only a few information of the product’s label was found.

Yet, since it’s a cheap device, it probably might not be a “medical material” device.

But keep reading !

How Should Hybrid Model Device Work?

For those who don’t know, penis extenders works by a traction system.

So by applying the device onto the penis and adjusting either with the silicone ring or the comfort strap to hold it firm, it causes the penis to expand and stretch outward.

What happens then, your member should be constantly stretching throughout the daily basis where the penis tissues of cells begins to Hybrid-Model-penis-enlargement-extender-device-traction-method-increase-size-most-cheapest-ebay-how-it-works-becoming-alpha-maledivide and multiply, which you can expect real growth overtime.

This technology of stretching a human’s body part have been known for centuries in many different cultures.

What Are The Expected Results?

There is no such thing as a “magical” way for penis enlargement results meaning overnight growth, unless you get under a knife for penile surgery.

Hybrid Model traction device recommends folks to use it for at least 6 months where users can expect 2″ inches of gains in penis size.

By the first month, they mention to achieve at least 2cm.

They also show a routine schedule to wear it for 3 hours per day for the first week then each week increases the usage.

By the 4th week reaches, consumers should be wearing it for a 9 hour period of time to achieve optimal gains.

Yes, you will have to increase the stretching force as well and the longer you use it with adding more force on the tension springs, the faster gains occurs.

The promoting websites failed to share anything if it can help treat the Peyronie’s Disease, where its a curve or bend penis which extender devices are known to straighten it up.

Does not say anything about strengthening the erectile chambers for stronger, firmer erections but only penis enlargement results.




  • Promotes to Add Length Size
  • Claims Girth Gains as Well
  • Most Cheapest Extender Device
  • Comes with 2 Silicone Rings
  • 3 Protector Foam Sponge
  • 1 Comfort Strap – Different Way to Use It
  • 8 Pieces Extension Rods for Adjustment
  • Instruction Manual as in Paper + DVD


  1. Even though the editor on eBay website mentions it’s not a “low quality” device, from my experience, cheap stuffs are usually poor quality in my opinion.
  2. It seems to only use it for “penis enlargement” where there are many folks with other penis condition issues.
  3. Failed to have an official webpage for more information about product’s label.
  4. No proof of nothing such as documented results to back up the effectiveness from using the extender device.
  5. We have not found any background from any clinical and scientific research.
  6. Refund policy? You would have to check with the promoting website which some might not cover it.
  7. No company/manufacturer mentioned as who conducted the device.
  8. There is not enough information about Hybrid Model extender.
  9. Unable to find any customer users to mention their experience if it’s actually comfortable, safe or about product’s quality.

Bottom Line Facts

As we all know, cheap stuffs are not always the best, of course.

Since Hybrid Model traction device can be found for less than $50 bucks and there are actually penis extender itself for more than $200, I personally would be very careful to not a throw my hard-worked money out like that.

What if it breaks within the first usage?

I always remember that we as customer users get for what we pay for.

The only thing that is slightly attractive in my opinion would be the price but how do we know if it actually works?

There is no proof of nothing.

I would rather waste more money on something that I have “faith and trust” instead, plus something that has a reliable money back guarantee.

In the beginning of this review, I mention about the Vimax extender because it’s a quality-product and highly known in the male enlargement industry to increase penis size and since it’s only for $99.95.

However, it might not be the most comfortable which what matters the most is the “comfort” to wear the device.

Let me show you the X4 Labs 24K Gold because the full kit comes with 58 ways for best comfort with a 4-in-1 system meaning you can add an additional strap for extra hold and won’t cause slippage which results in for longer usage.

After many penis extender reviews, the X4 Labs was found to be the most advanced one in the market so far. Now you can make your own choice.


If this review has helped you figure out which extender method best fits you, please show me your alive by shooting me a reply underneath this review. If you have something unclear, I’ll make sure to answer you as soon as possible.

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