Invigorex – Penis Enlargement Pills – Does Invigorex Really Work? See Review Here

Invigorex – Penis Enlargement Pills – Does Invigorex Really Work? See Review Here

Penis enlargement which is sometimes referred to as male enhancement involves techniques/products that are intended to increase the length, girth as well as the erectile rigidity of a man’s penis.

The procedures involved usually range from manual exercises, pills to traction devices and surgery, which have had successes as well as failures over the decades.

Many penis enlargement pills/programs have been commercially marketed on the internet most of which state claims based on unproven assertions.

One penis enlargement pill I found on the internet during research about these products is the Invigorex Penis Enlargement Pills.

It shares it’s proven and effective to achieve the state of penis enhancement we desire. This review has the details.

Grab a cup of coffee while you read through the review.Invigorex-Penis-Enlargement-Pills-Does-Invigorex-Really-Work-See-Review-Here-capsules-reviews-before-and-after-results-bottle-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Invigorex

Official Website:

Minimum Price: 12 Bottle Supply – $42.50/Each

Overall Rank (out of 100): 69 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: 75 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

What Is Invigorex?

Invigorex is marketed as a penis enlargement formula by the Austin Research Institute.

It promotes to help us maximize our erection potential while achieving an increased penis size and hardness.

The product manufacturer states that Invigorex is formulated with highly potent and effective natural ingredients and will not only increase our penis size but will also make us have a stronger, firmer and an easily reached erection for a maximum sexual satisfaction.

It is said to cause no harmful or unwanted effect when used as directed.

Similarly, they mention that Invigorex is grouped as a dietary supplement, hence is not regulated in line with the recent FDA guidelines.

However, the manufacturer’s recommendation is that we take 2 capsules of Invigorex daily with a meal while observing certain lifestyle modifications (smoking, wearing tight underwears and drinking) for optimal results.

The formula is only available for purchase in the product’s official website and the manufacturers promote to offer a refund to their unsatisfied customer users. 

Ingredients Contained in Invigorex?

As a male enhancement formula, Invigorex is known to combine potent blends of natural botanicals.Invigorex-Ingredients-Penis-Enlargement-Pills-Does-Invigorex-Really-Work-See-Review-Here-capsules-reviews-before-and-after-results-bottle-website-becoming-alpha-male

Which, they include L-Arginine HCL, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, Jujube Dates, Avena Sativa, Peruvian Maca Root, Stinging Nettle, Horny Goat Weed, Siberian Ginseng and Saw Palmetto.

According to them, the constituents of Invigorex are blends of the clinical strength of natural ingredient effective for achieving users’ desired sexual enhancement devoid of unwanted effects.

Each Invigorex pill tin contains 60 capsules of this male penis enlargement formula which, according to the manufacturer, it will last for two (2) months.

The pills do not require that we have a prescription before we can buy and use them.

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How Does Invigorex Work?

Generally, the ability of the penis to hold blood and the quantity of blood it can hold determines its size and firmness.

The above statement points to the blood holding penis chambers called the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum.

According to the product manufacturer, Invigorex works to stimulate the flow of blood to the penis.

This will, in turn, increase the blood holding capacity of the penis erectile tissue chambers (the coropus carvenosum and the corpus spongiosum).

A controlled expansion of these penis chambers will ensue, making them capable of holding more blood any time an erection is achieved.

The outcome of this effect is that the penis overall size will increase while improving the strength of erection and the overall penis/sexual performance/health.

They mention that this is a natural process, hence will not cause side effects.

Who Is Invigorex For?

According to the product’s description on the official website, Invigorex is for men who want to increase the size and performance of their member.

The summary is that if I want to gain more penis size with harder/firmer erections and also increase in sexual performance, the manufacturers claim that Invigorex is for me.

Invigorex male enlargement pill is intended for use by males only.

Additionally, it is for males who are not under-aged as we were asked to keep the pills out of the reach of children.

Therefore, customer users of this product should be people at the age of eighteen (18) years and above.

As an afterthought, patients taking other medications should consult a doctor before using this formula for enhancement purposes.

Invigorex as being a product from Austin Research Institute, which claims it is made under standard and best manufacturing practices and will offer many benefits as regards male penis enhancement.

Invigorex Overview

The Conveniences:

    • Claims to Increase Penis SizeInvigorex-Penis-Enlargement-Pills-Does-Invigorex-Really-Work-See-Review-Here-capsules-reviews-before-and-after-results-bottle-website-becoming-alpha-male
    • Increases Sexual strength
  • Supports Harder and Stronger Erections
  • Contains Natural Ingredients
  • Claims it’s Effective and Safe to Use
  • No Side Effects Reported
  • Claims it’s a Proven Formula
  • Company’s Profile was Found
  • Provide Worldwide shipping discretely
  • Company Offer Bonus Packages
  • 75 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Inconveniences:

  1. No Video or Picture Proofs for results achieved was shown;
  2. Doctor’s endorsement or clinical data were not provided;
  3. The fees deductible when users request for refunds is discouraging;
  4. The reviews are only seen on the official website. This could be falsified.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The manufacturers of this male enhancement product promise to offer a no hassle refund to any unsatisfied user.

So, when we purchase the product and we feel the results are not good, we can request for a refund within 75 days of product purchase. We should note that a processing fee is usually deducted as explained by the product owners.

Invigorex, in line with the manufacturer’s description, is made to standard and is guaranteed to satisfy our sexual needs maximally.

They offer extra pill packs to clients who bought from three tins and above. The FAQ section of the product’s official website answered the confusing questions clients usually ask.

On the other hand, the product is shipped worldwide in a plain and discrete package in the favor of the users.

Additionally, the product owners provided several payment options and they can be contacted by mailing.

Final Thoughts/My Personal Opinion



The about to be concluded review has unraveled the several details about the male enhancement formula; Invigorex.

The product claims many benefits to include, such as an increase in penis size, strength, and others, but there was nothing mentioned about the scientific and/or the clinical endorsement.

Also, the customer users’ reviews are only seen on the product’s official website.

Such product with huge claims I believe should have some strong proofs, which will make its details more credible.

In line with the detailed information obtained, from research, about this enhancement formula, I will hereby state that Invigorex does not have proof that it’s as effective as of its claims.

When you check out their official website at and see the product’s price, you will find it expensive as well.

Which, for penis enlargement, such pills alone may not give the results we expect of such as 2-4″ inches in size.VigRx-plus-Pills-formula-best-#1-top-male-enhancement-product-natural-supplement-pills-capsules-review-results-how-does-it-work-Original-pill-becoming-alpha-male

Yet, there is something much more effective and I urge you to check out the VigRX Plus #1 male enhancement pills.

And if you conjunct it with some penis enlargement exercises or a penis enlargement method such as Penomet pump or X4 Labs extender device, with the use of pills, then you can expect to really increase penis size, plus other sexual benefits.



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