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MagnaRX Review – Do Not Buy Before Seeing This! – Results?


MagnaRX Review – Do Not Buy Before Seeing This! – Results?

A male supplement so-called “MagnaRX” claims that it’s a “doctor endorsed” product, which it have been around for many years, but that does not mean it’s really worth giving it a shot, am I right?

Well, these sexual pills are available in many local retail stores, such as in pharmacies, 7/11, Walmart, etc.

However, it looks like that it’s not user’s favorite formula from before-and-after results.

Why? This review should explain everything regards MagnaRx formula that we need to know !



Name of Product: Magna-RX+

Official Website: www.MagnaRX.com

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $19.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 37 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy:  60 Day Money Back Guarantee


What Is MAGNA-RX+ ?

MagnaRX is a male enhancement formula who promotes to gain a hard-rock penis by increasing erections strength and they also claim to enhance the levels of sexual performance to last longer than usual.

In fact, it’s recognized as more of some “sex pills“, meaning to take it before sexual intercourse and that way, it should improve the ability to perform better.

According to our sources, we have found that a number of users that are not too big on using these enhancement pills.

Keep reading !

The official website does fail to cover on how the MagnaRX product works, where we actually found in a customer review stating that it should increase the rate of blood flow to the erectile tissues, which causes to create a stronger and harder erection during a sexual arousal.

They do claim long-lasting erections.

MagnaRX was produced in the United States and started selling without any clinical studies or scientific tested to prove that it’s really safe for us (men) as customer users or if the formulation can really back up the claims.

Yes, official website mentions that this formula is endorsed by a doctor named “Dr. Jorge Aguilar, MD“.

Meanwhile, they do fail to show any statement or his background from this specific “doctor” on who he really is !

Moreover, the FDA have not approved this formula, which makes sense why this kind of “sex pills” are much cheaper than many other male enhancement supplements on today’s market.

Official sales page does not offer to show the FAQs section, ingredients profile or any sort of value information about their
product’s label.

I see that it’s more of an ordering “land page”, where they have many other products of sexual methods to sell.MagnaRx-ingredients-male-enhancement-formula-product-pills-supplement-tablets-review-results-side-effects-becoming-alpha-male


Even though it seems like they are hiding the compounds list, we found the full ingredient profile on a retail third-party website.

Yes, this male supplement does promote that it’s 100% natural, which the compounds are recognized as some amino acids, nutrients with herbal extracts in a “Orgasmic Thrust Activation Process“, as they explain.

So the substances that contains in the MagnaRX formula are L-Arginine, Pygeum, Oyster Meat, Licorice, Ginseng, Pygeum, Cayenne Pepper, Horny Goat Weed, Stinging Nettle, Maca, Pumpkin, Oat Straw, Astragalus, Garcinia Cambogia, Canella Alba, and Satureja Cuneifolia.


When using MagnaRX, it should reduce the symptoms of the erectile dysfunction issue to have the ability to function better with a hard penis.

Confidence and self-esteem should increase from those embarrassing or afraid “moments” when bringing sexual relate.

The ingredients in this formula are known to increase the production of sperm, where orgasms may become stronger and should stimulate the volume of ejaculation as well, for more sexual desire.

Sex drive and stamina may also boost.

No, the enlargement growth process can’t really happen, even though back in the day (couple years ago), MagnaRX formula promoted to “increase size up to 5 inches”.


According to product’s label, MagnaRX comes with 60 tablets in each container.

The manufacturer suggest to take 2 of these tablets per day in a daily basis.

But as a retail online review explains, we as users should take the pills prior on having sexual intercourse and that way, the ingredients should kick in for positive effects to gain sexual improvements.

Yes, It is a non-prescription product, since anybody can purchase at many retail local locations around your area.

However, the bottle label does have a “Warning: Individual results may vary.”MagnaRx-male-enhancement-formula-product-pills-supplement-tablets-review-before-after-results-side-effects-scam-becoming-alpha-male



  • Erections Becomes Stronger
  • Boosts Stamina & Sex Drive
  • Very Affordable – Cheap Bottles
  • Orgasms should be Intense
  • All Natural Ingredients List
  • Self Esteem Increases – Confidence
  • Doctor Endorsed & Designed
  • It may Enhance Libido Function
  • Buy at Anywhere – Retail Shops
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. Consumers who bought the product, they mention that it does have a “strong odor“.
  2. Customer users reviews shares their experience that they gained no improvements, which it also means that it does not work. – Un-effective
  3. In the USA, “Dr. Jorge Aguilar” is not a licensed physician, where the manufacturer is actually located in California, United States.
  4. No clinical studies or any scientific tests for proof that it’s effective or if it’s safe for all customer users.
  5. Side effects can occur, such as speeding heart rate, headaches, dizziness, etc.
  6. No FDA approval and even the official sales-page mention that it’s not approved from any facility.
  7. Some third-party websites seems to sell “fake” bottles of this product, from my personal opinion.


The manufacturer (MagnaRX Inc), have been supporting this male supplement for more than 10 years in the male enhancement industry.

However, we found a reliable and value resource that this “Dr. Jorge Aguilar, MD” who is responsible for developing this formula, does not participate and practice any medicines in the United States.

Now as I mention earlier, this formula’s website does really seem that it’s more of the company’s sales-page, instead of the product’s information page or about MagnaRX label, because they do have other methods to sell, such as (cream, body spray, pills, etc.)

In fact, all of the products from the MagnaRX company are available to buy through third-party websites, such as Amazon, Ebay and many others.

However, when heading over to the MagnaRX domain name, the first page that pops up is a “client agreement”, which to enter the site, I would have to agree with the terms and condition.MagnaRx-male-enhancement-formula-product-pills-supplement-tablets-review-results-side-effects-scam-website-becoming-alpha-male

I personally really can’t understand why they have to hide behind a “contract“, where it makes it seem that it’s a scam item.

Read on !

At MagnaRX official website, the company mention to have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Yet, from many negative reviews online, I personally believe that several folks have been trying to take the chance and grab the full refund of the return policy.

Customer users dose state that each of the supply (bottles) was delivered in a plain package with no content provided.

Even though the website offers discounts and bonuses for buyers to purchase the product, we found at a different site where these MagnaRX containers were actually cheaper or half of the price, but are known as a “fake/unoriginal” formula.

Closing Thoughts

According to our sources, all I have to say is to save your money because from user reviews and many red flags we found, it does seem that it’s a complete “scam” item

Back in the day, the company really promoted to increase “men’s penis size up to 5″ inches“, which is an over-exaggerated and completely unrealistic claim.

There is no male enhancement or any type of these “get-bigger-pills” to have the potential to enhance penis size growth of over 2″ inches.

I mean, I personally have used several of them and all of them failed to give me at least an inch or so.

Yet, I’m not the only one, there millions of men that mentions the same thing, as no pills alone in today’s market can increase penis size dramatically.

However, a male enhancement formula called VigRX Plus, have also been around for more than a decade curing male’s sexual experience from all types of sexual dysfunction.

Now the VigRX Plus manufacturer does provide proof in many ways that millions of men are using their effective and safe product.

I would want to check out my review for your safety and needs.




Since you’re here to know more all about this MagnaRX product, throw me a comment below !

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