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LongerecXX Liquid Formula – Penis Male Enhancement – Complete Review Right Here


LongerecXX Liquid Formula – Penis Male Enhancement – Complete Review Right Here

LongerecXX, according to its manufacturers and reviews documented so far, is known to be a naturally formulated and a pharmaceutically approved liquid formula that promotes to increase blood flow to the penis.

Plus, reading through the webpage, it says to optimize the penile capillary walls and offers a spectacular growth of the male sexual organ (particularly the size of the penis).

LongerecXX, in a more explicit description is known to be a penis enhancement formula.

On the other hand, LongerecXX claims not only to increase the penis size and girth to a level we desire, but also promotes to improve male sexual virility and stamina.

Evidently, LongerecXX, from my findings, mimic other male enhancement formulation.

However, in this review, other documented reviews and testimonials; maybe LongerecXX might actually accomplishes its claims.

All these, we would find out subsequently! Continue reading to find out.LongerecXX-Liquid-Formula-Penis-Male-Enhancement-Complete-Review-before-and-after-results-amazon-male-enlargement-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: LongerecXX; 2 fl.oz.(60ml)

Websites: Available From Retailers Sites


Minimum Price: $29.95 plus $4.49 shipping

Overall Rank (out of 100): 85 Points

Recommended Usage: 20 Drops

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Is LongerecXX ?

As previously stated, LongerecXX promotes to be a very effective male enhancement formula.

According to the manufacturer, this liquid formula increases the size and the girth of the male sexual organ (penis) to an extent the body can adapt to.

The manufacturer also promotes/claims that it’s highly recommended compared to pills, which are claimed to be used for similar purposes.

Partly, because of its dosage form, the manufacturer promotes that LongerecXX male enhancement formula is more effective and far better than other capsule dosage forms, which claims to achieve the same result.

To buttress the fact more, the manufacturer promotes that, according to research, as liquid formulations usually have significantly improved absorption rate.

In my own opinion and as a reviewer, this male liquid item seems it is pharmaceutically proven, though no strong evidence to show for that.

According to them, by using LongerecXX, we customer users will achieve the penile enhancement and/or size we want for a price we can afford.

In a course to state more details about this formula, the manufacturers promotes that men who wish to perform well in bed would ultimately benefit from using this male enhancement formula.

The manufacturers described LongerecXX as a proven formula and as such it should work in a satisfactorily natural manner to achieve penile growth, male sexual organ virility as well as sexual stamina.

According to them, reviews and customer users’ testimonials documented, it achieves a very successful result as regards male sexual organ enhancement and guarantee a 100% satisfaction when used for such purposes as described.

At this juncture, I would say that this product claimed benefits are wholly supported by customer reviews and testimonial, but there is no clinical or scientific proof to back up such claims.

Hence, it is necessary to read the caption:


How Does LongerecXX Work?

So, let see how it actually works !

According to its manufacturer, this male formula would increase the flow of blood while expanding the size length and the girth of the penis.

This penis enhancement formula promotes to enhance the sex lives of we men as it has been described to achieve a significant penile growth, improves male sexual organ virility and stamina.

LongerecXX is a liquid dosage form and according to its manufacturer, will work when the recommended number of drops is used accordingly. It claims to work faster and more effective when compared to pills/capsules, which claim to achieve the same result.

The manufacturer state that this liquid formula has a higher absorption rate (80%) compared to pills and/or other capsule dosage forms.

To further support their facts and/or claims, the manufacturers of LongerecXX described it as a proven penis enhancement formula that has done wonders for we men and several other customer users, who want a more enjoyable sexual experience; though again, there is no clinical evidence to back up the claims.


According to the right owners of LongerecXX, where the company/manufacturer called Quinto Labs, it contains a combination of naturally formulated ingredients.

Therefore, these natural compounds are such as Horny Goat Weed, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Maca root, Terminalia Arjuna, Apigenin, Amia, Pantax, Avena Sativa, Saw Palmetto, and Yohimbe Bark.

Now these are all sexual aphrodisiacs known and recognized from several male enhancement formulas out there.

It is a 60ml liquid solution as seen from the label.

And for the dosage intake, it recommends all users to take 1 ML (approximately 20 drops) twice per day for maximum results.

Keep reading!

Who Is It For? 

LongerecXX claims it’s a very effective alternative to pills as regards enhancement of male sexual organ and/or functions.

Though several other male enhancement pills abound, which claim to achieve the same result and others, this liquid formula is highly recommended according to its manufacturers as no side effects has been documented.

Owing to its faster rate of absorption, it is said to be a highly potent formula used by men to achieve an increase in penile size in length and girth, enhanced sexual organ virility and stamina and ultimately enhance male sex life.

From one of several customer users reviews and testimonials I went through before putting up this review, I came across a review and/or testimonial from a user who said that “the results were immediate and elongating to say the lease”.

This could be a proof that LongerecXX works for men.


The Pros:LongerecXX-ingredients-Liquid-Formula-Penis-Male-Enhancement-Complete-Review-before-and-after-results-amazon-male-enlargement-reviews-becoming-alpha-male

  • Claims to enhance Male Sexual Organ Virility and Stamina
  • Promotes to be a Proven Penis Enhancement Formula
  • Offers a spectacular Penile Growth (Size and Girth)
  • It’s an Affordable and Fair price
  • Users Mentions It Tastes Great
  • Product’s Manufacturer’s name Found
  • Faster onset of Action yet gradual
  • Claims to be Better and more Effective than its Resemblances
  • Promotes that it is completely Safe to Use
  • Shares to contain Naturally Formulated Ingredients
  • Positive Review from Real Customer Users was Found

The Cons:

  1. There is no official website for LongerecXX.
  2. Claims and promises have no proofs as there are no clinical and/or scientific evidence to back up these claims.
  3. The refund policy is not guaranteed, since it’s available on third-party websites.
  4. It’s not recommended or endorsed by a doctor or the FDA.


Prior to this review, I was able to search for this product in almost all the necessary places on the internet and found it retailed at amazon and few other websites.

There is no official website for LongerecXX, this seem non professional to me, though it may still achieve its claims.

Though customer reviews abound, the claims are not backed up by clinical proofs.

Yet, there is no need to obtain any prescription portion.

For the money back guarantee and shipping process, you would have to check with the third-party website.


At this juncture, I have to state my opinion on LongerecXX !

Though it’s available at Amazon from retailers, I think that the claims were not totally proven, hence the product was limited to few retailers who may have played along with its manufacturers.

Yet, it claims to achieve several sexual results, it may be true.

How come?

Customer users on Amazon third-party website shares their own experience and usage, which most are positive feedback. 

We as users may still use the LongerecXX enhancement formula, but at our own risk.

But to increase penis enlargement size? I highly doubt that the this LongerexXX can live up to its claims because I personally have tried a similar liquid formula called (Intensisize XL) and it completely failed.

However, after I started following the Penis Enlargement Bible, I was able to achieve my desired gains of inches. Don’t believe me?

Check out my review to find out on all about how I gained over 2″ inches in a few weeks.


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