Male Hanger / Penis Hanger – Review – Does This Penis Enlargement Hanger Work? See Here

Male Hanger / Penis Hanger – Review – Does This Penis Enlargement Hanger Work? See Here

We have done previous reviews about similar devices, but the Male Hanger hails from a different source.

Therefore, this review is about a “penis enlargement device“, called the Male Hanger.

The device is stated to bring about a permanent increase in penis size in a natural and safe manner.

Searching up the details about this enhancement device on the internet, it seems it has an official website and has some facts to prove its claims and promises.

Now on this review, it should unravel all the facts about this product and get us abreast of vital information about it.

Keep reading!Male-Hanger-Penis-Hanger-Review-Does-This-Penis-Enlargement-Hanger-Work-See-Here-hanging-weights-results-before-and-after-reviews-users-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Male Hanger

Official Website:

Minimum Price: MH America – $47.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 3 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: Not Found Anywhere

What Is Male Hanger?

As described in the product’s official website, Male Hanger is a traction device that hangs the penis to achieve growth both in length, size, and girth.

The innovator behind this device is Ben Clark, who stated to have had as long as 14 years of experience in this field.

All we need, according to Ben, put in time and commitment to its usage and we can achieve the penis size we want.

He explains the mechanisms by which the Male Hanger achieves longer length and width is the same principle used in the medical field and by the body modification community to achieve longer legs, arms and get increased size earlobes, lips respectively.

He mentions that the principle is medically proven as I also stumbled over a review about the device where its effectiveness was said to have been proved by ancient people who achieve significant sizes by weight hanging.

He claims that we can use the Male Hanger together with the penis clamp for a better result.

To further buttress his points, he gave his story explaining how he was able to achieve significant penis size applying the techniques of Male Hanger.

Now there are video narrations and others on installations and how we can use the device for best results.

Don’t go out yet as more details ensues!

How Does the Male Hanger Work?

In the manufacturer’s description of this item, it was described as a traction device.

That is, it works by increasing the internal pressure of the penis through the stretching mechanism.

With the aid of the hanger incorporated, the weights can be varied depending on the result we want to achieve.

He described the weight hanging process as a controlled and an easily timed method compared to stretching with the hands.Male-Hanger-Penis-Hanger-Review-Does-This-Penis-Enlargement-Hanger-Work-See-Here-hanging-weights-results-before-and-after-reviews-becoming-alpha-male

What we need is to spend about 20 to 40 minutes daily in the weight hanging process as beginners and not much more than that of advanced people.

Additionally, the manufacturer mentions that the device should also bring about improved sexual function and stamina by increasing the flow of blood in the penis.

Yes, continue reading!

Who Is the Male Hanger For?

From the details seen about the Male Hanger, it was stated that people who are less than eighteen (18) years of age should not use the enhancement device.

The manufacturer’s description implies that the device is for folks who want to gain a longer and permanent increase penis size.

It is always believed that the larger the penis, the more satisfying the sexual activity and the more pleasure our partner would derive.

Larger member size would undoubtedly lead to more confidence whenever we rock.

Therefore, if I wish to gain more confidence having more stamina and sexual capability, the manufacturer claims that the Male Hanger penis enhancement device is for me.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The Male Hanger comes with well-written guide with pictures on how to use it.

In the product’s official website and in other e-commerce website, videos illustrating the direction for device installation and use were displayed.

According to the manufacturer of the penis enhancement device, he decided to offer it at such a low price, not because of compromised quality but for affordability; as stated.

He promotes to offer discreet shipping of ordered Male hanger enlargement device.

On the other hand, nothing was stated about the refund policy and we can only contact the product manufacturer by email.


The Advantages:

  • Claims to Increase in Penis Size
  • Promotes to Gain Inches in Length
  • Should Cause Permanent Results
  • Does Say It’s Medically Proven
  • No Negative Side Effects
  • Manufacturer Offer Discrete Shipping

The Disadvantages:

  1. No pictorial presentation of users results for before and after was seen;
  2. If the Male Hanger actually works in the same way as its counterparts, enough proofs are needed to confer credibility;
  3. Feedbacks were not seen by customers who have used the device;
  4. The e-commerce websites and the official website did not show any doctor’s endorsement for the device;
  5. No clinical evidence was seen to prove that it works.
  6. To me, it seems like it could cause pain, discomfort, and soreness from adding weight to my member here.
  7. The refund policy/money back guarantee was not found, maybe it does have one. – Risky
  8. On the contact us page, it only shows an email to contact them and no address or phone number. – Skeptical
  9. Is it really worth it? Maybe not

My Personal Opinion/Recommendations

With detailed information seen about the Male Hanger penis enlargement device, it is evident that similar devices which work or claims to work with the same principle abound on several internet directories.

Therefore, it could be difficult to identify the ones that really work.

The creator of the Male Hanger has stated his product’s details as well as he can but information about the clinical and/or scientific back up was not seen.

However, enough proofs need to be outlined which should show that the device is really effective and safe in achieving its several claims and promises.

Moreover, I could not find reviews from previous customer users of the device which would have made the product’s claims and promises more credible.

The Male Hanger has an official website, but the product owner stated a lot of stories there instead of the facts we need to know.

Here is what I have to say about the Male Hanger.

This is not a way of completely condemning this device but since we could not find users’ results and other required evidence about the product, we should go for a better penis enlargement option.Phallosan-forte-review-results-gains-does-phallosan-forte-work-real-results-reviews-penis-enlargement-complete-system-coming-alpha-male

And that would be the Phallosan Forte System, where it’s a complete penis enlargement system that causes a pumping and stretching technique to enlarge the width and length of our penis size.

Now at my review on all about this Phallosan Forte System, I explain everything we need to know, such as the doctors/experts approval, (CE Mark), etc.


Leave your concerns here and contact us in case of any confusion. I’m hoping to hear from you soon or just drop me your feedback on how this review has helped you in many ways.

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