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Male Edge Traction Device – Does This Extender Work? Maybe!


Male Edge Traction Device – Does This Extender Work? Maybe!

The first thing I see on the MaleEdge extender website is that it’s the next generation of the penis enlargement devices.

The meaning to it would be that it’s safe, probably documented and should cause permanent growth on the male organ size.

So apparently, its different from all other extender methods.

But let’s get to know what this traction device has to offer to all users on this review.Male-Edge-Traction-Extender-Device-Method-Products-Review-Before-and-After-Results-Does-It-Really-Work-How-It-Works-technology-Kit-Becoming-Alpha-Male


Name of Product: MaleEdge Extender

Official Website: www.MaleEdge.com

Minimum Price: MaleEdge Basic – $179.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 84 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months Program

Money-Back Guarantee: *200% Return Policy

What Is MaleEdge Method?

MaleEdge is a penis enlarger traction device and by wearing it in the daily basis, should cause the penis to add more size.

According to product’s official website, this extender device fits all sizes to give permanent results.

They do mention that “over 500.000 users worldwide” are satisfied with the improvements where they also said that it’s cheaper than any other extender methods.

(DanaLife ApS) is the manufacturer behind this device and they shared that they’re have been on the male enhancement industry for about 2 decades since 1995.

In fact, they introduced MaleEdge device in the year of 2008 to give successful progress in all men because this extender method is the 2nd generation of the Jes-Extender system.

Moreover, here’s a look at the penis anatomy.

When we men become sexually aroused, the brain releases a hormone to send more blood rushing to the penis tissues which causes flaccid penis to create an erection.

Then the penis chambers (Corpora Cavernosa) fills up with maximum blood flow.

So, this is how MaleEdge traction device should work.

By simply adjusting the extender method onto the penis and wearing it throughout the daily basis at your own schedule, causes the penis cells to expand and divide where new cells multiples as the MaleEdge official website explain.

Male-Edge-Traction-Extender-Device-Method-Products-Review-Before-and-After-Results-Does-It-Really-Work-How-It-Works-technology-growth-Becoming-Alpha-MaleThey claim that it’s a comfortable and “clinically proven” traction since doctors and surgeons worldwide recommends and approves it to be completely safe to cause no negative or harmful side effects.

For Who Is For?

MaleEdge extender device promotes that it’s for men who needs to add a few inches to their manhood size.

And, by using this traction method, causes the penis to not only gain growth in length but girth size meaning thickness as well.

They mention “permanent” size plus users with the Peyronie’s Disease, can gain benefits when using the device such as straightening up and correct the curvature of the penis.

In a matter of weeks, if I were to use this traction system, they guarantee to notice a longer and wider penis as what it shows on the results graph on their main page.

It should be safe and all natural where the average growth from using this extender method are “28 % length and 19 % in girth“.

How To Wear It?

As I mention earlier, it was designed for maximum comfort to fit all sizes of penis.

The company does say that users can wear it during sleeping cycles, at work or doing their daily behavior.

They mention that it’s a discreet plus  lightweight traction device which comes with a simple user guide of 12-steps for the proper way of instructions on how to use the extender.

First users would start with only an hour of usage in the first week and approximately by each new week, adds an extra hour.

By week 6, customer users should be wearing it for 6 hours in the regular basis with adding additional force by the traction rods.

According to MaleEdge official website, the longer we as men wear it, the faster results will be achieved.

By 8-24 weeks, users should be wearing it for a 12-hour period of time throughout the day as explained.


The Good:

  • Increases Length Size – 2-3″ Inches
  • Claims Permanent Growth
  • Comfortable Extender Device
  • Has been Clinically Proven
  • Increases Girth/Width Size
  • Approved by the US FDA
  • Strengthen Erections Quality
  • Lightweight Traction Device
  • Enhances Self-ConfidenceMale-Edge-Traction-Extender-Device-Method-Products-Review-Before-and-After-Results-Does-It-Really-Work-How-It-Works-technology-device-reviews-Becoming-Alpha-Male
  • Made by medical-grade Materials
  • Helps with Peyronie’s Disease
  • Promotes to be Completely Safe
  • Professional Looking Website
  • Company is Around for 2 Decades
  • Recommendations from Doctors + Surgeons
  • It’s the 2nd Generation Traction Device
  • Well-Instructed on how to Use It
  • Claims users experience Stamina Results
  • Users does have access to Forum/Community
  • Double Money Back Guarantee – 200%

The Bad:

  1. Like every other extender devices, if not following the instruction, side effects can occur, such as pain, bruises, etc.
  2. We found consumers on forums stating that since it’s medical-grade “plastic” material, it can “break easily” which the company replaces the part when you contact them.



According to MaleEdge official website, they do ship worldwide in over 200 countries and they also said that the shipping packages are “anonymous” in a plain box being discreet where it should be delivered within 1-5 business days.

They mention that the only statement on the complete unmarked box is the shipping address for the privacy of all users.

Credit card statement?

It should appear as the company name “DanaLife”.

The official main website provides 3 ways to get in contact with them and one of them can be through via live chat, email or phone dialing.



Even though the manufacturer does show proof of evidence from clinical studies and scientifically test with doctors approval to give growth results, they offer a 200% money back guarantee !

Means, it’s double of what we pay because they seem to be so confident that this male enlargement traction device will give you growth gains in size within 6 months from following the program correctly.

The primary webpage provided about 4 documentation from proven evidence of forms that this traction device works to give penis enlargement results.


We have found resources that this MaleEdge extender system has been on many media sources all over the world such as in Playboy, Men’sHealth, and several others.

With the graph results structure that they offered to public on its official website, they do prove that it really works since it’s comfortable and well-designed device.

An attractive option in my opinion that the official website promotes to have would be the ‘double money back guarantee‘ where many customer users would choose it instead of any other extender devices around.

Within 6 months, if the results are not what you expected, then boom, money back plus extra cash if it really fails from using it properly as directed.

Head over to the official website (www.MaleEdge.com) to see more clearly of every information about this penis enlargement product.


Do you have any questions from reading this review, or would like some advice? Simply drop me a comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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