Hyptalk Enlargement and Enhancement Programs Review – A Complete Review!

Hyptalk Enlargement and Enhancement Programs Review – A Complete Review!

Folks, especially men who have most of the features desired by women and/or nature are usually referred to as Alpha Male.

The above statement points to men’s desperate desire to enlarge their member and/or have their body enhanced.

There are quite a good number of products on the internet that claims to offer benefits in this way, but how do we know the ones that are safe to use?

Victoria Gallagher is not new to us and we may recall that we have written some reviews about her hypnosis and enhancement programs in the past.

I didn’t stop searching for more enhancement programs and/or formulas because we have to roll with new discoveries.

Victoria’s Enlargement and Enhancement Programs claims to be the real deal with great benefits. Are there proofs to ascertain the effectiveness of the programs?

See the review below!


Name of ProgramsHyptalk Enlargement & Enhancement Programs

Website: www.Hyptalk.com/Hypnosis-Enlargement-EnhancementHyptalk-Enlargement-and-Enhancement-Programs-Review-A-Complete-Review-Results-Online-HypnoSex-Sexual-Enhancement-Hypnosis-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Minimum Price: Depends On Which One

Overall Rank (out of 100): 77 Points

Recommended Period of UsageUnknown

Refund Policy60 Days Money Back Guarantee

What are Hyptalk Enlargement and Enhancement Programs?

These are a group of programs by Victoria Gallagher, this time it’s for penis enlargement and/or enhancement.

By using these programs, Victoria shares that we will get the best out of our sexual life. They include hypnotic sessions designed in CDs, scripts and downloadable formats for easy access.

At this point, we will see each program’s information to know if they are really the best for us.

Increase Male Libido

This is marketed as a hypnosis program to address the problems of libido in men.

Gallagher mentions that by using Increase Male Libido hypnosis program, we will tap into the power of our subconscious mind, re-program the way our subconscious mind works and increase our desire for sex as well as the pleasure derived from sex.

Similarly, Increase Male Libido should help us release our old limiting beliefs and have less sexual inhibitions. As a result, we can satisfy our partner better.

The Benefits are:

  • Increases Sexual Desire;
  • Better Sexual Satisfaction;
  • Increases Sexual Pleasure;
  • Increases Self Confidence;
  • Powerful Sensation of Ecstasy.

Sexual Hypnosis Man

This is said to be an exclusive program for men to awaken their body, increase sexual pleasure and sexual prowess.

Sexual Hypnosis Man is available as a downloadable bundle which includes Hypnosex Hypnosis to improve sexual desire and pleasure, Penis Enlargement Hypnosis to increase the size of the penis using the power of the mind and Hypno Sexual Hypnosis for Men.

According to the program owner, Penis Enlargement Hypnosis comprises of six (6) male enhancement hypnotic sessions.

These should include Session 1: Pleasure Trip, Session 2: Conversation with Cells, Session 3: Anchoring in Growth, Session 4: A Journey through Time, Session 5: Revisiting the Woman and Session 6: Penis Expansion Project.

The details about each session are states in the program’s primary website (www.Hyptalk.com/Sexual-Enhancement).

Hypno Sexual Hypnosis for Men comprises of Session 1: Erection Tune-Up, Session 2: Male Multiple Orgasms, Session 3: Men’s Erotic Intense Orgasmic Fantasy and Session 4: Resolve Premature Ejaculation.Hyptalk-Enlargement-and-Enhancement-Programs-Review-A-Complete-Review-Results-Online-HypnoSex-Enhancement-Hypnosis-Becoming-Alpha-Male

The Benefits are:

  • Increases Sexual Prowess;
  • Increases Sexual Pleasure;
  • All Natural Sex Aid;
  • Improves Users’ Sex Life;
  • Increases Penis Size;
  • Stimulates Penis Growth;
  • Harder Erections;
  • Improves Orgasm;
  • Stops Premature Ejaculation;
  • Better Sexual Satisfaction.

Sexual Enhancement Hypnosis

This includes twelve (12) sexual hypnosis sessions designed to enhance the user’s body and sex life. It is a bundle program and it includes:

Breast Enlargement Hypnosis Sessions

Here, Victoria promotes to show women how to use their subconscious mind to achieve the desired breast size. The different sessions are anchoring growth, developing breasts, healthy beautiful body, pleasure trip and a journey through time.

The details about each session can be found on the program’s official website.

Penis Enlargement Hypnosis Sessions

According to Gallagher, this will take us through hypnotic sessions to use the power of our mind to achieve the desired penis size. The different sessions are a pleasure trip, conversation with cells, anchoring in growth, a journey through time, revisiting the woman and penis expansion project.

This should harness the power of our mind to increase our sexual pleasure, according to the program initiator.Hyptalk-Enlargement-and-Enhancement-Programs-Review-A-Complete-Review-Results-Online-Sexual-Enhancement-Hypnosis-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Sexual Enhancement Hypnosis Benefits are:

  • Achieves Desired Breast Size;
  • Achieves Healthy Body;
  • Increases Penis Size;
  • Higher Confidence;
  • Greater Strength and Control;
  • Stimulates Penis Growth;
  • Increases Sexual Pleasure.

Male Enhancement

This is said to utilize the power of hypnosis to achieve natural penis enlargement in its users. According to the program initiator, all we need to do is to listen to the hypnosis sessions with an open mind and watch our penis grow.

The hypnosis sessions include pleasure trip, conversation with cells, anchoring in growth, a journey through time, revisiting the women and penis expansion project.

The author recommends that users of Male Enhancement should listen to the hypnotic sessions daily for at least three (3) months.

The Benefits are:

  • Supports Penis Growth;
  • Increases Penis Size;
  • Natural Method;
  • Alternative to Surgery.

Complete Sexual Hypnosis

Complete Sexual Hypnosis is marketed as a sexual hypnosis bundle designed to improve a couple’s sex life.

It comprises of 20 hypnosis sessions in a CD package. These should include:

Hypnosex: This harnesses the power of the mind to increases sexual pleasure in men.

Breast Enlargement Hypnosis Sessions: This includes five breast enlargement hypnosis sessions. They are anchoring growth, developing breasts, healthy beautiful body, pleasure trip and a journey through time.

Penis Enlargement Hypnosis Sessions: This includes hypnosis sessions for penis enlargement. They are pleasure trip, conversation with cells, anchoring in growth, a journey through time, revisiting the woman and penis expansion project.Hyptalk-Enlargement-and-Enhancement-Programs-Review-A-Complete-Review-Results-Online-Penis-Enlargement-Hypnosis-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Complete Sexual Hypnosis Benefits are:

  • Desired Breast Size;
  • Supports Healthy Body;
  • Increases Penis Size;
  • Increases Self Confidence;
  • More Strength and Control;
  • Stimulates Penis Growth;
  • Increases Sexual Pleasure.

Customer Support/Guarantee

From the information obtained before putting up this review, Victoria Gallagher Enlargement/Enhancement programs seem to be backed up with a 60 days money back guarantee.

She mentions extending the refund period to one full year to allow us enough time to see results.

Therefore, users of these Hypnosis programs who are not satisfied with the results can request for a refund within this period.

The programs are available online in different formats (CDs and scripts) which make their accessibility easy.

There exist channels in the official website through which customers can reach the program initiator.

Summary/My Personal Opinion  

Hyptalk Enlargement/Enhancement Hypnosis programs promote to achieve great benefits in folks who want to enlarge and/or enhance their penis size as well as women.

After a long search for more details about the programs, I could not find real evidence that supports the programs’ claim and promises.

On the other hand, the few feedbacks about the programs are mostly seen in the programs’ official website. Of course, we know that these could be paid reviews.

Evidently, the program initiator provided incredible refund policy that should protect the interest of users and prospective users of the programs, but it does not end here.

There is a great need to prove that these programs work with real and factual evidences.

Here is my contribution!

At this point, I will not recommend we use a program without a proven effect. More importantly, I have not personally used any of these programs and it is obvious that it has never been recommended anywhere.

I am of the opinion we go for more effective and reliable program that will achieve the enhancements we want, such as for penis enlargement follow the Penis Professor program.

The Penis Professor provides several proofs from before and after photos for evidence, clinical data and others. You can check out the review here!


Don’t be afraid to just send me your comments below! What do you have to say?


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