IGF1-Rx Review – Is this Effective Enough? Find Out From the Review!

IGF1-Rx Review – Is this Effective Enough? Find Out From the Review!

Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1) is described as an endocrine hormone produced in the liver.

This hormone is known to play vital roles in the growth and development of children. Also, it enhances anabolism and/or bodybuilding in adults as it encourages muscles and tissue growth.

The IGF1-Rx as found on the internet during a thorough search for the muscle enhancement products that are effective promotes to contain this hormone, hence simulate the natural effects of the insulin-like growth factor.

The manufacturer of IGF1-Rx state that it offers several anabolic benefits for both men and women.

The aim of this review is to bring to limelight these benefits and determine if this formula actually achieve what it claims. Otherwise, we would term it as one of those fake and exaggerated so-called enhancement products out there.

Follow this review to get the full details.



Name of Product: IGF1-RX

Official Website: www.IGF1-RX.com

Minimum Price: 12 Bottle Supply – $33.50/Each

Overall Rank (out of 100): 77 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: Minimum 3-6 Months 

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is IGF1-Rx?

IGF1-Rx is described as a non-prescription natural supplement and it promotes to provide the essential nutrients that will make us achieve a peak anabolic function. 

This is a product of the Austin Research Institute, a U.S based company who state to produce pharmaceuticals of a high standard.

According to them, when we take the IGF1-Rx as recommended, what it should do is to regulate our cell growth, cell development and confer a maximum body size/muscle growth.

The description in their official website also implies that it is highly beneficial to athletics and bodybuilders who seek a profound muscle growth.

Each bottle of the IGF1-Rx contains 63 capsules of the supplement which should last for one month. The manufacturer promote that the enhancement formula is safe and effective for the purpose it is made and should cause no harmful effects.

On the other hand, they recommend that we should take 3 capsules of IGF1-Rx daily for a consecutive 3 weeks with a gap of one (1) weeks prior to subsequent dosing.

Similarly, it should be taken 30 minutes before undergoing any exercise training and on an empty stomach on non-training days for best results.

IGF1-Rx, according to the manufacturer’s description can be combined with GHR1000 or Z-tropin for muscle building/mass building purposes and should not be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers.

This supplement is not found in any other retail site, hence can only be purchased through their official website. My research shows that there were no statements as to evidence of the doctor’s approval of the product for use.

Could this be a sign of ineffectiveness? This review will tell.

Continue reading to find out more. 

What Does IGF1-Rx Contain?

According to the manufacturers, IGF1-Rx is said to contain a massive blend of high-quality natural ingredients that will help us achieve the best results from our workouts. These should include:IGF1-Rx-Ingredients-Review-Is-this-Effective-Enough-Find-Out-From-the-Review-Results-Reviews-Pills-Capsules-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCL)-10.5mg

Magnesium oxide-450mg

Zinc oxide-30mg


IGF1-Rx proprietary blend-100mg

IGF1-Rx states to contain other ingredients like Tribulus terrestris, Avena sativa extract, Deer Antler velvet, Cervi parvum, chrysin, mucuna pruriens extract, L-dopa, biopentin, L-arginine HCl, DHEA and ginger root extract.

There are more facts below.

How Does IGF1-Rx Work?

In line with the manufacturer’s description of the IGF1-Rx in the product’s official website, the pills work to optimize an individual’s growth and development especially muscle building.

According to them, it facilitates the body’s anabolic processes thereby leading to more body mass and an enhanced body size.

It claims to elicit the same effect as that of the natural insulin-like growth factor; this we would not doubt but the fact these effects it states to simulate are not approved by a healthcare professional makes this formula questionable.

We have seen the mechanism of action of the IGF1-Rx as it was explained on the product’s official website. I strongly believe that the product lacks sufficient information needed to certify its authenticity.

Let us go through the remaining details about this product below, maybe the manufacturer has some more facts to elaborate on.

Don’t go out yet. 

Who Is IGF1-Rx For?

IGF1-Rx, from the explanation seen so far, is for individuals who desire to achieve the best results from their daily workouts.

That is, if I want to achieve a more massive muscle and body size, the manufacturers of this formula claim it’s for me.

According to them, athletics and bodybuilders will derive several benefits from using the formula devoid of side effects.

The IGF1-Rx from the information obtained should not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers and people who are taking other prescription medications will have to consult a healthcare professional prior to its use.

Such a product is not meant for people who are under-aged though the usage age limit was not stated by the product manufacturers.

I recommend, if at all we will use it, only folks who have reached 18 years and above should use this pill.

IGF1-Rx OverviewIGF1-Rx-Results-Ingredients-Review-Is-this-Effective-Enough-Find-Out-From-the-Review-Results-Reviews-Pills-Capsules-Becoming-Alpha-Male

The Benefits:

  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Regulate Cell Growth and Development
  • Optimize Anabolism in Adults
  • Maximize Workout Results
  • Contain Natural Ingredients
  • Claims it’s Safe and Effective
  • Claims No Negative Side Effects
  • Made in FDA Certified Laboratory
  • Official Website Exists
  • Money Back Guarantee.

The Downfalls:

  1. Nothing shows about scientific and/or clinical evidence to back up the product claims;
  2. No pictures/videos of users before and the results achieved after was shown;
  3. The formula lack details and this would have made it more credible.

Customer Support/Guarantee

In line with the description of the product on the official website, the company state to offer a refund to unsatisfied customers who use the formula.

The refund, according to them spans within 75 days from the date of product purchase with a 15% fee to process the return.

That is, individuals who are not satisfied with the result seen using the IGF1-Rx can contact the manufacturers within 75 days of buying the product for a refund.

They state that if we use the IGF1-Rx as recommended, we will achieve significant results in regard to muscle building and development.

On the other hand, they promote to offer free worldwide shipping of orders that are from 5 bottles and above, several payment options as well as discounts depending on the quantity purchased.

The commonly asked questions about enhancement products were answered in the FAQ section of the product official website. However, we can contact the company at the address on their official website.

Bottom Line Facts

The IGF1-Rx as we have seen claims it will offer us several benefits. Having gone through the information provided by the product manufacturer, it is necessary we reach a common conclusion in line with the details seen so far.

This formula undoubtedly; contains insulin-like growth factor that may simulate the effect of “natural” IGF.

The inability of the manufacturers to provide evidence as to the endorsement of their product for such use makes it questionable.

Considerably, IGF1-Rx is said to be manufactured in a U.S based FDA-certified laboratory. This is a plus anyway!

Here is what I have to say.

Personally, I will not completely condemn the authenticity of IGF1-Rx.

However, we can check it out their official website, but I doubt it is a get-result-fast pill as implied by its manufacturers.

Also, one has to consult a doctor if taking any prescription medication prior to use and considering the fact that positive reviews can be paid for, we will not completely rely on those seen about IGF1-Rx in its official web page.AgeForce-IGF1-MGF-Patch-Does-It-Really-Work-Find-Out-Here-In-This-Review-results-reviews-insulin-growth-factor-1-patches-pro-anobolic-becoming-alpha-male

Therefore, If you would like to take a look at something that does have more proof of evidence to be effective and safe, then your best option would be the AgeForce IGF1 + MGF patches.

Yes, these are some unique patches that all you would have to do is apply it to your body and the active ingredients will release straight to the bloodstream for maximum results!

Which, not only makes it much more effective than swallowing pills but also safe.


If you have any questions, make sure to ask me below! I would love to answer you.

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