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Make Mine Grow – This Review Tells You The Real Secrets from Using This Book

Make Mine Grow – This Review Tells You The Real Secrets from Using This Book

There are many exercise programs that you will find in the male enlargement industry, and this “MakeMineGrow” is one of them who claims that performers who uses their exercises, can expect penis enlargement growth of 1-4″ inches on size.

Yet, they actually promote the book as the #1 system to gain significant results.

Now at this review, it should explain everything on MikeMineGrow’s background.

Is it a scam, or not? Keep reading !



Name of Program: Make Mine Grow

Official Websites: www.MakeMineGrow.com

Minimum Price: For Only $47.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Several Weeks

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days Refund Policy

What Is MakeMineGrow?

This penis enlargement system mentions that there is no need of any type of method, such as pills, cream/lubricants, or any enlargement devices, but we men can expect proven “results within a few days“.

They actually do have testimonies from their “customers users“, where one of them claims to reach 100 times stronger erections and a dramatically growth of 4″ full inches. Wow!

Is that really possible? Follow down!

Another “consumer” states that within as soon as 3 weeks, he gained more than 3″ inches, so basically the claims are an inch per week? ..


But that’s not all, as according to them, we men can expect increasing on stamina levels, harder, bigger and stronger erections with improving overall health and sexual function.

Yes, we do know that most partners out there, would rather have a bigger tool to play with it instead of an average or less size.

Even though MakeMineGrow system states to be all over in a few media (CNN, BBC, Yahoo, etc.), the creator of the program failed to show any doctors approval or any type of structure/data to back up the claims that they promise.Make-Mine-grow-money-back-guarantee-review-secrets-book-does-make-mine-grow-works-results-penis-enlargement-exercises-penis-becoming-alpha-male

Yes, they mention that this penis enlargement system is completely safe.

How Should It Work?

Before we get to know on how this MakeMineGrow book works, let’s find out a little about the penis anatomy !

A penis is the primary sexual organ that all males have, and it’s made of soft-smooth tissues with a total of 3 chambers.

The smallest one is the corpus spongiosum, which is between the other 2 erectile chambers called the (corpora cavernosa).

These two chambers are the ones that allows blood flow to enter and hold maximum amount to create an erection.

When we become sexual aroused, our body (as men) sends a sign for blood rushing to the penis to reach an erect state and boom, an erection should occur, if you’re not facing any sexual impotence

Now this is where the MakeMineGrow program comes in !

According to them and several other penis enlargement programs, by doing exercises on the penis, it will allow the tissues of the erectile chambers to expand to hold extra blood, which results for a bigger, longer and harder penis.

They do mention that all we need is our own hands to perform the exercises, for their “highly secrets” to turn a dream into a reality by heighten up inches to your manhood being permanent.

All I would have to do, is perform these penile exercises for only 6 minutes per day for a few weeks, as they explain.

At their main primary website, they share to be in the industry since the year of 2001, which makes more than a decade helping folks to enlarge their member.

What Are The Claims?

A successful rate of 99.87%, the creator mentions that a number of 150,372 happy customers have actually maximize their tool size and gained up to 1-4″ inches in length, plus added girth size as well for a thicker, longer and larger member.

This penis enlargement training book states to strengthen the erectile chambers for stronger, harder erections, which they mention to notice results within as soon as 2 weeks.

It should enhance sexual desire, pleasure and improve sex life.

Confidence and self-esteem increases, since your member there should be growing as they promise.

In fact, they claim to have exercises to intensify and reach stronger multiple orgasms, plus cure the premature ejaculation issue within 14 days, as what the website says.

Also, it should improve your overall penis health and sexual function.


The Good:

  • Claims to Heighten up 1-4″ InchesMake-Mine-grow-review-secrets-book-does-make-mine-grow-works-results-penis-enlargement-exercises-website-becoming-alpha-male
  • Should gain Girth For a Thicker Penis
  • States to be completely 100% Safe
  • Promotes to Enhance Sexual Orgasms
  • Fixes the Premature Ejaculation Issue
  • Mention to Increase Sexual Stamina
  • Sexual Pleasure + Satisfaction
  • Should be all Natural : Only Exercises
  • Claims Permanent Size Growth
  • States to Boost up Sexual Desire
  • Builds Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Only 6 Minutes per Day for Results
  • Promotes a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  1. Failed to show any doctor recommendation or a professional approval.
  2. Does not have any proof of structure from medical test or any research data to provide backup.
  3. Only 6 minutes per day for up 1-4″ inches within several weeks, are completely misleading claims. – Over-exaggerated in my opinion.
  4. Mentions more than 150,000 members, but we haven’t found not even 1 of them to mention their experience of results from using this system.
  5. We can find MakeMineGrow ads in your email junk-box, which are known as spam/scam.
  6. The testimonies that they offer to show, seems like the creator fabricated the testimonies because of unrealistic claims in actual reality. – Can’t be true.
  7. We found promotions to only add our name and email information for a free copy. Yes, free copies of spam in your email box !
  8. The official main website seems to only have hyped-up content and not enough information on how the program actually works.
  9. 99.87% success rate is completely unreal. There is no type of penis enlargement system till this day, to have almost 100% success rate to give growth size. Is it a scam?Make-Mine-grow-money-back-guarantee-review-secrets-book-does-make-mine-grow-works-results-penis-enlargement-exercises-becoming-alpha-male


With a 60 day money back guarantee, they promise to refund it 100%.

But since this penis enlargement program should work for about every men and if it’s really true, than there won’t be no need to ask for a refund as they promise, am I right?

Therefore, It is a PDF system and should download it right away, and also means that nothing should be delivered to your place and for $47, folks gets a free bonus for tips as well.

Since an affiliate market called ClickBank who “contributes” this program, MakeMineGrow website shares to appear the name as “Clickbank” on the credit card transaction.

Even though and according to our sources, we found that it’s very easy to come across ads from this MakeMineGrow book on email box, they do claim to keep your information private.

Bottom Line Outcome

First, let me tell you that this penis enlargement exercise program was created by some guy named Lawrence Williams !

Yet, there is no background of exactly who he is, which questions us, can we (as customer user) trust this man behind the computer?

With only 6 minutes a day of performing manual exercises alone, makes it hard to actually believe that 1-4″ inches in penis size can “magically” occur.

Think of it like this, if it was that easy, than there would be no “current” average penis or below size. No proof that it’s effective as they claim.

I personally wouldn’t fall for a scam program like this because after you invest your hard-worked money, it can be extremely hard to get it back in most cases.


I do have personal experience with penis enlargement programs.

In fact, I only followed one, which was all I needed and I no longer need to use it anymore.

How come?

I have gained more than 3″ inches in my manhood size, but sure did take up to 6 months going from an average size to a larger, bigger and muscular member.

However, this program that I’m about to show you, the research leader (John Collins) taught me step-by-step on how to unlock the three chains that caused penis to grow during puberty stage, which I am the proof with before-and-after pictures that I enlarged my tool here.

It is not all about exercises but taking the correct vitamins/supplements to release the hormones all over again in a complete natural and safe way.


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